FREE Fonts For Typography Trends 2022 ? (Dont Miss Out!)

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typography trends in 2022 are going to  require the right sort of fonts and this video is going to show you some of the best  free fonts for commercial use that will get you trendy next year and also its going to show  you how to best use them in design situations so otr is the first typeface and its going to  prove a valuable trendy addition to your phonebook its only available in one font  but it fits the bill for 2022. its quite wide and futuristic in appearance and  it would work great for headings or subtitles this style of typeface is already in  wide use across branding and advertising and so this free download is a great addition to  your library next up is ilyas which again just comes in one font but also only an uppercase  now i chose this one because there is a trend starting to occur in the design world where  typography relates back to the art nouveau arts and crafts kind of style its starting to be  seen on packaging advertising and posters to name a few things and often it makes use of decorative  serif fonts mainly in uppercase letter forms now as you might have seen a lot of typography  trends are based around pushing the boundaries of font use and making them more interesting and  almost destructive this next font generation mono really appeals to that sentiment its an ultra  wide and stretched typeface that only comes in one uppercase font this would be awesome for hard  hitting and impacting designs where a bold and modern statement needs to be made you can also  maybe stack the letters on top of each other due to their wide nature now the numbers that  this font provide are especially cool as well in my opinion so next up a typeface that comes in  18 different styles argentum the fonts in this family are super clean and super modern this font  family is one that not many designers speak about but considering its free for commercial use  and it looks so fine i think it does deserve a download even on the most hectic and trendy of  designs youre still going to need typography that is legible and approachable in certain areas so  something like argentine would be a great solution amarante is a lot like the previous art nouveau  typeface that we looked at but this is a google font download and it comes in upper and lowercase  letterforms the trend of this arts and crafts style relates back to bringing more character and  more detail into typography and making things just a bit different of course like always question  your brief your brand and the target market before using any specific typeface next up  a typeface that i use on my thumbnails quite often and its something i get questions on pretty  much a daily basis basement grotesque is a really decent sans-serif typeface that is quite blunt  and quite harsh in nature its a great solution for more urban trendy and modern designs where you  want to make a visual statement that packs a punch now i do like this one a whole lot hence  why i use it in a lot of my designs damn this next typeface looks so  good in fact thats its name its called dam its a contemporary geometric  sans-serif solution with elongated ovals the letters are closed and the appearance  is narrow and its a very expressive typeface that could be used on social media  marketing posters website design and so on lastly a very interesting and unique typeface  kamar vintage this one plays into the retro modern trend that is also becoming quite popular its the  notion of moving away from bland and minimal star typography to a more interesting and unique style  kamar is downloaded with just one style and no lowercase letters so that should tell you its  best used for headings and subheadings or just bold statement texts there are so many great  fonts that can play into the trends of 2022 but most of them arent free this video shows  you some of the best solutions that you can grab for free and then use on your designs without  any legal issues but if you want to grab more free fonts do click a video on screen and until  next time guys design your future today peace bye

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