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Hey, whats up, yall? My name is Chris Abbott but all my friends just call me "Abbo" and in this video, were going  to be breaking down and talking about the cost between online advertising  versus traditional advertising. Coming up.

Hey, whats up, yall? Welcome back. Now, one of the things that were going to be talking about specifically in this video is going to  be direct mail and how direct mail compares to something like Facebook ads or Instagram ads and  iIm just here to tell you right now that if you are a church and youre currently using direct  mail. I personally believe that direct mail is robbing you blind and keeping your church small.  Im gonna prove it to you in this video and Im even gonna introduce you to a couple of churches  who blew things out of the water including churches that doubled and tripled their church  using online advertising and how much it would have cost if they had used traditional advertising.  So, lets dive in. Alright, so in the past the way that people would try to get the word out and even  invite people to their church right would be tv, radio, newspaper, magazine. But lets be honest  right now, how many of you guys have actually watched a commercial? In fact, my guess is that  if youre watching this video right now then you probably have not watched a commercial all year  long. I do this sometimes when I speak at conferences Ill ask people and say, "Hey, raise your  hand if you have not watched a single commercial this year", and Im telling you its usually 80-90% of the entire room and the hands go up.

Its because right we have a DVR now. Like we have  Netflix, we have Disney plus, we have Hulu.

We dont need to watch commercials. I personally pay  extra so that I dont have to watch commercials. So, commercials just arent a good ad spend  anymore unless youre buying a super bowl ad.

And if youre a church and youre trying to buy  a super bowl ad props to you okay thats legit.  I actually think thats a great ad spend because  its the one time out of the entire year that people actually watch the commercials. But  for everybody else tv just isnt gonna be cost effective and most people are gonna pay extra  to their streaming providers to be able to fast forward through your commercials. Now, same thing  with radio, radio used to be a viable way to get the word out and a lot of churches would use that  to advertise their services. But the problem with radio is now that we have Spotify and Apple music,  Amazon has their own music streaming service and its the same thing. Why would you ever listen  to the radio? In fact, whenever Im driving in my car like if I forget my phone and I cant plug  in my phone through like Apple car play and I  cant use Spotify. Like Im just like, "Oh my gosh,  you got to be kidding me", like I have to listen to the radio like a sucker. Nobody  likes listening to the radio anymore. Nobody likes listening to commercials and if you do if  youre stuck listening to the radio because you forgot your phone at home then what do you do?  You literally just cycle through the stations as soon as the commercials come on. So, tvs out,  radios out, newspaper. I mean, lets be honest, do they even exist anymore? Come on, and magazines same thing. Nobodys doing that theyre reading blogs they have apps on their  phone where theyre getting their news. So, nobodys even reading newspapers and magazines. Im 39 years  old and Ive never had a newspaper subscription in my life. So, traditional advertising is out. What that means is that most people are using direct mail. So youve probably tried this  before but I actually had a conversation with a pastor here just a couple of months ago who said,  "Yeah, we actually used direct mail and its worked pretty well", I said, "Okay great, tell me a little  bit more about that", he said, "Well, we recently did a direct mailer you know and we ended up having  four families that came from it." I said, "Okay great", and he said, "Well, we actually ran a direct mail  piece here recently and we got four new visitors out of it", I said, "Okay great, how much  money did you spend on that mailer?". He said, "About $4,000", I said, "Okay great, So, $4,000 you got four new visitors.

So you paid a $1,000 per visitor", he said, "Oh,  yeah, I havent thought about it like that." So yeah, do you think you could have gone out into the street and paid four people a $1,000 a piece to visit your church? Silence on the  other end because he was a little bit embarrassed. I said, "Man, we probably could have doubled  that by simply paying 8 people $500 apiece".

