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ALL Digital Marketing Tools I Use For My 7-Figure Digital Marketing Agency - read the full article about digital marketing tools, Digital Marketing and All digital inbound channels from Jason Wardrop on Qualified.One
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whats up you guys jason wardrop here  and in todays video im gonna break down all the software tools that i use for my digital  marketing agency what i use each one of them for and which ones i would recommend you using with  your own digital marketing agency so i actually shot this video a couple of years ago but theres  been some updates so i want to go through and maybe not go through every single line item step  by step because that would just be boring but kind of give you guys a highlight of some of the bigger  expenses what i do for each one of those softwares why i use them if you should use them or not  and the way i kind of like to think about this is theres two types of softwares so if youre  kind of newer to the whole digital marketing agency space basically what youre doing is youre  finding local businesses and youre helping them market their business and get more clients so  theres a number of ways to go through and do that but youve got two different types of softwares  the softwares that you are using for your own business to kind of manage all of your clients  your prospects your leads and then theres the software that youre using for your clients and  these are going to be probably doing two different things depending on what youre focusing on and  what services youre fulfilling for them um but kind of just a quick rundown here so for those of  you guys are kind of new this channel right here my name is jason wardrop i founded a software  companies called arsenal mkg back in 2015 and we help real estate agents with their lead generation  and their marketing so what we did is we started out initially as a marketing agency then we kind  of converted that agency into a software company now the idea behind this was that we were able  to go through and create a lot more profitability and scale because instead of charging the typical  fifteen hundred or two thousand dollars per month were able to charge just a hundred or two hundred  dollars per month and get a lot more people on and having the software be the fulfillment and  set up automations and systems to go through and fulfill for all of our clients and doing that  weve been able to bring on over 15 000 clients using that exact process okay so you can see right  here our fulfillment is this software this custom software weve gone through and we built out and  we pay in developers and support designers product managers all those things over forty thousand  dollars per month to go through and do that now if youre just beginning the whole marketing  agency world i do not recommend starting there like i said i started out and just kind of having  a marketing agency i was using other peoples softwares and other peoples solutions and if you  guys stick with me here to the end ill show you guys how to go through and do that what softwares  i would recommend and then how to even convert it into a software company without having to pay 40  000 every single month for development because believe me that eats a lot into your profit  margins so like i mentioned we have two different types of software softwares for our own business  to get clients right and then softwares for our clients and our fulfillment so our fulfillment was  all done through arsenal right here and theres some other expenses here like servers hosting all  that stuff theres gonna be added on down here but as far as running my own business i use click  funnels to go through and set up funnels set up appointment calendars all those different things  and thats 297 dollars per month and then as you guys know i do webinars email marketing so you  can kind of see some of the different expenses i have right here and then on top of all this  so plivo im just going to highlight some of the ones that might not be as obvious polivo is  a texting service so its very similar to twilio and with plivo its kind of a third party so if we  have a list of people that were trying to market to we can go through and send out a text blast  to go through and market to them and start some conversations to get more people onto our software  okay and then schedule once right here this is an appointment setting software for any sales guys  that weve got to go through and manage all the appointments theyre booking so thats another 177  dollars a month pipedrive is a crm thats eighty seven dollars per month to be able to manage all  of our contacts our prospects everything from a to z and then youve got wufoo forms which  is basically a way as youre going through and bringing someone from a potential lead  to prospect to client that were able to sift and sort ask them questions and get some more  contact information from that person okay zip books is accounting software heroku as i mentioned  earlier kind of on like the hosting side of things that is uh the hosting and this is actually a  lot more now this is this is something i pulled from a while back thats probably about double  right now actually um so another very expensive cost of going through and just hosting like you  dont even think about this when youre starting a software company right but spending like im  literally spending about 1200 per month right now in hosting and you think like what does that even  give you its kind of like a roof on a home right you need it it doesnt add any massive value  but its a massive expense and so i know people have spent like 100 thousand dollars on roofs  and its like well what if you could have put that into a boat or a car something you actually  would enjoy right um so then weve got wistia we got sales message this is basically a two-way  texting back and forth platform and so this is just be able to have that platform that service  but then on top of that youve got the plivo bill right here so now youre kind of like 535 per  month and then we have intercom which is basically a two-way chat thats on our website to be able  to communicate with all of our different clients so um thats actually gone up as well thats  about six hundred dollars per month right now um which just that alone 600 bucks a month thats  insane just be able to have that communication with people who are already clients but obviously  you need to go through and help them if they have questions on how to use the software right and  then weve got docusign 45 dollars per month um i think we pay on annual like 500 per per year  for that and then youve got quickbooks its just another accounting software and then zoom pretty  much everyone uses zoom nowadays right so overall we have over thirty three hundred dollars and  this is probably closer to four thousand dollars now because of some of these um bumps that  weve had in some of these different softwares and then you add in our custom development  okay our support team our developers designers its over 45 000 per month to manage my business  and then also fulfill for my clients now thats the same amount right and obviously if youre  brand new to the whole digital marketing agency space youre not going to start there youre not  going to have the funds to go through and spend 45 000 per month or over a half million dollars  per year just on hard costs and that doesnt even include any advertising to actually go  through and get clients in the door right so let me just show you guys where ive  kind of switched this whole model and ive simplified this and ive cut my cost down  to about fifteen hundred dollars per month to run my entire business so youre going from  45 000 a month to literally 1500 per month that is a significant drop in the amount of  