Digital Marketing Strategy for Innowave Summit: Smart DG PPC project at Qualified.One

Digital Marketing Strategy for Innowave Summit by Smart DG

Some details

Innowave Summit is the biggest high tech conference in Southeastern Europe and our aim was to create a digital marketing strategy.

Our focus from the begining (in 2017) was to make it the most popular and well-known high-tech and business conference in Bulgaria and slowly to spread its reach in Europe.

Main activities:

- Facebook marketing

- Google Adwords

- YouTube Ads

- Email


- Billboards and citylights in major cities

By the end of the 3rd edition in 2019, we',ve reached over 1 300 000 people through Social Media and Google, contacted over 30 000 business owners, managers and C-level executives with email campaigns and have been published in more than 200 newspapers, magazines and other regional and international medias.