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would you like to know the pros and the cons to online advertising if you said yes then this video is for you the world is becoming more and more reliant on digital content for sure online advertising must be considered for almost all businesses in order for a brand or a business to be noticed in this ever changing electronic world of ours folks online advertising is gradually becoming the most popular method of promoting products and services although it may appear to be a straightforward option to begin advertising it is necessary to examine some key benefits and drawbacks before investing time and money a good viewer here at the channel jeff kavanagh asked me could you cover the pros and cons of advertising rights online now when it comes to advertising and marketing your pi business or any business for that matter confusion can quickly set in this i know from experience folks so lets just jump in lets discuss some of the cons to online advertising first then we will cover the pros the pluses and the good stuff about it one of the biggest downsides to online advertising is the high competitiveness that is involved many opportunities can be found on the internet but this isnt a secret that only a few people are aware of every pi out there recognizes that online advertising has a lot of promise and theyre thinking about becoming involved just like you are and folks there are a lot of pi businesses out there who are already using the internet to advertise considering this and the fact that the market is so saturated any pi or any other industry related advertising for that matter will almost certainly be placed next to a direct competitor another huge problem with online advertising is the fact that it is so easy for internet users today to block advertising really quick let me see a showing of hands how many of you are using an ad blocker almost every internet browser out there has an option be it a plugin an extension or something built into the browser to block all or nearly all advertising i am not just talking about pop-up blockers folks these ad blockers block banner ads text ads link ads affiliate ads you name it it gets blocked lets take a quick look at an example here is a google search i conducted for colorado private investigator the first four listings folks are all ads this shows how competitive it really is and most major markets will have similar results the first organic or non-paid advertising ad is way down below each of those paid advertisers but when i run the same search with an ad blocker look at the results now it shows that first organic search at the very top but then what do you see yep the map listings and if you notice it shows my company right in their epco investigations and we are not located in the metro area although we do service it it shows ebco investigations in the maps there because of the proximity i was when i ran the google search to my office so this shows the importance of getting on google maps but that is a topic for another video and if you would like to hear more about getting on google maps then let me know in the comments below annoyance to the person seeing the ad is another huge concern for online advertising if youre looking for a good place to take your wife out to dinner tonight the last thing you want to see is an ad many times this annoyance may become a deterrent to the viewer especially if it is something like a pop-up ad or some other intrusive method online advertising also does not reach all of your potential customers even though the internet has seen and will continue to see at least for the foreseeable future exponential growth it still does not reach all of your potential clients now it is also a given that there probably is no advertising media out there that has that kind of reach it would take multiple forms of advertising and well thought out marketing plan as well the randomness of internet advertising is a huge concern for many people also if you are advertising on google and you selected to advertise on partner sites then you really never know where your ads may show up you might be on google one minute then the rest of your daily budget gets eaten up with ads on partner sites but wait what are those partner sites are your pi ads getting thrown into the mix on some favorite recipe site you have to remember the advertising sites no matter how they are have a primary goal of making money and how do they make money they make their living by displaying your ads and utilizing as much of your advertising budget as they can but enough of the doom and the gloom factor folks lets get into the positives the pros of internet advertising one of the biggest pros is that internet advertising allows you to target specific audiences there are so many variables today in which you can choose to direct your advertising such as keywords long form keywords age sex marital status city state region you name it you can probably target it the entry point for pricing on internet advertising is a big pro too you can literally start with any budget that you can imagine do you want to spend a thousand dollars a month online advertising or a hundred dollars maybe you only want to start out testing the waters a little and do a twenty dollar budget or fifty bucks you can usually set up your ad campaign to suit your budget internet advertising is also heavily touted as being more responsive to the ever-changing conditions of the internet to when compared to other advertising media it is much easier to adjust and change an internet ad than it is to do lets say print ads or newspaper ads in a magazine or radio ads the other advertising media platforms will usually have a cost involved and a timeline involved in making ad changes where online advertisement can usually be changed on the fly almost instantaneously in most cases now the biggest secret to online advertising is coming up just hang in there with me full time advertising always on never off as a huge plus for many folks now this is usually something that you can adjust in your advertising campaign too do you just want to run your ads when your office is open for business you can set up most types of internet advertising to do that do you want your advertising to not run on holidays or when youre on vacation you can do that too advertising diversity is huge too on the internet you can run one ad have several ads have certain ones run at certain times or just about any combination that you can imagine so if you do surveillance you might have cheating spouse ads running from 10 pm to 4 am and you could target those ads to lets say married men or women age 25 to 55.

can you target your audience that specifically on a radio or in the newspaper turning it on and off is a biggie for me when i just get plain too busy i can turn my advertising off pause those ads and give myself time to regroup and catch up yes there are times especially for smaller private investigators like myself that the phone can ring too many times measuring the success of advertising is great too most internet advertising platforms today give you a wide variety of data to let you see what is working and what is not working now it is not going to tell you why something works well or why it does not but you will get some other valuable information that gives insight to the success or lack thereof for your internet advertising campaigns and ads now the biggest pro to online advertising to me is the ability to test different demographics and other key advertising factors whenever i decide to break into a new market a new niche or whatever it is i make sure i set up very targeted parameters and build ads to cater to that targeting for instance if i opened up a new office in omaha nebraska im not going to do that lets just say i was going to then what i would do is build a campaign just for omaha but i might also build one for lincoln nebraska too and i might build one for council bluffs iowa since it borders omaha all of those could be target market areas for my new office but if i just run one campaign that targets the entire region i would never know what is working and what is not then i would not know what to look at improving and what to leave alone the same might go for night time versus daytime ads or weekday ads versus weekend ads or advertising targeted demand versus women different ages and other factors so you see the possibilities for internet advertising can be almost limitless hey here are two more videos that i made just for you and remember folks remember stay safe out there

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