5 Typography Trends BLOWING UP In 2021 (Should You Care?)

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bad typography really can destroy a graphic design  but what if that bad typography becomes a trend and sponsoring todays video is the leading  landing page builder unbounce now unbounce can help you convert more visitors into customers  by using their exclusive ai conversion insights and it really is a cut above the rest when  it comes to building your next landing page now you can learn more about it later in  todays video as well as how to grab a 20 discount lets take a look at  some typography trends for 2021 that are circulating online and how to use them  or if you should just forget them all together i dont personally watch too much television but  i have seen this style used in some adverts over on television disruptive typography uses squashed  stretched and twisted letterforms that are often beyond being legible now its been one of the  fastest rising typography trends and styles to emerge last year and its growing strength  in 2021 now youve probably seen this kind of style of typography somewhere already and for me  personally i just consider it a kind of decorative design asset because trying to get somebody to  read some of this text is pretty difficult and its kind of a big ask to go for it it could be a  good fit for alternatives and independent brands but again dont bank on viewers being able to read  the text easily or at all as with most trends it should stay away from logo design because lego  designs should have nothing to do with trends they need to stand the test of time applying disruptive  typography to a logo would not only render it hard to read which would cause brand confusion  but it would become untrendy in a heartbeat but in terms of being a visual asset on a  design i think this one can look pretty cool outline text as a typography trend is  really really huge and i myself have been using it on this video of course and also  my thumbnails as well and ive also seen it on kind of corporate high-end adverts as well  so it is something thats getting picked up everywhere in the design community when a trend  reaches such mediums you know its firmly cemented in society the outline typographic trend is  often mixed with standard field typography and this creates contrast or hierarchy the  designer will often use bold uppercase sans-serif fonts for this kind of style and  its great for headings and impacting designs there are quite a few uses for this type of style  but there are elements that you will find in almost every instance how long is this trend going  to continue well nobody can really say for sure but right now it is going strong and i personally  do like this one as you can tell from this video now for whatever reason a lot of the inspiration  for the style of design over the last year or so has come from the 80s kind of retro futurist  style of design a futuristic look and feel is a great way to give the design more optimism  and i think optimism is something many people have needed over the last year simply because of  the global situation we have all been involved in also i would imagine that things such as cyberpunk  have made an influence on this as well many movies such as blade run and tron utilize this kind of  style of typography and if you look around on things like instagram and other media you will  notice this style being replicated a lot more one often key aspect of this style is the use of  wide kerning on minimal fonts and this is a very easy effect to use which is quite visually  appealing now again you have to remember that the context is key so you want to be incorporating this kind of design trend or any trend  for that matter into your designs only if it fits the brief and the message now  dont just go slapping retro futuristic kind of 80s typography into your designs for the hell  of it it needs to have a reason and a purpose this trend is really simple in  nature and if done well it can really create a nice harmonious vibe for your  graphic designs many designers are electing to use rounded sans serif fonts and this style of  typography works with pretty much everything but somewhere it is being seen quite a lot  recently is on landing pages or website design that might be because rounded sans serif fonts  are easiest to read out of all kinds of fonts and its interesting that this trend is  based around things being really legible and then a different trend in the same year  disruptive typography completely focuses on things being not legible humans are just weird  but yeah rounded clean sans serif fonts are really maximized for readability and its a really  nice way to interject modernity into your designs as you might know im a firm advocate of hierarchy  and contrast in graphic design because i think its one of the most important principles and  it is something that can really truly create some functional graphic design this trend can make  use of color shapes behind certain areas of text simply just highlighting one word or letter  with a different color or underlying areas of text completely when done correctly this  will give a nice visual emphasis to the viewer and it comes across as more professional and well  thought out this is once again ideal for headings and subheadings but it can be used in a variety  of different ways if you want to get creative i see this less as a trend and like i said  before more of a fundamental principle of design hierarchy and contrast are firmly cemented in  graphic design and so they should be because they are a really great way to elevate your designs to  new heights here is a really insightful comment from a viewer of my channel and its something i  pretty much agree with trends in graphic design shouldnt be taken too seriously they are one tool  among many different tools to get your message across and recognized so you shouldnt become too  attached to trends in any way shape or form so the sponsor of todays video on bounce is an awesome  place to build your next landing page so 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give it a click and see what awesome landing pages you can make today  im going to cut the video off here and switch off this light because its blinding my eyes so until  next time guys design your future today peace you

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