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In this video, were going to be  talking about online advertising versus traditional advertising. Well even  take a look at a couple of examples and a couple of case studies. So you can figure  out which one is better for you, coming up.

Hey, whats up, guys? My name is Chris Abbott  but all my friends just call me "Abbott". Welcome back to the channel. In this video, were going to  be talking about traditional advertising versus online advertising. Now, I work primarily with  churches and have for the last seven years. But the principles in this video will work regardless  whether you are a church or a local business or a fortune 500 company. So, lets dive in. Okay, so the  old way of getting attention and inviting people to church was traditional advertising things  like billboards, and direct mail, tv, radio, maybe even newspaper. But are those things still  working now and if so how do they measure up to things like online advertising. Well, thats what  were going to talk about. So if your church or business is using traditional advertising youre  actually leaving a lot of money on the table and chances are youre wasting a lot of your marketing  dollars. Okay, so lets take a look at how online advertising matches up to traditional advertising. Okay, so direct mail. Well, the amount of direct mail that people get in the US has actually doubled  over the last 10 years. In fact, its become such an epidemic that apartment complexes have started  putting out giant trash cans just for people to throw their direct mail in. They were sick of  people throwing it all over the floor which is what people do when you send a direct mail piece.  Okay so, direct mail is out, what about newspaper? Well, Ive never had a newspaper subscription in my  life and Im 39. I havent picked up a magazine in 10 years thanks to something called the internet  and I never listen to the radio anymore because I have Spotify and Apple music like an adult. So, if  youre using tv or radio or billboards or any of these types of things. The bottom line is youre  throwing money away and people just arent seeing it. Theres too much noise, theres too much clutter,  and you can be so much more effective with your marketing dollars using online advertising. Lets take a look at why. Okay, so lets take a look at a couple of case studies and examples  lets see what happened when these churches used online advertising and what it would have looked  like if they had used traditional advertising. Okay, so heres a church of 120 people who was marketing  their pictures with Santa Sunday that they were having in December. Now, while this was Christmas  related this was actually on December 11th so it wasnt a Christmas eve service  or anything like that. Its just a normal Sunday in December and they just ran a simple Facebook  ad letting people know about their event okay and that Facebook ad had 11,000 impressions  reached 8,000 people and invited them to church. Had 236 clicks to their website, they only paid 33  cents per click and their total ad spend was $78 but the result is that they had 47 new visitors  on a single Sunday in December. So, a church of 120 spent 78 dollars on Facebook and got 47 new  visitors on a single Sunday. But when we did the math to find out what would it cost to run 8,000  mailers in that exact city to those same people and it would have cost over two thousand dollars  to send out direct mail. So, 78 dollars on Facebook and 47 new visitors if we would have sent out  8,000 Christmas mailers spent over 2 000 and we have absolutely no idea if anyone would have showed up.  78 dollars versus 2,200 just because were using targeted ads on Facebook. Okay, so lets take a look  at case study number two, this search is a little bit larger this is a church of 2000 people. So they  used Facebook ads to get the word out about their Easter service. So, lets take a look at the numbers,  with Facebook ads they had 107,000 impressions.  They were able to reach 25,000 people and  invite them to church. They had a frequency of 4.23, meaning those 25,000 people saw the ad an  average of over four times. They had 1,164 clicks to the website. They only paid 37 cents per click  and the total investment was $433. If they wanted a direct mail instead of Facebook ads and sent out  25,000 mailers they would have spent over 9,000 on mailers and again with Facebook ads we  only spent 433 dollars and we know how many people clicked on it, how many people went to  the website, and this church of 2000 actually had an additional fifteen hundred visitors on  Easter with four hundred dollars an ad spent. So, four hundred bucks on Facebook ads an additional  fifteen hundred visitors on Easter Sunday, Nine thousand dollars with direct mail and we dont  know if anyone would have actually showed up. Okay so, whats your experience been with  traditional media versus online advertising?  Have you been using Facebook and Instagram  ads? Have you tried direct mail? Let us know in the comments below we want to know your  stories. If youve got numbers, we want to know how does traditional advertising line up with online  advertising. Lets take a look at case study number three, heres another large church 5,000 people who  used Facebook ads to invite people out to their Easter service. Lets take a look at the numbers.  Okay, using Facebook ads they were able to get 889,000 impressions 347,000 people invited. They had  101,000 video views had just shy of 10,700 clicks to their website. They paid a penny per video  view and only 33 cents per click to the website. So their total investment was 4,600 on Facebook  ads and the best part was they maxed out their entire main sanctuary, they maxed out their  overflow sanctuary, and they had to shut down their kids building because they were three times  over what the fire marshal said they could legally have in the building. So that church literally had  over a thousand people stuck outside the church on Easter Sunday because of Facebook ads. Now, what  would have happened if we had used direct mail instead of Facebook ads? Well, lets take a look,  with Facebook ads we know that we reached 347,000 people and we reached them multiple times. But if we had sent out 347,000 mailers it would have looked like this. On Facebook ads they spent 4,600  and had over a thousand people stuck outside the church because they literally maxed out their  church. But if they had set out 347,000 mailers they actually would have spent 87,000 on direct  mail and who knows if anyone would have even showed up and lastly, lets take a look at one more  case study. This one of a church of 120 people in the midwest. Okay, so this church was trying  to get the word out about their fall festival, so they were able to target everyone within  driving distance of their church and invite them out to the fall festival. Again, church of 120  people lets take a look at the numbers. They had almost 7,600 impressions they had 6,000 people  invited. They had 238 post engagements many people that like commented and shared their post. They  had 167 clicks to the website they only paid 37 cents per click. So, the total ad spend was only 61  and the result is that that church of 120 people had over 500 people show up to their fall festival.  61 dollars an ad spend on Facebook and the church of 120 had over 500 people show up to their  fall festival. Lets take a look and see what would happen if we use direct mail instead of  Facebook ads. So again, on Facebook ads we know that we reached 6,000 people. So if wed sent out  6,000 mailers we would have spent one thousand six hundred and ninety-nine dollars. So, just shy of  seventeen hundred dollars so on Facebook ads $61 and over 500 people show up to the event and with  direct mail almost seventeen hundred dollars and we dont know if anyone would have showed up. Okay,  so those are four powerful examples on how to use online advertising versus traditional advertising  and if youd like to learn more about how to grow your church using Facebook ads. You can check out  how to promote your church on Facebook part one.  bye

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