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alt Bitcoin fear and greed index

The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is based on the fact that in the market, people get greedy when the market rises.

alt Is it safe to use CTR manipulation?

The click-through rate, or more simply, CTR, is a very important metric which affects organic SERP ranking of a website.

alt Influencer Marketing trends 2022-2023

Influencer marketing is an enduring trend in digital. And not just in digital: in ancient times, merchants, in order to build trust in a product, used to promote it to those who were trustworthy.

alt How to use Hotjar for conversion rate optimization

Why tools like Hotjar should be connected to every online shop? In this article you'll find clear examples of how Hotjar helps get data on user behaviour and takes part in increasing a project's conversion rate. How to connect Hotjar and what functionality to use first?


alt 2003-2023: A brief history of Big Data

Buckle up and tune in for a time-travel journey deep into the last 20 years, as our story begins in 2003 in a small town south of San Francisco...

alt Images: Docker build -t

A Docker image is created at build time and a Docker container is created when the application is launched.

alt Six methods of FPS calculation

How do you evaluate the performance of a gaming computer? Let's see 6 ways of FPS calculation

alt Jira Epic

The basic principles of working in Jira will be explained: projects (Jira Epic), tasks and sub-tasks.


alt How to crop a shape in Figma

In this tutorial we'll talk about how to crop a shape in Figma, how to cut background around an object, an image, a picture or a photo in Figma.

alt Sony Vegas clip greyed out

So you are stuck because you have pressed a button and now numerous tracks are greyed out in Sony Vegas Pro Clip?

alt Mask in Figma

Mask in Figma: how to make and work with the Use as mask Figma tool

alt InDesign: text disappears when resizing

In this guide, we will show you different ways to solve the problem of disappearing text in the text box in Adobe InDesign on Mac.


alt How to set up Nginx as a load balancer

Load balancing refers to the efficient distribution of incoming network traffic among a group of backend servers

alt Kubernetes environment variables

In this article we will look at what resources and environment variables are available to containers and how to override environment variables for a container when running a Pod in a Kubernetes cluster

alt Kubernetes Nginx php-fpm deployment

In this guide, you have created a container for PHP-FPM and Nginx services so that you can manage them independently

alt Creating a Kubernetes Cluster with Minikube

Creating a Kubernetes Cluster with Minikube - read the full article about Kubernetes tutorial, IT Consulting and from A Cloud Guru on Qualified.One


alt How to configure Power BI drill-through reports

In this post we explain how this feature can be easily implemented in Power BI and what to consider when implementing such a scenario.

alt Business process transformation and digitalisation: why and how to implement it

Today I would like to talk about the digital transformation of a company, through which business processes can work effectively.

alt Exploring sales dashboard AT&T

AT&T HR Access is where current and former employees and their families can access benefits and company information anytime, anywhere.

alt Tableau order of operations

The order of operations in Tableau is a topic that all Tableau users should be intimately familiar with.

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