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[Music] hello friends and thank you for getting back to the channel today is a unique day this is the last video im going to produce for this year going to take some shows vacation to rest think about new content but the topic of today is very important and im sure its for all of you so many people ask me how can we get into cyber security space without an experience so i thought maybe to do the ultimate guide about it so we are living in exciting unique and also challenging times cov19 is still with us and impacting our lives day by day most of us are still working remotely we we shop more online we gather more information online we learn online uh more our lives move to the internet in in some essence much more than before the coveted 19. and it also means that the internet has changed and im not speaking about metaverse we will take it in a separate session but im speaking about the applications that are better utilized or more utilized today out there if in the past the applications were hosted only in the traditional data center today they are scattered everywhere they can be in the traditional data center they can be in the private cloud they can be in the public cloud and they can be in the multi-cloud it means that applications become more public-facing applications become more centric but it also at the same time creates a problem or a challenge because if in the past you had limited locations to protect your applications how do you protect them today well they are everywhere there is no perimeter anymore so how do you protect things you cannot see the bad news is that the malicious actors out there understand it as well and thats why its much more lucrative for them to compromise the applications extort people steal data and impact our life thus the cyberspace became a breeding ground for militia sectors and we see much more attacks and malicious events across the world and these are alarming news for all of us because all of us have shared responsibility here as individuals and as organizations and definitely this creates a need for much more people to assist get into the this arena and support and help to protect our all safety in cyber so todays topic is for everyone actually everyone that is interested in technology that fought maybe to do some shift into the cyberspace that has some concerns and question that not sure that he can or she can move into this space without experience so i will try to help you and give you my tips my guidance on how to do it because definitely it is possible getting into cyber security is a good career choice at least i think so so lets see what it involves many hiring managers look for people having considerable amount of knowledge of cyber security skills with the increase in open cloud platforms the demand for such professionals have increased with the right certification and knowledge you will be able to secure better salary position following out some of the ways you can secure a cyber security job and start a career with no experience first and foremost in my view is getting aligned with industry needs and maintain it until you find a job job applicants get a hard time finding a job to start a career in cyber security you must listen in my mind at least to podcast read specific blogs that are related to cyber security x news roles and many other sub-categories of cyber security since cyber security is by default a broad term there are many areas and special blocks dedicated to each area like application security vulnerability management intrusion detection penetration testing network and infrastructure security data governance risk and compliance digital forensics incident response and many others you should explore them and know where to put the efforts and i have few to recommend you first one is daniel meisler and daniel meisler is one of my favorite hes a cyber security expert hes a consultant hes a writer he has an amazing blog where he publishes essays and news and definitely many of his podcasts the second one is graham cluley and hes an industry expert as well work in mcafee in the past but in 2013 i think he started to work for himself he has amazing as well blog where he writes about cyber security news tricks schemes strategies and gives a lot of tips all around very easy and very knowledgeable person really recommended the third one is it security guru and this is a daily news magazine that provides latest news use cases webinar analysis on many of the the acting things and malicious events that are happening all around the globe always good to listen to read and get the the knowledge from them so the fourth one is security weekly and this is featuring the work of industry veteran paul asadorian that is also a guru in cyber security it also features podcasts and webcasts and a lot of things that definitely are interesting that you can learn from really recommended last but not least is akker news and hacker news is definitely the place everyone wants to to be they claim to have 8 million readers they speak about daily acting and news and cyber security news in-depth definitely a lot of knowledge mountains of information so its your go-to site when you want to to know anything that happens around the world in cyber security my second tip is to gain basic knowledge in computing and security and one way definitely that is very common now to do it is true of certifications that became a benchmark for all employers so which certification do i recommend i think there are four that are a must but not necessarily at the same time you can start with one or two and then proceed from there later the first one is comptia network plus and comptia network plus help develops a career in it infrastructure covering troubleshooting configuring and managing networks networking in my view is definitely the basic knowledge you need to know even before security via certification of network plus you can become a network administrator or a network field technician an i.t consultant a network field engineer an help desk technician a system engineer network analyst and so on the second certification also from comptia it is security plus and this is an entry-level certification it teaches you core skills needed for a wide variety of roles cloud security vulnerability assessment overall security posture of iot devices mobile communication security and few of these kinds of skills the certification also deals with making students understand the co-regulation when it comes to security immediate response reactions are also presented to the candidates of this certification you can become a cloud security engineer security administrator software security developer and such jobs the third one is giac security essential certification or gsec this certification is also designed for entry-level professionals who wish to make a career in cyber security it enlightens the participants with the background of cyber security and why do we need professional in it once you get a certificate you