I said, "Man, imagine if you spread that  $4,000 around and you paid forty people a$100 apiece. You could have had a ton of people in church on Sunday." So, while it might seem like direct mail works when  you actually break it down and take a look at your ROI its just not a good ad spend and if you think  about it even if you do have a decent little pop and you have a couple of visitors that show up on  Sunday thats just one and done. So you went in there and you spent 4,000, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 dollars on mailers for people to come one time to your church. Its  just not smart and its not being a good steward of the resources that God has given you. In fact,  the amount of direct mail that Americans get has actually doubled in the last 10 years. So, now,  not only is it less effective but you have twice the amount of direct mail that youre competing  for in someones mailbox. In fact, this has become such an epidemic that apartment complexes  have started putting out giant trash cans in the mailroom because they were sick of people  throwing all their direct mail all over the floor .  So here youre going out there and youre  spending thousands of dollars to send direct mail pieces to everyone in your city and theyre ending  up littering the floor of the mail room at their apartment complex. So, now, theyre basically putting  out big trash cans so people can throw your direct mail piece away and not have to even look at it. So before we start talking about online advertising and looking at a couple of case studies I want to  hear from you. Alright, what have you done in the past thats worked? Whats not worked? How do you  feel about the ROI that youve spent on direct mail? Maybe some other traditional advertising  versus online advertising. Let me know down in the comments below I promise Ill read every single  one. If you have any questions let me know Ill answer those too. Alright, so lets dive into  a couple of case studies and lets specifically compares to traditional advertising. So a friend  of mine pastors a small church of about 20 people and he was trying everything he could to get  the word out. They tried direct mail. They tried a bunch of different traditional advertising  approaches. Theyd even tried some online ads but they just werent able to get any traction. So, what he did is he started running Facebook ads and heres how it worked. In five months, he ended  up having 283,000 impressions. He reached 92,000 people and he had 1,891 people submit prayer  requests responding to his Facebook ads and as a result 209 new families planned a visit to his  church in five months and the best part is that he only spent $3,879 and while that might sound like a lot of money. Think about the example from  earlier in the video, that guy spent $4,000 on a direct mail piece and had  4 visitors. He spent just under 3,900 and got 209 families who signed up for plan your  visit and wanted to come to church on Sunday. A little bit of a difference with almost the exact  same ad spent. So, we actually did the math if pastor will had used direct mail in order to reach  92,000 people instead of Facebook ads. He actually would have spent $24,282. So, you could spend $3,900 you can spend over $24,000. I think the answer is pretty clear and the best part is with Facebook  ads they ran for five months. So, people saw those ads over and over again and so what happens is  it actually puts your church on the map where now they start to notice it everywhere that they go. So they saw his ad multiple times with the direct mail piece if they saw it once they threw  it away right afterward and with Facebook ads you can run it over and over and over again so people  continue to be invited for months on end. So heres a church of 120 people that was promoting one  of their services in December. Now, this wasnt a Christmas service this was early in the month  of December and they were having a Sunday morning where they were having free pictures with Santa. So, they created a simple Facebook ad that went to a landing page on their church website inviting  people out to the pictures with Santa Sunday.  Now, that ad got 11,000 impressions reached over 8,000 people which means several people saw it more than once and they ended up having 236 clicks  to their website. Which means they only paid 33 cents per click which is really good I mean  think about it. If you could give Mark Zuckerberg a dollar and every time you give him a dollar he  sends three people to your website so they could learn more about your church thats a huge win. So he only spent 78 dollars on ads and the best part is that he ended up having 47 new visitors on that  Sunday. So a church of 120 people you spend $78 on Facebook ads and have 47 new visitors  that show up on Sunday. Now, imagine he reached over 8,000 people with his Facebook ads. If he had  done a direct mail piece and done 8,000 mailers. He would have spent and 52 dollars so you can  reach 8,000 people for over 2,000 dollars and not know if any of them are actually  going to show up or 78 on Facebook ads and have 47 brand new visitors on a single Sunday. Alright, so, now that youve been convinced hopefully not to throw your money away on direct mail  or some type of traditional advertising and you realize that online advertising is  definitely the best way to go. Then go check out our video how to market your church and well  teach you a simple three-part framework for how you can use online advertising to attract  new visitors every single Sunday. Well see you soon.

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