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customer doesnt care about you doesnt care about your product they only care about their own needs how are you going to break through and get their attention you have to solve those needs first [Music] the important thing to realize with marketing today is that the script has flipped in the past weve focused on selling a product and service and all our marketing revolves around that product and service and thats the exact wrong way to go about what if you think about it from the opposite way what if you said look what we want to do is build a relationship with a group of people customers or audience whatever it is well how do we do that we deliver them valuable information you can do that through your website you can do it through an email newsletter you can do it through a podcast youre not selling anything in those channels what you are is youre building relationships and if you deliver value every single day that group of audience they will come to know like and trust you and then when they know like and trust you then you can sell all the stuff you have to sell and thats what youre seeing the smart innovative companies do today [Music] so theres a really great example in hamilton missouri small business they sell quilting equipment and they were looking for a way that they could expand their reach but it was very difficult to do that by just talking about oh weve got these great quilting supplies you please buy them well nobodys got to pay attention to that but what they created was every week they would put on a quilting tutorial and teach people how they could create quilts quicker so they created a video and then another video and after about a year they had over 200 000 subscribers they went from a small couple million dollar a year business to selling over 40 million dollars a year its a quilting supplies company its amazing how did they get to be this big just through consistently delivering value through youtube [Music] one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is they feel they have to be everywhere i want to do the podcast and i want to be on linkedin i dont want to be on twitter and i want to be on facebook well you know whats going to happen youre going to be at best mediocre at all those things and the thing is to break through all the content clutter you have to be remarkable so it goes back to asking yourself if you stopped creating all the content you create would your customers notice its a tough question right most people have to answer that honestly and say my customers probably wouldnt notice if i stopped sending my email newsletter thats a problem we want our customers to miss our content but what happens is most organizations just create a mountain of stuff of meh it just basically keeps us busy its not making an impact on our customers its doing nothing youve got to make some decisions and strategy is all about saying no so what i want you to do is start saying no to some of those things that youre doing lackluster just get rid of those things because we cant be mediocre anymore [Music] so lets say somebody wants to build an audience so what we want to do is we want to figure out what is our sweet spot so on the the one side is what is your expertise and you have to match that against what is your audience desire who is your audience that very specific audience youre talking to and then what keeps them up at night what are their pain points and then bringing those two things together creates that sweet spot that you could actually start talking about something and then what is that hook that point of view that differentiation that you can do to break through all that content clutter then you can choose what platform youre gonna do it on so for example if youve got people that are really good on the radio maybe it is a podcast that makes sense if youve got people that really look good on the television screen maybe its a youtube video but youve got to figure out why will this story resonate and break through all the clutter and then you can figure out where youre going to publish [Music] the bottom line for you to start really figure out the pain points of your customers and then just do one thing focus on one thing be great at it build an audience there and then once you build that audience then you can move on you

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