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i developed five new free tools to help you grow  online what are these tools how it works lets see hi everyone im hassan from hdk if its your first  time here on my channel here youll find videos about digital marketing online business free tools  resources everything you need to grow your online business so dont forget if you like to watch  more videos hit the like button subscribe and turn notifications to get every new update so  lets start up your browser now follow up with me and go to each supertools.com if you are following  me you know this website i developed its totally for free it has a lot of free seo and digital  marketing tools we can see here we have seo tools youtube tools instagram email marketing affiliate  and so on so last week i added five new tools to this awesome website lets see what are these  tools the first one is here this cover section we have the high cpc keywords explorer what is  this tool it simply shows you a list hundreds and thousands of keywords with high cpc you can see up  to four hundred dollars you can see lets see here we have 30 dollars we have a lot of keywords ideas  with high cpc how this helps it simply allows you to use these keywords and topics in your  content to increase your google adsense revenue or simply discover for google ads this is very  important if you want to learn how i made around five dollars per click with google adsense  you can check my video in the description below the high cpc keywords explorer is a great  tool to help you discover high cpc keywords to increase your revenue the second tool is in the  email section here the warm up schedule generator in email marketing especially in cold mailing we  need to warm up our emails before we start sending our campaigns this tool will help you generate a  schedule for warming up as an example lets say you want to target 5000 emails per day simply  select 5000 generate schedule and the tool now will give you a detailed schedule and a chart to  show you how you will warm up theres a schedule daily schedule and day one you send 12 emails day  two you send 14 emails and so on to reach 5000 emails in 30 days so your email or your smtp will  be warmed up and ready to send marketing emails the third tool is a subject line tester again if  you are following me i talk about email marketing a lot because its really one of the best  marketing strategies nowadays so the subject line is one of the main factors to help you increase  open rate in your marketing campaigns so this two will help you check the subject line score before  you send any email example lets say top three tools to grow your business like this lets say we  use this subject line check now it will give you a score 78 it will tell you not bad but you need to  improve it if we remove these capitalized words as an example check now the score is 88 and so on  so you to change and tweak your subject line to improve your score before you send your campaigns  now this score is based on a lot of factors im trying my best to improve it im trying to add  some machine learning techniques to give the best scores with this tool so its very important to  test your subject lines with this tool before you send any campaign before we move on to tool number  four please if you find that this video is helpful if you find some value in this video dont  forget hit the like button this will help me a lot to grow this channel and reach more people  and help more people with these tools tool number four is in the web tools section the link shorter  now we have a free url shortener inside h super tools example paste a url here shrink and great  we have a short link you can copy it say okay copy it paste it here and you will use the short  link anywhere the last tools are the privacy pulse generator and the terms and conditions generator  example lets open this to the privacy policy generator tool this will help you create the  privacy policy page on your website or your blog in seconds as an example enter the website  name here like in my case hdk then my url sorry and then generate and awesome  you can see the html version you can just copy and paste or simply edit here  in the policy box do whatever you want then copy and paste on your website so these are the five  new tools on age super tools stop dont go i want to tell you about the new twos that are coming  soon so you can help me and give me your opinion next month we will have around seven new tools  that we published on eight super tools number one is the youtube captions generator this tool  will help you generate captions in any language for any video on youtube how this will help simply  you can provide this as a service on freelancing websites so you can generate captions fix them and  sell these captions the second tool is the youtube advanced search it will help you find channels  competitors or someone to collaborate with on this will help youtubers a lot to grow their channels  the third tool is the influencer search it will help you find influencers all over the world in  different niches in digital marketing so you can contact them for collaboration or maybe to sell  or buy shout outs on instagram on twitter and so on tool number four is the text rewrite or  paraphrasing tool you can paste an article or a paragraph and it will automatically  paraphrase it and write it in a different way then we have the smtp tester the mail  server tester tool it will help you test your smtp your mailing server before you send  any email marketing campaign tool number six is the email data append you can give it an email  it will get the name and the profile picture of the target email this is really an awesome tool  to help you in cold mailing and personalizing your emails all this will be free by the way and the  last tool is the background image remover i think it will be the only free tool on the internet  which is totally free and can remove backgrounds from images i hope this tool will help you in your  business maybe in providing freelancing services in your own websites or whatever you are doing  online please if you have any ideas any comments any things if you are facing any problem in age  super tools please comment it below or simply send me an email to support each patools.com i will  be more than happy to hear from you dont forget please like the video subscribe to notifications  to get every new update see you later you

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