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How To Get a Digital Marketing Job with No Experience - read the full article about digital marketing 2021, Digital Marketing and All digital inbound channels from Neil Patel on Qualified.One
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- Would you like to learn how to get a job in digital marketing, even if you have no experience? Hey, everyone, Im Neil Patel, and today, Im going to break down how to get a job in digital marketing, even if you have no experience.

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Out of curiosity, how many years of experience do you currently have? Is it zero? Is it one year? Is it three years? Let me know in the comments below, and then, Ill figure out how to help you out in addition from this video content, any questions you may have, I can adjust the responses based on the amount of years you have in experience.

So, doing digital marketing for a real business is the best way to learn it.

Before even trying to sell digital marketing services, or trying to get a job, you got to learn it yourself.

Find one area that you can deliver results in fast.

For example, paid ad management, or it could be email marketing, or it could be things like social media marketing.

I would avoid things like learning SEO right away.

The reason being is SEO takes slow and steady to get results.

With YouTube SEO, you can get results right away, but traditional Google SEO, or Bing SEO, it does take time.

So, when youre learning digital marketing, and you want to get a job, remember, the quicker you can produce results, the better off you are.

So, I want you to now find a niche to specialize in.

Example of this is local industries, like dentistry, real estate, financial services, doctors.

I found that local businesses, or e-commerce, they have quite a bit of a high LTV, theres tons and tons of customers.

Theyre always popping up.

Its a really good area to specialize in.

In addition to that, if you read blogs from a lot of the popular marketing blogs out there, and you learn tips from them, you create your own site and you implement what you just learned, you can get firsthand experience really fast, and this can help you get better experience.

And when youre going out for a job, you have to remember, even if you dont have time to create your own websites, what I like doing, this helps get a job quicker than anything else that Ive tested, is you do free audits.

Even if its SEO, or paid advertising, you can do free audits.

So, for example of this is, I can take a competitor URL and put it into Ubersuggest, go into the site audit report, show them whats wrong, create my own report, send it off to them, and theres a good chance they may hire you for SEO.

You got to look at the mistakes theyre doing, whats costing them money, what they can fix, what priority should they make those fixes, and whats funny is, the Ubersuggest site audit report will show you all of that, even if you dont have the most experience out there.

Now, also look at opportunities that theyre not leveraging.

Are their competitors doing social media marketing, and theyre not? Are their competitors SEO, and theyre not? And their competitors doing paid advertising, and theyre not? Keep in mind, people wouldnt be spending all this money unless it worked.

You also want to make sure that your advice is actionable and the more actionable possible, the better.

In other words, can they take what you just provided them and do it without you? If they can, thats a good thing.

Youre probably like, Neil, hows that a good thing? That means they dont have to hire me.

Well, if you put all your cards on the table and you put people first, theres actually a better chance youll get hired.

Always tie your advice back to measurable ROI.

This is super important.

This is why people use tools like Google Analytics to track the ROI.

And what I recommend doing is if youre trying to get a job, charge less than the agencies out there and other professionals in your local area, and I would recommend doing some work for free.

And if you give a little bit away for free and you build that trust, theres a really high chance that they will hire you.

Because, look, at the end of the day, your goal is to give clients results and showing that youre willing to put some skin in the game really helps.

Right, you need to show how you can increase their sales, show an increase in leads, show more foot traffic, show more phone calls dialing in.

The better your results that youre bringing your clients, the better type of clients youre going to attract in the future.

Now, the last thing that I recommend doing for you, if youre trying to get a job in digital marketing is go get your certifications.

HubSpot certification, Google AdWords certification, look what other social networks have certifications, whether its Facebook, or Snapchat, or Reddit, look to see what email programs have certifications.

All this stuff will help you get jobs quicker.

And dont just get the certification, try it out on some sites.

With Google AdWords, theres a lot of free credit that you can get out there if you sign up for a hosting plan, thats great because learning AdWords is one thing, but actually doing it right versus reading it, which is how most people learn, but doing it and spending the money will make you a much better marketer.

And the reason I said earlier on start with local businesses, or e-commerce sites that are really tiny is because these local sites already compete with other businesses within that region, its much easier to get results.

I would not try to go out there from scratch and try to do things on a national or global level, because its going to be much harder.

You need to get your feet wet, start getting good, build your confidence up and then dive more into it.

Thats how you get your first digital marketing job with little to no experience.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

If youre interested in a job in digital marketing, check out my ad agency, NP Digital, where were always hiring throughout the world.

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