Why is Digital Marketing a Good Career Choice?

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So youre trying to decide whether or not going into digital marketing is a good career choice.

Well, in this video, were going to dig into seven reasons why digital marketing is a good career choice.

By the end of this video, youre going to have a stronger understanding of why this field is rapidly growing.

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And lets go ahead and jump into seven reasons why digital marketing is a great career choice.

The first reason why digital marketing makes for a great career choice is that its exceptionally high demand and insufficient quality supply.

What I mean by that is there are still a ton of universities that dont actually have a formal digital marketing program.

And so as a result of this, it means that for the most part colleges dont prepare you all that much for digital marketing right now.

On top of that, when you look at the actual job demand data, you would see some interesting trends.

For example, late last year LinkedIn pulled the data and listed digital marketing as the number six most in demand job with 860,000 jobs available.

In a follow-on article, they reported how digital marketing jobs had grown 33% since last year.

Some of the skills sought out included social media, content strategy, SEO, marketing channels, Google analytics, and Google ads.

What this should signal to you is that digital marketing is a high demand skill that simply doesnt have enough supply right now in terms of employees that can do it.

Furthermore, aside from bigger corporations, there are also more and more venture backed companies that are also investing in digital marketing early on in their go to market strategy.

This just means that there are going to be a ton of jobs in digital marketing for your taking.

The second reason why digital marketing can be a good career choice is because the compensation is competitive.

For a digital marketing analyst level one, which is pretty much an entry-level position, your average national salary is 57K.

This is 14% higher than the average US salary of 50K a year.

In some cases as well, depending on the company, a bachelors degree is optional.

So this is great for people that potentially didnt love college, and simply didnt finish.

While this starting salary isnt something truly comparable to traditionally prestigious roles like investment banking, consulting, or trading, its a good starting ground because there is enough open runway for future promotions.

For example, once you reach level two in a digital marketing analyst sort of role, youre already making a 70K median salary, and that can happen within one to two years of working at an organization.

Once you get to level three, youre getting closer to 90K a year and then if you make it to the director level, youre talking about a 163K a year on the median basis.

And this is typically isnt including some sort of additional cash incentives or bonus structures and things like that.

The key takeaway for you here is that its fine for where you start out and that theres a lot of healthy upside for people that potentially liked traditional employment more and have no plans of being self-employed or things like that in the future.

The third reason why digital marketing is a great career choice is that there are highly transferable skills.

Everyone wants to go digital with their business these days, whether its a small business or a big business.

So what this means is that even if you were to leave your traditional digital marketing job after a year or two, you would still have a ton of valuable skills that you can use for consulting or making some extra money in bridging your next potential employment.

Youd have some core skills like understanding SEO or content strategy that works that youd be able to offer up as services to people in your local community.

And even in the case where you dont feel like your local community would have enough opportunities, you could always create a Fiverr gig or go on Upwork and essentially find some freelance work with your digital marketing skills.

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The fourth reason why digital marketing is a good career path is that its an outcome driven profession.

One strong suit of digital marketing is that its easily leveraged.

You can do something really, really exceptionally well, and then reap the rewards of those efforts multiple times over.

Because its an outcome driven profession, people typically dont care where you went to school when it comes to digital marketing.

Instead, what they care about is your past projects or your past results in terms of digital marketing things that you have taken on.

In job interviews, people are going to measure you based off of your outcomes like how much organic traffic you generated or what your content strategy was for that particular project you may have run.

This means that even if you dont have a bachelors degree, for example, you can still get a digital marketing job because you might have some SEO projects that youve done in the past, that would be relevant to the job that youre applying for.

The fifth reason why digital marketing can be a good career path is because it caters towards remote friendly work.

A lot of digital marketing jobs are actually fully remote already.

So that means that if you are trying to live your best life and live that nomadic lifestyle, you can do so if youd like.

Just find a company that supports that.

There are some tech companies, for example, in which the culture is to have all the sales reps come into the office and its all about butts and chair, as opposed to having that flexibility to work from home.

In my opinion, this sort of butts and chair culture is simply makes you dread your job more and burn out faster.

So its really nice that a ton of digital marketing work can be done remotely.

Obviously your mileage may vary, but Id say just prioritize companies that are friendly in this department.

The next reason why digital marketing is a good career path is because its so expansive.

There are so many different facets to digital marketing theres performance marketing and within that, theres even just the difference between Facebook ads, Google ads, et cetera.

And theres also organic SEO and a ton of other topics as well.

So you can spend several years mastering just one of these areas of digital marketing and still have a ton to learn in another area of the field.

This is really great for this sort of personality in which you might get really easily bored with doing the same thing in your job every year.

Because digital marketing, if you truly get bored of it, you can just enter a different side of digital marketing and then start to master that side of digital marketing as well.

Furthermore, even if youre not required to learn these skills in your work, you can take it upon yourself to find other resources and learn these different facets digital marketing in your free time.

One of the best parts about digital marketing is that its an incredibly self teachable field.

You dont really need to actually spend any money to truly learn it.

You just need to find projects that allow you to apply what you know.

And so if youre the sort of person thats a self-sufficient learner, it can be a great space for you to work out of.

And then reason number seven as to why digital marketing is a good career path is because its side hustle friendly.

This relates back to reasons number one and number three.

Regardless of whether you work in an agency or an accompany, a ton of digital marketers are able to find consulting gigs and freelance opportunities to use their digital marketing skills.

The nice thing is that with these clients, youre able to charge two to three times your normal rate because its a freelance job.

As a result, digital marketer is able to command several hundred dollars an hour worth of work from the skills that they know in their career.

This can be great if you just like to have some variety besides what youre doing in your immediate work, and you want to make some money in your free time as well.

There are countless examples of this in marketing subreddits, in which digital marketers share how they manage clients beyond their normal work.

And even in some cases, they end up going full-time and starting their own agencies a few years later.

If you remember none of the reasons from today, I hope you remember these two things.

The first big takeaway is digital marketing is definitely a good career path to consider.

And then the second takeaway is that tons of upside and high demand are the reasons for why its a good career choice.

Now its your turn.

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