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How Content Marketing Will Change in 2021 - read the full article about content marketing trends, Content Marketing and Content creation and promotion from Neil Patel on Qualified.One
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- [Neil] Have you noticed that its harder to rank your content in Google? Or have you noticed that when you share your content on Facebook, its getting less shares, less reach and youre like, Hey, Im writing all this content, but no ones really reading it.

Hey everyone, Im Neil Patel.

And today Im going to break down how content marketing will change in 2021 and what you need to do to succeed through this channel.

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Your probably already finding that is harder to get your content noticed.

And thats because theres over a billion blogs on the internet.

Just think of it this way.

If theres a billion blogs thats roughly one for every seven people.

Theres a ton of content.

Everyones trying to crank out content.

Everyone was trying to crank out even high quality content.

So how do you stand out? How do you get noticed? How do you succeed in this busy landscape? Well, lets go over some trends thatll help you.

Trend number one, you cant rely on SEO or social media anymore.

SEO is not dead, but it takes longer to get rankings and is harder, still super effective you just have to be patient play the long game.

Social media, theyre continually cramping down on how much reach you get unless you spend money on ads.

So you got to find a new way to promote your content.

One strategy that you should be leveraging thats super effective is push notifications.

Youll see browser notifications like this also known as push notifications where people can subscribe.

You can use it through tools like subscribers and heres some of my stats.

So every time I release a new blog post Ill send out a notification to the subscribers and within their browser, theyll get notified.

Hey, theres this new post on

Just like you get noticed or notified on your browser whether Netflix releases a new video or its someones birthday on Facebook.

These are all examples of push notifications.

And Im driving tons of traffic from my push notifications.

And heck Ive even set up a sequence kind of like email drip sequences, but for push notifications.

And Im getting tons of clicks as you can see here some getting 89,000 clicks, 16,000, 27,000, 20,000, 21,000, it all adds up.

And I dont want you to stop there.

Use messenger bots, email marketing, remarketing and even repurpose your content and leverage that same piece into audio form, video form, or vice versa.

So if you dont rely on SEO and social media and you leverage some of these strategies, youll notice that your content will start getting more views and indirectly it will also start doing better on the social web and through SEO.

Trend number two, you have to start translating your content.

You no longer can just focus on English.

The biggest lesson I learned from a Google employee is that the majority of the people in this world are English native speakers.

And Im like, yeah, I know that theres nothing new there but theyre like, no, you dont get it.

Its not that theyre not native English speakers.

They also dont search on Google in English.

They use all these other languages but English tends to be the most competitive language for SEO.

So I was like, ah, and then I started serving and looking a lot of corporations.

And we ended up learning that peoples biggest traffic gains came from translations.

So I was like, Oh wow.

So we started translating and transcribing our content and you can use Ubersuggest to help you out with this.

And itll even tell you what keywords are popular in each of the countries.

And when I started doing this over time United States only ended up making up 20% of my traffic, Brazil, India, United Kingdom, Germany all these other regions started really picking up steam because I started creating content and Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese and all this has really helped my traffic grow over time.

You need to start doing this now you have no choice just because its so competitive in English.

Trend number three, youll spend more time updating your content and then creating new content.

Can you guess how much content I write on a weekly basis? Its actually just one post a week.

Can you guess how many times my team updates older posts? Its actually 21 times a week.

Im writing one, they update 21 older pieces of content.

If you look at whats led to big traffic gains for companies who are leveraging content marketing is a lot of it is updating old content.

Its actually more than blogging more from what were seeing we serve it over 200 companies.

So if you update your content, youll generate more traffic than if you just focus on writing more content.

And if you look at my traffic, getting a lot of visitors a lot of its due to updating content.

As I said, I spent time creating one article a week, myself my team updates 21 a week of my older articles.

Now, if youre new to blogging or you have a new site of course youre not going to update much but once you get established, youve been around for more than a year or two, youre going to spend more time updating.

Trend number four, companies will hire people who just optimize for CTR.

