Vodka Soda &: Hunter Branding project at Qualified.One

Vodka Soda & by Hunter

Some details

Vodka, Lime &, Soda has long been the ‘guilt-free’ drink of choice for clean living body, health and image conscious tribes. Knowing its popularity, it was a wonder that no one had really taken the opportunity to create a crafted, cleaner premium Ready-To-Drink Vodka &, Soda product… simple ingredients, no added sugar, no mules… you know, the type of drink a marketing savvy millennial audience would respect and


Knowing Vodka and Soda to be the base of many a drink, we started thinking of a name that could work with all the many different mixers on offer. The Ampersand seemed perfect in meaning and also structure. Vodka, Soda &, fresh Lime, Vodka, Soda &,… whatever you want.

To visually compliment such a simple name, we crafted a quietly sophisticated identity, a graphical language that feels refreshingly vibrant yet effortlessly cool - something that would look good in your hand and live within in many different social scenes and channels.

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