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Tips On How to Improve Your Google Ads for Amazon Products - read the full article about Google Ads tricks, Advertising and Paid online promotion from Scott Suggs on Qualified.One
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Hey everyone, Scott here. And I wanted to go over some tips and tricks to help you improve the performance of your Google ads. Im specifically going to be gearing this towards running traffic to Amazon products. Its becoming more and more important for Amazon sellers to master driving traffic from off of Amazon to Amazon. And its something I think every single Amazon seller should be doing. So in this video, its my goal to give you a ton of helpful and actionable content and as someone that watches a ton of YouTube videos themselves I know if a video drags on too long, its easy to get bored and jump to a new one.

So Im going to try to keep this as to the point as possible so you dont miss out on any important tips. If you enjoy the video, Id appreciate it if you put a like on it. Of course subscribe if you like to see more from me.

Im an active Amazon seller with millions of dollars in revenue. I dont put out a ton of videos, but the ones I do put out, I try to make as valuable as possible.

All right, thats enough of that. Lets go ahead and get into it. The first tip is to use Amazon attribution if possible. Amazon attribution currently is the only way to track your Google ads. So without Amazon attribution, youre not going to know which ad set, which ads, which keywords are actually producing the orders for you and which ones are just wasting your ad spend. Maybe in the future therell be some third party pixel option. But right now you can only use Amazons Amazon attribution program to track the conversions.

Its only available to brand registered sellers. So if youre not brand registered yet, I recommend getting brand registered as fast as possible. But if you are brand registered, you can find it by going into your Amazon menu, clicking on advertising and then clicking on the measure ads option. I actually did a full video on Amazon attribution. So if youre interested in getting a more in-depth breakdown of Amazon attribution, how to use it, you can find that in my video uploads.

The next step is to make sure your offer is as enticing as possible. Now, your offer doesnt just mean your price. Its your listing and your product as a whole. You want to make sure that you have really good imagery, that you have good reviews. Running Google ads to a brand new listing with zero reviews or even just one or two reviews is a lot harder because your conversion rate is going to be a lot lower. So the more reviews you get, the better your Google ads should eventually perform.

You can also do things like add a coupon to your listing, like you get a couple of dollars off or maybe get 15 percent off, something like that. You can also add a promotion to your listing, which could be something like buy one unit, get 10 percent off by two units, get 15 percent off, something like that. But you want to give the shopper as many reasons as possible to purchase from you and not to continue on Amazon and purchase one of your competitors products.

And I just want to show you a quick example on Amazon of what Im talking about here. I wanted to show this Amazon listing as an example of some different ways you can entice the customer to buy from you. So this is a very popular brand. They sell workout supplements and theyve been very successful on Amazon.

You notice here they have a little over 13000 reviews, which is a huge amount. So, one, they have really good imagery.

Theyre using infographics, lifestyles, testimonials, different things like that to give social proof here. They even have a video. So theyre optimizing their listing as best that they can. Youll notice here as well that they have a coupon on their listings. So when I was mentioning a coupon, this is what Im talking about. So they have a five percent off coupon here. You can do a percentage coupon or you can do a dollar off amount coupon.

You can see which one works best for you.

Another thing that they have here is they have a special offers and product promotion. Youll notice here that they have a buy two and get 10 percent off.

They have a buy four and get 15 percent off. And if youre running a promotion like this, like a buy 2 get 10 percent off, buy 2 get 15 percent off, something like that, what you can do is you can set up these promotions to automatically be added when the person adds it to the cart so they dont have to use a coupon code.

It just makes a little more seamless for the customer. The next step has to do with writing your ad copy. What you want to do is make your ads look like its coming from Amazon. The reason why you want to do this is because ninety nine point nine percent of shoppers have no idea what your brand is. But they do know who Amazon is and they do trust Amazon.

So you want to write your ad copy in such a way that it makes it seem like Amazon is the one advertising your product and not your brand.

The way you go about doing that is you use some of the words, some of the terminology that Amazon uses, things like Amazons choice, best seller, best selling, hot new releases, new releases, fast delivery with prime, on sale, todays deal, different words like that. You can actually just go onto Amazon and look around Amazon and their menu and find some of these different phrases, you know, which ones to use. Now, you dont want to lie, OK? So you dont want to say best selling product and you only have like one review or something like that. No ones going to trust that. You dont want to say Amazons choice badge or Amazons choice product if you dont actually have the Amazons choice badge. But if you do have that badge, I definitely recommend including that inside your ad copy. And to add on to this, you always want to be split testing your ads. You should always have a minimum of two ads running.

So write one ad, write two ads. If one of them performs better than the other, go ahead and pass the other ad, but then create a new ad with different features, different benefits, maybe different angle to it to see if you can beat the previous ad. This way, youre always improving and getting better and better performance from your Google ads. The next step has to do with setting up your ad groups, and that is using themed ad groups.

