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Hi, this is Anne with Graphic Design How To,  and today Im going to go over what I think are going to be the hottest trends of 2021 for  graphic designers. All right, lets get started. Number one: Serif fonts. Sans serif fonts  have really ruled for the past few years, and I think thats because of the web. Its  really easy to read those on the web. But now Im starting to see a huge return, in using Serif  fonts for print and web, but theyre being used a little bit differently. With a few exceptions,  Im really seeing them mostly in headlines. And I like this especially for web design, because its  going to make your site look really unique. Well, until everyone starts doing it, of course, but you  still get the legibility of having a sans serif for body copy. Number two: Futuristic and Space  Age Imagery. I think theres a lot of growing excitement around space these days with SpaceX,  and Elon Musk, and also the newly created Space Force. So I would expect to see this showing up  in designers imagery. They might not be kind of out there or in your face, but I do think  well be seeing a lot of subtle nods to the new space age that were coming into. So lets  take a look at a few examples. This is a really cool website idea that kind of uses Space Age  imagery, combined with floral imagery. Its got a really cool color scheme and a lot of really neat  animation too. This is a really cool poster that kind of gives a nod to the space age. It doesnt  have any overt elements in it unless you count, maybe this comet or something like that, but it  definitely has that look and feel. Heres an app concept, and this is actually about the planets.  So of course, theres going to be that kind of imagery involved. And this is another subtle way  of pulling in some outerspace elements, planets and stars and that kind of thing. And I really  love the way the artist did this. Number three: Hand Drawn Elements. On the softer side of things,  I think were going to see a lot more hand drawn elements and illustrations in both web design and  print. Everything is so digital, kind of binary and techie these days, that I think people are  drawn to the more organic looks that hand drawing can bring to a design. So I think well see a  lot more fluid drawings in web design this year. If youre going to try this trend, I would just  pick a few elements to hand draw, because if you hand draw everything in the whole website, it  starts to make your site look a little dated. Super Short, entertaining teaser videos. I think  the real driver with this trend is TikTok. TikTok has just exploded in the U.S. in the last year  or two. And the maximum video length on those is 15 seconds, although you can string together four  to make a 60-second video, or you can upload your own videos if you want them to be longer. Because  our attention span as a culture has really kind of dwindled away to nothing, its a really good  idea to upload these super short teaser videos, and then link to more robust content if the  user is interested. Right now, this is kind of an untapped market for the bigger brands, but I  have seen a lot of smaller brands using TikTok to really promote their businesses. So I could see  bigger brands jumping on the short video trend this year also. Number Five: 3d and Creating  Depth. This isnt a new trend, but its something I see that could continue to expand  because the tools needed to create 3d designs are becoming more and more accessible to designers  and videographers. So its not so out of reach, I guess. Heres a beautiful example of involving  depth in a design. This one is by Mike at Creative Mints. And it just looks like there are so many  little separate layers here that really add to the design. This design shows letterforms in a  3d way and really shows a lot of depth through the script lettering. And heres a creative use  of kind of a 3d blob. I have no idea how they did that, but it looks pretty cool. And heres  an interesting Hersheys ad using shadow to show different layers on the type. And these wrinkles  back here also add a little bit of depth too. Number Six: Slide decks with simple imagery and  just a few data points for slide. Slide decks have been popular for a while now. But in 2021, I  think were gonna see a shift to way less content per page to kind of accommodate that super  low attention span that we see in our culture today. So here are a few pages from the Uber slide  deck. This slide is pretty minimal, but in 2021, I think were going to see maybe two lines of text  instead of three lines of text per icon. I think slides like this that are really text heavy are  going to just go away. Were going to see more visuals and less text. Heres the Zuora slide  deck. Im not exactly sure how to say that, but this one is a good example of only having a few  words per page to keep the users interest... a lot of visual imagery, but not so much text.  Number seven: Increased Diversity of all types. As far as imagery is concerned, Im seeing a  big shift this year to more inclusiveness. So whether thats skin color, body shape, or  even just faces that are non traditional, or maybe just more realistic. Honestly,  this isnt a brand new trend either. But Im seeing a huge push with all the unrest  and everything thats been going on this year, toward inclusion. So this is going to continue  and probably build in 2021. So if we go out here to, for example, were not seeing  all those stick thin models that we saw a few years ago. Now theres more diversity, a  mix of body shapes, skin colors, and just realism. Heres the Nike site, and it just looks like  theyre more focused on the real person...not some Instagram airbrushed person, but  just realistic people that we see every day. I think our culture is getting  tired of the perfect Instagram lives. So were sort of having a backlash against  that, and both clients and designers want to include more real people. All right, I hope  you liked this list of 2021 graphic design trends. I hope theyre helpful and inspirational  to you. If you did like it, please click the Like button, and Ill see you in a couple days  with the next graphic design video. Thank you!!!

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