Digital Marketing News - Everything you need to know before Monday even starts – 5th June 2021

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Digital Marketing News - Everything you need to know before Monday even starts – 5th June 2021 - read the full article about digital marketing news, Digital Marketing and All digital inbound channels from Blue Thirst on Qualified.One
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[Music] welcome to our weekly digital marketing news update this week theres been news from tiktok google ads yelp and more if you enjoy our weekly and daily updates dont forget to subscribe to our youtube channel like our facebook page and sign up for our newsletter tiktok recently announced that theyll be rolling out designated market area or dma geo-targeting to businesses dma regions are mainly in the united states and hawaii and will allow businesses to target their ads much more granularly previously advertisers can only reach users in less granular locations such as towns or cities this update will allow businesses to target their ads to share more impactful content with their customers in the specific dma locations they want to target advertisers will be able to fine-tune their geo targeting and reduce ad spend on wasted locations has just launched its new markup validator tool which allows businesses to validate their structured data directly through their website previously businesses would validate their website markup with googles rich results tool which would only show you the google supported structured data however google has recently announced that their tool will be moving to within the property this update will make it much quicker and easier for businesses to validate their markup without having to go to multiple tools the tool also offers more support for businesses by helping you debug data not all need google supported data the new validator tool is now live and ready for businesses to use a new feature has been rolled out in google ads that will show advertisers the expected match rate for the customer match audiences customer match audiences are powered by businesses customer data such as emails that is uploaded to google ads google then matches these emails with user data to deliver relevant ads to your customers previously when an advertiser uploaded customer data as an audience they would not know how many matches they would get however this new update will show an estimated match rate on upload this means that advertisers will have an idea on the size of their customer match audiences before theyre fully populated which could be useful for campaign forecasting and understanding the reach that your audience will have youtube hinted to advertisers that theyre aiming to make the platform more shoppable especially for ads that are shown on tvs a new ad extension called brand extensions is being rolled out that will show users the website link or call to action button on their tv during the ad when a user clicks on this button a link will be sent to their mobile or streaming device for the product shown in the ad from here users can continue their shopping experience whilst their youtube video continued on their tv previously its always been tricky for advertisers to use tv ads to get conversions on their site but this new ad extension is a great way to bridge the gap between product ads on youtube and customer conversions brand extensions will be rolling out globally towards the end of 2021 yelp is rolling out a number of new features to allow local businesses to reach more customers with their ads a big update is custom location targeting where advertisers can target specific locations for their ads previously advertisers could only target a radius from their physical location so this new update will allow advertisers to be much smarter in their targeting the next update is the connect audience model which acts similarly to google my business posts this feature lets advertisers communicate with their customers and to users that have interacted with similar businesses by increasing communication with your customers your brand awareness will increase and ultimately the footfall to your business lastly new budget recommendations are being rolled out to give advertisers suggestions on the best spend for their campaigns their tool analyzes historical campaign performance and data from similar businesses to suggest recommendations on daily spend we hope you have a great week dont forget to like follow and subscribe well see you on monday for our daily [Music] updates

Blue Thirst: Digital Marketing News - Everything you need to know before Monday even starts – 5th June 2021 - Digital Marketing