Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Hikvision 5-minute Cybersecurity Update

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Hikvision 5-minute Cybersecurity Update - read the full article about Cyber security 101, Cybersecurity and Network security and pen testing from Hikvision Europe on Qualified.One
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Hello everybody Welcome to the first episode of Hikvisions cyber update My name is Fred Streefland, and I am the Director, Cybersecurity for Europe, Middle-East and Africa In the next 5 minutes, I am going to address two topics The first topic is the vulnerability that was detected recently in the Hikvision devices And the second topic is the Cybersecurity Awareness Month So let me start with the first topic Because recently we got a notification that some of our devices had a possible vulnerability So, which means that an Ethical Hacker, who is called Watchful IP, contacted Hikvision and stated that there was a possible software vulnerability in Hikvision devices Once we get this information, we investigated if this software vulnerability is indeed a vulnerability So it takes some time to investigate this And if this is indeed a software vulnerability, then we have to develop a batch, a solution for this vulnerability Ans this is exactly what happened So, the Ethical hacker contacted Hikvision Headquarters, and the Headquarters was directly investigating this, and also working on the solution And thats exactly what happened So the bottom line is that this vulnerability can happen Vulnerabilities simply cannot be excluded Because Hikvision is a producer of security cameras, and video recorders And video recorders and security cameras are IoT devices And all IoT devices might have software vulnerabilities, like all other computer devices So it is not a question of there will be a vulnerability in de devices But it is a question of how to solve this And in recent years, Hikvision didnt have many software vulnerabilities in its devices But now, another software vulnerability popped up So it is a matter of how to solve this And that is exactly what we did And we solve this in the correct manner We solve this according to rules And also within the 90-days timeline, which normally is given when somebody detects a vulnerability So it is very important to know that Hikvision did everything we could - because Hikvision takes Cybersecurity extremely serious - in order to solve this vulnerability If you want to know more about this vulnerability, if it would also be affecting your cameras and your devices, please check out our website Its very important that you update your cameras and devices as soon as possible Because the updates are available Hikvision also makes batches available, firmware updates within the 90 days So again, the bottom line is that vulnerabilities can happen, Hikvision worked according to the rules of this vulnerability, and came up with a software upgrade So I recommend you to check out our website and see if you have to batch your security devices Going to the second topic of this 5-minute Cybersecurity update The second topic is that Cybersecurity awareness month October is always the Cybersecurity Awareness Month So also in Hikvision, we take this very seriously And what we have done is that we have developed a Cybersecurity course for the security industry And this course can also be found on our website It is free, the course exists of 6 classes of 30 minutes And you can do it in your own time And there is also an exam included if you want to do an exam - you dont need to And I recommend you and I advise you to do this course and provide me feedback directly So we can improve this course That was it for the update of today If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me or visit our website for all the other information Thank you very much, and have a nice day!

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