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Quality assurance, also called QA, is a crucial  part of the mobile app development process.

When done right, QA can catch bugs and issues  with your app before it hits the market, creating a smoother user experience.

Hi, I’m Ryan from Webiotic. In this video, we’ll take a look at quality assurance in mobile app development  and how you can use it to your advantage.

Quality assurance is the process of  testing your mobile app before launch to ensure that you’re providing the best  possible experience for your users.   It’s a proactive process that can  save you time, money, and users.   Here are a few of the most common QA  testing strategies for mobile apps.

#1 Functionality Tests  The functionality test is usually  the first step in the QA process.   During these tests, your developers will go  through each function and ensure that it works as intended. They’ll verify the output and make  sure that each feature works the way it’s supposed to in various scenarios. #2 Cross-Platform Tests  These types of tests are essential if you’re  releasing your app on both iPhone and Android.   With cross-platform tests, you’ll be testing  both versions of the app to make sure they deliver the same end result and performance. There are several cross-platform testing programs on the market already, which  you can use to streamline the process.

#3 Security Testing We live in a world where digital security threats are always present.  Because of this, it’s important to include security testing in your QA process. The security risks of your app will vary depending on what type of data it collects from your users. #4 Performance Testing  This type of testing ensures that your app can  perform well in a real-world environment. You’ll need to test your app on an actual device  that’s running other apps concurrently.   #5 Regression Testing Chances are, you plan on updating your app at some point in the future.  You’ll need to make sure that you can make changes to the app without it crashing. It’s normal for small changes to your app to cause bigger issues if you haven’t  effectively prepared for this situation.   Regression testing can help you identify where  these problems could happen before you make updates. It ensures that your code is robust  enough to handle these changes and it identifies weak points that may need to be strengthened. #6 Automated Testing  While many quality assurance tests  are conducted manually, you can also supplement this with automated testing. Automated tests will run through all the possible flows of your app on their  own and identify potential problems.

The quality assurance testing process is going  to involve your entire team. Here are some tips to help the process run smoothly and efficiently.

Test On Multiple Devices One of the most important things to do when testing is to ensure that  you’re testing on multiple real-life devices.   You’ll get a more realistic idea of  how your app will appear to users and what things you’ll need to fix. This will also help you ensure that your app delivers the same functionality  across devices, which is key.

Document Your Tests  Your app is something that’s going to be  evolving consistently. Documenting each test you run and the results is essential,  as you may need to revisit them later on.

Use Both Manual And Automated Tests For the best results, you’ll need to use both manual and  automated tests throughout the QA process.   While automated tests are very efficient, manual tests can help you catch problems  that an automated tool might miss.

As you can guess, quality assurance is a key  element in the mobile app development process.   Today’s mobile users won’t hesitate  to uninstall apps that don’t live up to their performance standards. I hope you learned something today about QA testing for mobile apps. For more  help with your app, subscribe to our channel. If you liked this video, please like it and  share it with others. Thank you for watching.

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