Rand Fishkin did an SEO experiment years ago where he told everyone to click on the fourth result instead of, you know, the other ones he technically said click on the first result, click the back button then click on the fourth result.

Within minutes, that result went from number four to number one.

And it sticked around for a while.

And that was because of click-through rate that tells Google that, Hey people prefer this listing instead.

So you need to get more clicks and you do that by optimizing your title tag and meta description venture youre going to see companies hiring just for that.

Some 10 hacks that you can do to get more clicks, questions and titles tend to get more clicks titles that are 15 to 40 characters in length tend to get 8.6% more clicks.

You get a 45% increase in CTR.

When the keyword that someone searched for is the exact URL.

Not necessarily your domain name, but the URL part, right the ending part of your domain name like slash whatever it may be.

Power words like amazing, effortless increase click through rate by roughly 13.9%.

You get a 7.3% higher click through rate for titles that contain emotions versus ones that dont.

You also get a 5.8% higher click through rate if you have a meta description versus letting Google put whatever they want for your meta-description if you didnt create one.

Titles with years tend to generate 4.9% higher click through rate evoking curiosity like the seven benefits of green tea number six will shock you.

Whats number six? Wow. Im curious.

That tends to increase click-through rate by 5.9%.

And titles resemble education get 10.4% more clicks and you can also look at paid ads for inspiration.

Trend number five, youll have to learn SEO in a new form.

What I mean by this is content these days isnt just about texts its also about video.

I rank for a lot of terms on YouTube.

Im also getting tons of traffic from YouTube.

As you can see here, Im doing that without paid ads but the way Im doing it is through YouTube SEO.

You want to promote the videos really hard and heavy in the first 24 hours.

Use tools like Ubersuggest to include keywords in your titles, your meta descriptions, add the tags and the keywords.

Mention those keywords within the video.

You want to use the Hot Script by Sunny to hook people in.

If youre not sure what the Hot Script is just Google Hot Script Sunny YouTube.

Youll see a video that breaks on how to leverage it.

These are all examples of YouTube SEO that can help you rank higher.

So youre going to have to start learning this kind of stuff because content isnt just, text-based people love videos these days.

Trend number six, Youll have to spend more time on CRO.

CROs conversion optimization.

Just think of it this way.

How much revenue does your content drive? Youll find that you keep getting more traffic through content as you do, SEO, build more links but how much revenue is it really driving? You may double triple your traffic but is your revenue doubling and tripling? If I had a bet I would bet a thousand dollars that you probably are going to say no at least a majority of the people will say no.

So why is this? Well, people are writing content for traffic but theyre not optimizing for conversions.

And youre going to see a lot more companies hiring CRO people to adjust their content to optimize for conversions.

For example, are you talking about your products or services within your content? Chances are, you may not.

Are you adding ads, ads for your own products or services in your sidebars? Probably not.

Are you doing exit pop-ups collect emails and then drip people over time to convert them into customers.

These are all ways to generate more revenue from your content.

And my last trend for you is free tools is cheaper than content marketing and is more effective.

So I have this tool called Ubersuggest, check it out.

Itll give you ideas on any key word, track your rankings.

You can do so much for free.

Theyll even tell you whos getting traffic and your competition and the keywords they rank for.

And over time if you want to keep using Ubersuggest more and more.

You can log in for free.

And as they log in, sometimes they collect details.

Sometimes they dont depending on the country youre in.

And I pass some of these leads to my sales teams and it generates me tons of leads.

And if you had to guess many how many do you think? Ill give you a hint, heres some high traffic sites just to Ubersuggest.

So if you had a look at this how many leads do you think? Over 200,000 leads a month? Thats the power of tools.

I think its way more effective than content marketing.

Its cheaper in the long run.

Not as many people are doing it and its people find it much more valuable than content marketing as well.

So if you enjoy this video, like it, share it tell the people about it, subscribe to the channel.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, Ill answer it.

Ill help you out.

And if you need extra help getting that extra traffic doing really well in 2021, or just with your content marketing or any marketing in general.

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