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listen to me its a scam theyre trying to steal your money oh my god are you serious the call centers are there for one reason and one reason only that is to scam were you just on the phone with the canada revenue agency yes i dont know what to do they dont care about what the customer is going through you are paid to get the money that is it empty out the bank account and leave it zero how much were they trying to get out of you like 96 000 and saying that i was gonna go to jail when somebody cries on the phone they will mute the microphone and they will have a little laugh between the person thats sitting next to them no one feels sorry for nobody because theyre interested in the money and the money only there are scammers who i think are or terrible people and who are greedy but there are other people who really do have a conscience some scammers are even willing to share secrets and expose their co-workers thats the number save her say where this woman is saying that shes got 60 000 in the bank and theyre gonna take every single last dollar of it my name is ben taylor and i have a youtube channel called pleasant green where i look into scams scam baiting is where you go looking for scams you try to find the scammers and you try to lead them along typically youre trying to waste the scammers time so that they dont have the opportunity to go scam somebody else theres a big kind of a movement on youtube of scam baiters and people who try to get back at scammers and i guess i am considered one of them my name is casey i used to be a scammer but now i work in the same call centers undercover to save people from being scammed casey was one of the scammers who watched my youtube channel pretty regularly and he reached out to me and he said guess what i am actually a scammer in india and id be willing to talk to you and id be willing to share kind of what i know its the right thing to do you cant do this this is wrong you know you cant take somebody elses money and go buy a bmw i asked him for proof i said show me what you do show me what your call center looks like he began to send me pictures of his call center he began to share with me the scripts that him and his co-workers would read i got to listen in on conversations there was a case being filed against you because youve chosen to ignore the letters that were sent out to you i got to actually call up the call center and talk to these scammers myself kind of just understand how they operated and then he began to actually send me the contact information of people who were in the process of being scammed he would be sitting at his desk on his computer taking calls and he would probably listen in to a co-worker who was sitting next to him and if this was somebody who was very vulnerable perhaps it was a a young mother or maybe it was an elderly woman if it was someone who was about to get scammed for a significant amount of money thats when he would step in whether it would be him listening in to get the phone number or looking over at the computer to get that number he would then take it and he would take a bathroom break and he would send me a text message or a voice message telling me that someone was about to get scammed and they needed help immediately so then me or one of my partners could jump in and make the call and warn them before it was too late get ready im sending you a number now this womans got too much money theyre gonna take every single penny off so get ready hello hey im hoping you just hung up on those revenue canada scammers did you oh my god are you serious will you tell me you didnt give them any money no i didnt im an investigator oh my god youre my hero no i did not get the money i bitched and why the entire time didnt say that i was gonna go to jail and i havent been you know i was like freaking out honey listen its not gonna happen going to jail none of that is all a scam its okay no its not not going to jail its a scam and we stopped it one of the repercussions of what i do is that ive been run over and ive been clean up twice ive been left on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere they knew it was me because of my unique accent because the recording was available online everybody knows its me oh my god you just dont know what the has happened this guy got me kidnapped it shows that it could be life or death you know it just takes one person minimum is normally 20 to 30 people in one call center in one building three kind of people that work in these call centers they come from well-educated backgrounds some of these people are qualified engineers because remember in india not everybody speaks english so the time that you are speaking english you are very well educated some days you can go empty-handed there are some days where you dont make anything but then there are some days where you can make 180 000 or 180 000 criminals pretending to be irs agents asking you to send them money this call is regarding to your social security number we found some fraudulent activities under your name there are a lot of scams out there and they they really vary quite frequently there are telephone scams who claim to be amazon employees or irs employees who say that youre behind on your taxes or that you qualify for some refund from amazon if you press one an agent will ask for the credit card number attached to the account dont do it its all a scam its the same scripts that are going from every call center the only thing that changes is the department if it was a uk one it would be like the national crime agency or the police are after you if it was american one it would be social security administration or it would be the sheriffs department is off for you these kind of small little things change they will log into your computer they will take control of it they will have you access your bank account and they can wire thousands of dollars from your account to their account if youre vulnerable and if youre not educated then you can certainly fall for one of these scams and it can be pretty devastating once money leaves its country theres no jurisdiction that our law enforcement can have to go track down that money its its gone anyone can be scammed it just depends on the circumstances of what you are going through on that day anyone can be vulnerable anyone can be scared im not going to stop exposing scams because i know that i help more people im not going to shut down my youtube channel because this guy wants to continue to rip people off thats never going to happen ill do my best to stop someone from being scammed obviously i cant stop everybody because im one person but i will try my best [Music] you

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