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are you interested in learning about cloud migrations if so this video is for you [Music] hi my name is michael gibbs and im the founder and ceo of gold cloud architects and were an organization dedicated towards building high performance cloud computing careers ive been working in technology for over 25 years now and ive been coaching or mentoring others to get their first tech job or get promoted in tech for over two decades today were going to talk about the topic of cloud migrations more specifically were going to talk about the lift and shift migration the cloud native migration and a hybrid of these two approaches and were going to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the cloud native migration versus the lift and shift migration and why you should choose them given various situations because as an architect youre a designer and youre going to be doing a lot of cloud migrations so whether its lift and shift migration or whether its a cognitive migration thats going to be up to you based upon the business needs and goals at least based upon your recommendations so were going to begin with the lift and shift migration now im a fan of the lift and shift migration because its simple what is the lift and shift migration which is the most common form by the way its basically you take your systems from the data center and migrate them to the cloud data center to cloud cloud is really nothing more than a virtualized network in a data center so take whatevers in your network and data center move it to the cloud simple and elegant whats so great about it well basically you just take your virtual machines and copy them and move them over launch them on the cloud and everything is up and running so simple now what else is good about it theres no refactoring of your applications for the most part just take it and move it so simple and easy what else is so good the same way you copy them from the data center move them to the cloud if it doesnt work with your cloud provider take them off the cloud provider stick them right back in your data center when when when or if youre in one cloud provider and theyre not working out for you or they cant meet your performance you can migrate it to another cloud provider or if the cloud provider raises your rates you dont like it you can come off the cloud provider or its happened in the us there was one of the major cloud providers they had a customer and they didnt agree with the customers business the customer was a cloud native customer uh the cloud provider kicked them off of the cloud and the customer went completely out of business so whenever you do things with a lift and shift its easy to get on easy to get off and youre in complete control provider raises your rates no big deal bring it back to your data center or go to another cloud when you do multi-cloud no big deal so thats the lifting shift which is the safest and the simplest and its the majority of cloud migrations today the next type of cloud migration is the cloud native migration and theres a lot of wonderful things about the cloud native migration a cloud native migration is basically taking what you have in the data center refactoring it redesigning it to work on the cloud now think about that cloud native migration youve basically got to recode all your applications which can be really expensive and can be incredibly time consuming but once you do when you move into the cloud well things get pretty interesting see with the cloud when youre going cloud native you can really take advantage of the benefits of the cloud all these you know basically unlimited scalability factors kind of nice not managing operating systems not patching things basically thats really great less security for you to work on because a lot of these things are secured by the provider still lots of security to do but less of it so cloud native basically means unlimited scalability and simplicity and elegance when youre using the cloud but cloud native means a lot of huge expenses related to refactoring your applications to big and bring them to the cloud now after you spend millions or hundreds of millions of dollars refactoring your applications based upon the size of the organization if theres something wrong with your cloud provider you are stuck if they raise your rates you are stuck because it could cost you potentially hundreds of millions of dollars to refactor applications to get off of that cloud provider go back to your data center or even another cloud provider or so you know granted thats based upon the scale of the organization but cloud native big refactoring huge expenses to go to the cloud when youre on the cloud you probably realistically have more scalability but if the cloud provider doesnt like you or to choose to kick you off youre out of business so this option is limited for people that are basically on the cloud and are totally comfortable with the cloud and dont mind spending the money and have less concern cloud native is really elegant if its a brand new deployment because youve got nothing to worry about so you can just do it right the first case why design your applications one way and then refactor them again design them all to be cloud native in the beginning so for a new customer this can be really great so we talked about the lift and shift migration which is copying your things and moving them to the cloud we talked about the cloud native migration which is basically refactor replications and then move them to the cloud now lets talk about the hybrid now we love this hybrid approach we find it to be the best in our perspective what do we love about it we get all the benefits of lift and shift the safety the protection the simplicity and we take advantage of a lot of the scalability factors of the cloud so what could this look like lets say you have a three-tier web environment lets say weve got a web app in a database and lets say you know youre using servers for your virtual or virtual machines for your web and your app and youre using these other servers for your database which is an apache cassandra database why would you be using capacity cassandra you might need a very scalable nosql database and apache cassandra is a very common one to use so lets say you want to migrate this to the cloud lets say you take images of your virtual machines and cop for the web so basically you take your web virtual machine you copy it to an ami and you launch it on the cloud with a similar size machine great you do the same thing for app here and now the database instead of bringing over your servers and install on ec2 instances and say install on amazon or a different one on google compute engine and installing a linux operating system and then after you install the operating system install apache cassandra you could just use key spaces which is a fully managed service which doesnt require you to refactor applications so this is where we hybridize them use virtual machines for the web and the app and then use the managed database and we get a lot of the scalability and a lot of the cool things and a lot of the cloud native things while getting the safety and the simplicity of coming on and off the cloud so we typically love this mix and its one of the ways we typically design our architectures because we like the flexibility the control the safety but we still love those called native features we hope weve given you some understanding on the cloud native migration the lift and shift migration and kind of this you know hybrid approach of the both we we want you to understand how to do this so you can be in the best position to design the perfect cloud architecture for your customers let me tell you about some free things we do at go cloud architects to help the cloud architect community every monday and every thursday we have a completely free how to get your first cloud architect job webinar and on this webinar we will tell you exactly what hiring managers desire what should be in your resume the skills you need to get hired how to interview and so much more its completely free and we do them every monday and every thursday the link for these and is in the description below now every tuesday we have a cloud architect experience webinar and when that often becomes a cloud architect challenge webinar and you come on these webinars with us and we will work with you we will basically give you a technical challenge and on the technical challenge youll be designing an architecture on the cloud to meet and solve those technical needs people come from all over the world its typically a big party its lots of fun we do it almost every tuesday at nine a.m eastern which is 2 pm gmt ill leave the link for that in the description below but its a big time party everybody learns architecture along the way and its really lots of fun and we hope to see you there we are doing a completely free aws advanced networking boot camp on the week of july 13th its going to be multiple days well present live questions and answer my ccie number or cisco certified internet expert number 7417 which means ive been working in networking too long which means i am too old but i love networking and were going to have a completely free live boot camp on the week of the 13th now most wednesdays but not all we do a youtube live where you can bring us any cloud architect career questions and we will answer them real time again when we have them as almost every week but not all so subscribe to our channel hit the bell to be notified of all of our free live streams i would like to thank you so much for watching this video and being part of our channel which really makes you part of our family we love this cloud architect community ive been working as an architect now for 25 years in various architecture roles and its something im passionate about sharing so its an honor or privilege to be with you as often as i am on youtube and im so grateful to have you here and i want to do everything i can to help you in your cloud computing career thank you so much and i look forward to seeing you in another video very soon you

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