will have the following skills active defense network security cloud security cryptography and incident response for this certification there is no set of specific requirements however the knowledge of computer is a must the third tip is gain hands-on infrastructure knowledge and one good way to do it is prove the linux foundation certified engineer as a hands-on course and the linux certified engineer makes sure that the course is an entire hands-on course with the genius certification at the end it is important to know once you have taken the exam you would be expected to run server computing maintain virtualization and support services many professionals will have to look into integrated applications like unix and windows system communications with linux so this certification is the credential at first level is the linux foundation certified system administrator or lfcs and next is lf linux foundation certified engineer lfce the engineer level converts advanced topics and practices then system admin credentials the fourth one is get your resume and linkedin ready and i think the best way to build your resume for those of you that do not have experience in that is through linkedin because linkedin provides a structural profile that follows the required steps to build this resume which later on you can export out to provide it to potential organization that you want to work for so here are some essential tips i collected for you and i will leave another link with more details for more tips on how to build your linkedin profile first one is create a summary that stands out recruiters do not have the time to read your entire profile from top to bottom they read your headline the summary and quickly decide if you are relevant for the position and if yes they are hiring you if not not so its important to get your linkedin summary right a good linkedin summary section includes the following information your years of experience in your current field a list of your most relevant skills this is usually includes art skills tools you have used programming frameworks etc your current job title what you have excelled at any relevant accomplishments what you are passionate about what kind of role you are looking for second one is keywords keywords and i will say it again keywords you need to include the right keywords all of your profiles headline summary work experience and the skill sections this tells the linkedin algorithm that your profile is very relevant to the specific keyword used third is include most if not all of your licenses and certifications if you have certifications that are highly relevant for your role or the desired position you should include them on your linkedin profile fourth get some recommendation think of all of the people in your professional crowd you are close to and have had positive interactions with contact them and ask them for a recommendation on your linkedin profile fifth is pick the right profile photo and first of all yes its important to have one members with profile photo get up to 21 times more views you dont have to be wearing your best suit but dont just be supporting your favorite grown-up team either check out what other people in your professions are wearing and go for something similar make sure you look neat and clean go for a friendly look not too stern not too goofy a profile picture accentuates your face so make it close up not a whole body picture your profile picture has to be recent dont rely on the photo from high school no matter how good you look in it quality is key low resolution pictures are a no goal think six optimize your experience section and arguably your experience section is the most important part of your linkedin profile after all your experience is the number one factor on whether you are qualified for any given job or not next write in first person guys this is very important for some reason some people on linkedin use the third person when writing about themselves on their profile and we are not talking about famous people who have a page and someone wrote it for them we are talking about regular people with regular job things like oh josh is a grade a cyber security professional with over 15 years of experience in thats a big no stick to the first person your linkedin profile is supposed to sound personal and sincere the third person expression sounds more fake and pompous use numbers and data to emphasize accomplishment compare these two work experience entries i did sales at company x versus i closed over 200 000 in sales deals and company x in 2021 which one do you think is more compelling for the recruiter exactly to file your profile use numbers and data to emphasize your achievement this will allow you to seriously stand out from the rest of the candidates my fifth tip is interview preparation and there are many sites and blogs to do so from glassdoor to and others and i will leave some links in the description so you can get into in majority of the cases the interviewers are asking some common questions and this definitely can help you to better prepare and answer natively tip number six is networking people you know but also people you do not know meaning its okay to add people who you havent met in real life thats what the platform is for feel free to add recruiters hr specialists hiring managers in companies you want to work for to your network this way you will always be updated with open positions that they might have and you will pop up on top of all other candidates when these recruiters do search for someone with your skill set keep in mind though when adding connection on linkedin its more courteous to send a connection request with the thought message here is an example of what a good connection message looks like hello and state your name im currently on the lookout for a new job and expanding my network with professionals in the hr field such as yourself will be happy to discuss any opportunities at any point best regards finish with your name at the same time definitely im sure you are familiar with people in the industry so dont be shy approach them ask them if they can help ask them if they can mentor be your mentors and i can tell you from someone that works in this industry for more than 21 years the best recruitments up to date that i did are coming from france program now people that know people that can recommend them that we gave a lot of opportunities former knowledge or relationship so dont be afraid to use it dont be shy its for your interest its also shown you are into it and the last tip is apply to the job of course after all of this preparation its definitely a journey its not an easy task but do not give up never give up and definitely if you need some advice you want to consult feel free to approach me and i will try to address all of the needs thank you for watching i really enjoyed to do that so hopefully it was insightful for you as well have a great end of year merry christmas and see you in the next year bye

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