expenses that you have and a huge increase in your profit margins so what im using now for  both my client fulfillment as well as my client acquisition for my own business is let me show  you guys over here weve got this software its called go high level im going to go have a link  down below in the description as well as in the top comment and if you guys sign up with that link  ive got several goodies and bonuses for you guys several free funnels that i use to go through  and acquire clients from my own business plus 50 free lead campaign templates that you can use  for fulfillment for your own clients as well so if you guys want to go through and check this out go  ahead grab an account down in the description or or in the top comment and so this is a platform  where you can go through and manage all of your agency clients and the cool thing is that  is insane is for just 297 dollars per month you can white label their entire software manage your  own business so get all the client acquisition run all your funnels your websites your two-way  communication all your texting your chats even having this little intercom widget right here  that im paying over six hundred dollars per month for just this one little widget you get that  all included in the 297 dollars per month plus you can go through and add on as many clients  as you want which guys that is absolutely insane right for just 297 a month and now  if youre completely brand new starting from scratch you might look at 297 dollars per month  im like well jason i dont know if i can go through and hack the 297 a month you know i know  youre paying a lot more but even 297 thats kind of a lot right now well the crazy thing about this  is you can go through and grab a free 14-day trial and what you can do to get your first client is  literally just charge them 297 dollars per month so at 100 percent covers your monthly expenses  now you literally have a zero cost digital marketing agency so now at this point you can  run your entire business on client acquisition run all of your funnels your websites your chat  widgets everything a to z for literally zero cost you have your first client and at 297 dollars  per month that is a no-brainer super easy win to go through and get that first client and then  every client you bring on top of that thats 100 pure profit for your business and then once youve  grown your business to a point where youre like hey im ready to go through and take this thing to  the next level well remember how i was paying over forty thousand dollars per month for developers  and hosting and um support reps all these things a to z well go high level is releasing what they  call their sas mode and sas stands for software as a service and that is only 497 dollars per month  so for just 200 more per month you can go through and set this whole platform up a white label for  your own business and run this business like your own software platform and its crazy because then  you can go through and charge just 199 or 299 or 399 and let the software and systems do all the  fulfillment for you so youre not having to hire a massive team to go through and scale because at  the end of the day the most expensive thing with any business doesnt matter what business what  industry youre in is people okay so if you can go through and leverage software systems technology  to do all the fulfillment for your clients and charge just 200 300 400 500 per month then  youre able to maximize your profitability and massively increase your scale for your  business and for everyone still watching right now for everyone that is upgrading to the 497 sas mode  plan be able to run your own software business im actually going to be giving you a bunch  of additional freebies of exactly how i got over 15 000 clients for my own software  company and the cool thing is for 497 guys you can get your first like two or three clients  completely pay for that then get all of my bonuses of all the sales funnels that ive used everything  that ive done a to z to go from zero to over 15 000 clients with my own software company and at  the end of the day just really maximize your scale and your profitability for your own business so  anyway guys i just want to kind of break down all the softwares that i am using for my own business  what i was using kind of the before the hard way and then now the easy way to go through and scale  all this because it is insane the software and tools that you get with gohi level to go through  and run your entire marketing agency and really quick let me just show you guys inside here  how simple this all is so you can go through and create all these different accounts so you  can see all these different accounts right here and if we go to switch to account lets just go  to like this agency partner program one right here you have so many different services you can go  through and offer your clients so youve got the traditional facebook ads and funnels and websites  and then you have different things like online reputation case like online reviews reputation  management funnels and websites online listings chat widgets be able to go through and  throw a little chat widget on their website then youve got the the crm component of it right  here as well as the two-way texting back and forth that they can go through and text with all their  clients then on top of this they have a mobile app guys developing software for your desktop computer  and then also developing software for a mobile app its a completely different ball game you  need completely different developers so to go through and add on a mobile app for our  own business it was extremely expensive when we put a lot of investment into that and you can go  through and get your own white label mobile app as well with this so that all of your clients are  having the two-way text and be able to manage all their contacts and leads and everything from a  to z so anyway guys if you want my help go ahead um click the link down below in the description or  in the top comment sign up for your own free trial and if you guys want the additional bonus goodies  from me then make sure you upgrade to the 497 sas mode plan where you can go through and create  your own subscriptions have automatic payments going through run an entire software platform  and the cool thing is even if youre not going through and building out your own custom platform  you can still see amazing multiples on an exit on a future potential exit because they base it  all off of your net income for your business and your net income is actually going to be amazing  with this because you dont have an additional thousand dollars of hard cost of paying people  and developers and designers product managers ui ux designers everything that is just a whole  mess and a ton to manage and very expensive so anyway guys i hope this video was helpful as far  as giving kind of like a behind-the-scenes look at what all the softwares that ive used in the past  what ive actually converted to to significantly increase my profit margins and what you guys can  do and leverage for your own business as well to literally start a zero cost digital marketing  agency and once again if you guys want more of my additional help make sure you go through upgrade  to that 497 sas mode plan that i can help you go through get everything set up for your own  software company and bring on your first two clients for just 297 a month and that is more and  then enough to go through and pay for your monthly software subscription with go high level so anyway  guys with that said if this was helpful go ahead give this a thumbs up id greatly appreciate  it if youre brand new here to the channel make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell and  with that said i will see you in the next video

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