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About Seo Souq Digital Marketing Agency PPC company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you want to increase leads and sales through digital marketing, we might be able to help you.   We take a look at your business, your target audience, top competitor and every other detail that can help us build a solid digital marketing plan for you

After having worked with several of the top SEO and Digital Agencies in the region we realized that very few agencies really understood digital.

In fact digital is the only channel where the marketing can be accurately tied down to an ROI but digital agencies are least interested in working on an ROI model because its tough and dangerous.

We decided to build an ROI based digital agency that uses SEO and Digital Marketing to generate 700% ROI for our clients. Initially the market was not conducive to what we sold.

But slowly word began to get around. Clients that we worked with whispered about the insane results that we were bringing to the table.

In 3 short years we went from 2 clients to 15 and in the process Clutch Awarded us with the Fastest Growing SEO Company in the World title.

Worked with Saatchi HSBC Mindshare amp; WSI before starting Seo Souq in 2016. 21 years of experience in UAE.

Has 15 years of experience working on SEO campaigns for American Express Aramex Hilton Hotels John Hancock Happy Socks and other high-profile clients before joining Seo Souq.

Kathryn has been running paid ads for the last 10 years and is an expert on DoubleClick which is the most advanced digital advertising platform offered by Google to top level agencies.

Kara wrote copy for Saatchi amp; Saatchi before she caught the social media bug and turned into our social media expert at Seo Souq.

You might have noticed by now that we are not a typical SEO agency. In fact we are the only SEO Agency in the world that guarantees 700% ROI. It is our obsession with customers and they journey towards making a purchase that makes us so effective when it comes to sales based SEO.

If you are a business owner or marketing leader who has tried to get an ROI from your digital advertising campaign - you know its tough.

Digital Advertising Platforms have reached a maturity level and it is no longer possible to get a healthy ROI from your digital campaigns.

You need very advanced digital marketing strategies and a team of Programmatic experts before you start seeing results.

Give us a call on 050 698 6164 if you want us to set up a campaign that can generate 7 Dirhams for every Dirham that you put into your campaign.

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After we freeze on a USP and can latch on a big idea to that, we are ready to start building your campaign.   Unlike many other PPC agencies and digital marketing companies, we don't get into the technical build of the campaign unless we have a solid ma