I did a whole other video on this as well. So again, just like with Amazon attribution, if youre interested in checking this out, you can go into my video uploads. You can find my updated Google ads method, which covers this in depth. But to give it simply what you want to do is you want to take your keywords and you want to separate them into ad groups based on themes. So those themes can be whatever you want them to be.

So, for example, if youre selling a protein powder, you might want to take some keywords that have to do with muscle building protein powder. Put those into one ad group. If its a vegan protein powder, you want to take the keywords that mentioned vegan and put those into their own ad group. This isnt an exact science. It doesnt doesnt have to be extremely precise. So if youre questionable about which ad group to put a keyword in just make your best judgment. The whole reason why youre doing this, the whole purpose of this is it allows you to write more targeted ad copy, more relevant ad copy.

So think about this for a second. If youre shopping for a vegan protein powder, which ad are you most likely to click on? If you search a vegan protein powder and you see different ads and one of them says protein powder or best protein powder and another and says vegan protein powder or best vegan protein powder? Well, youre going to click on the one that mentioned exactly what you searched for. By being able to break down your keywords into themes youre able to get that more targeted ad copy, which will make you more relevant to the shopper. And Google will see your ad is more relevant for that keyword, which will result in better performance in the Google ad auction. My next tip with ad groups is to focus on exact match and phrase match. If youre just starting out with Google ads or maybe have a smaller budget, just go ahead and focus on exact match to start with and then you can add in phrase match later.

And if youre doing phrase Match, you want to stay very diligent with your negative keyword list. The negative keyword list is a list of words that you dont want your ad to show up for. So if youre selling a chocolate protein powder and you have protein powder as a phrase match and someone searches vanilla protein powder, you dont want to show up for vanilla.

Yours is a chocolate, right? So youre going to add vanilla to the negative keyword list. So what I want to emphasize here, if youre using phrase match, be sure to keep up on your negative keyword list.

I see a lot of people with a lot of wasted ad spend because they never check what search terms their ads are showing for and they never add to their negative keyword list. And they have a ton of wasted ad spend for keywords that theyre not even relevant for. My next tips have to do with keywords. And one of those is that if youre running Amazon PPC, you want to take some of the search terms that youre converting for on Amazon and try those out as keywords on Google. So you can just take your PPC report, find those keywords that youre converting for and add them as keywords in Google.

Another tip is add Amazon to your best keyword phrases. So again, if youre selling a protein powder or vegan protein powder, you want to have keyword phrases that say protein powder, Amazon protein powder or vegan protein powder Amazon. And the reason why you want to do this is you want to catch those people who are searching strictly for your product and searching for those products available on Amazon. So these shoppers are going to be the hottest, most likely to convert for your products.

The next step here is that you can actually have Google produce a list of potential keywords based on your Amazon listing or based on your competitors Amazon listing. Im going to show you real quickly how you can do that. So how you get Google to pull some keywords for you based on either your Amazon listing or your competitors amazon listing is you go to the keyword planner tool in your Google ads account. And instead of saying start with keywords, youre going to come over here and say, start with the website.

And then right here you paste your page, your Amazon page, and then this is very important. You want to make sure you use only this page, otherwise its going to try to pull it from the entirety of Amazon, which is insane. So make sure you just select use only this page and then get results. Heres a list of keywords that Google thinks is relevant based on that Amazon page. Now, you have to go through these keywords and make sure that all them are good fit because all that might not be a good fit for your product.

But Ive seen that overall it does a pretty good job. So well just kind of scroll through here so you can see what some options are. You notice here it mentions Amazon pre workout. So again, thats one of my tips I mentioned earlier, is to use Amazon and some of your main keyword phrases. Anyways this is how you pull some keyword data based on an Amazon listing. My last tip for now has to do with testing different bidding options. What I recommend when youre very first starting Google ads is to run manual CPC with enhanced CPC turned off.

What this does is allows you to precisely control your bidding and Google is not adjusting your bidding for you.

This allows you to be able to set up a baseline for what your cost per click is.

That way, when you test any of these other bidding options, you can see if it is outperforming what youre doing or if its actually performing worse than controlling the bidding yourself. So once you have a baseline for your cost per click, you can come in here and look at these other bidding options. Now one downside to selling on Amazon is youre not able to place the Google conversion pixel onto Amazon. So it makes it hard to use these bid strategies like Target CPA or Target ROAS, because thats relying on getting your conversion data and unfortunately, your conversion data is staying on Amazon. But one of these things you can test out is maximize clicks as an option. And if you want to, you can also set a maximum cost per click bid limit.

Or you can just let Google, do their thing and see if they can do the bidding strategy better than what youre able to do. Well, I hope you found this helpful in getting better results from your Google ads. If you have any questions for me, put them down in the comments down below. Of course, like, subscribe, all that good stuff and I hope to see you in the next one.

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