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- At Siege, were now over 110 people and part of the reason were being able to do that is the year over year growth and being able to stay ahead of trend in terms of where content marketing is going and where the industry is going as well.

So in this video, we will break down those changes that were seeing and what needs to be present in your strategy as we move forward to 2022.

(bright upbeat music) One of the first elements I see on high-performing sites is having low time to value.

So what I mean by this is, the winners in most verticals will get users what they want like this, like this, (snapping fingers) like this, (snapping fingers) fast.

You go to their site, you want a calculator, you want your mortgage calculation for what your interest payment will be, some websites will get you that without even clicking a button.

It will give you values of what a common interest payment is, what the interest rate is today, they know its a 30 year mortgage most commonly and your time to value is so, so low in those cases.

Other verticals will look at a list of credit cards and theyll get that information above the fold, your eye will be drawn to the most important elements of that credit card and your time to actually getting the credit card you want will be superior to other results.

As these verticals get more and more competitive, the UX element of just these being so focused on getting people what they want in the absolute fastest fashion, is the differentiator between winning and losing in most markets.

So were going to be trying to eke out the small margins of this time to value in each industry and it will be the people that do that consistently that win on a more common basis in the year to come.

So the next thing Im seeing more frequently, are smaller hero images above the fold.

So what this is and what its addressing is effectively Core Web Vitals and also just user experience, which is the same thing.

Those huge hero images above the fold were great for pops of color, but they were bad for actual user experience because a lot of these will load very slowly, they would lead to a slow first contentful paint, which is part of Core Web Vitals and because of that, the sites that are performing best well often use a smaller hero image, or maybe not even a hero image at all, and actually create that pop of color throughout the UX design.

I still think the hero images have value, especially if your thumbnails look great or are premium in some way but increasingly I think the days of the giant hero image are gone and a smaller image that accomplishes the goal in a faster fashion and smaller file size will be an attribute that is critical as we move forward with our SEO work.

Another piece of that is, not making us go anywhere.

So Im pretty lazy, I just like sitting at home having a glass of wine.

So if anyone asks me to go anywhere, I will not and thats the same as content marketing.

People dont like going anywhere even on their internet and their laptops.

So if youre on a website, dont make them go to an author bio to see youre an actually credible author for that article.

They should be able to pull out and have a hover effect that actually will give you that, or it should just be present on the page immediately.

I see this also with things like, an advertising disclosure, you shouldnt have to go to a new page to get that same information.

Ideally you have your credibility or proof as weve talked about in our other videos on Preview Proof Benefit, immediately communicated above the fold, such that no one needs to go anywhere to do that and this common element of the author bio being present on the actual page itself is something I see more and more often is just an element of a high performing content site.

Fourth in-post table of contents is more and more common as well.

So something I see here with bigger guides and just overall mobile first experience, is having those table contents in body right as you hit the posts, make it great for users to jump to exactly what they want is also solves for SEO and that many of these table of contents will get pulled into the search results from a long tail keyword standpoint, allowing people to jump to exactly what they need.

Some of those table of contents that would follow you on the left rail didnt always get pulled perfectly into the mobile experience and are non-optimal for that reason.

And this in-body experience both on desktop and mobile creates a better experience that Im seeing more and more commonly on the sites that are winning online.

And finally a Quick Answer area above the fold, or as fast as possible, kind of bringing in the theme of time to value is something thats just critical today in terms of your blog design.

So what I mean by that is youre effectively, immediately addressing the fact that someone will want an answer immediately to allow that to get pulled out very often in a sub-headline or subheader or otherwise the other section that pops maybe with a border or a takeaway section, right after the hero image or if a hero image doesnt exist at all.

This is important because its effectively what Google is saying users want in search engines and their knowledge graph and rather the Quick Answer area, we effectively need to create a version of that for our users in order to maintain our interests and actually get them what they want, so they dont search and find something else instead.

So today, high-performing content sites are giving us that via the answer often in a 24 pixel plus font size area, hits you in the face, theres no thinking about it, you just get your answer immediately and thats what a high-performing content site looks like.

These five elements, all intertwined into very common frameworks for high performance into the year to come.

I think it will be the winning sites that pull these together, continue to do all those amazing things in synchronicity or whatever weird long word I come up with there to be a great high traffic value website.

We hope you have a fruitful 2022 ahead, youre dominating the search engines, youre ahead of the curve in terms of the rankings and traffic.

We really appreciate you watching our videos in the past year.

If youre new to the channel, wed definitely appreciate you subscribing, hit that notification bell.

For anyone who watched this, wed love to hear what trends youre seeing in 2022 and beyond to be higher performing and thats all of our goal on this channel Thanks for watching.

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