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How Gala Can Reach $2 | Gala Games Price Prediction - read the full article about game development trends, Game Development and from Ocho 6 on Qualified.One
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its time to get on the Gala train before it leaves the station.

While I missed the ICO, theres still time to profit from this booming market.

I will be talking about Gala Games Crypto in todays video and giving you my prediction on the price of Gala.

At the time of speaking, the token was valued at 3 billion dollars.

It is currently trading at 44 cents, up 8.02% from yesterday.

As you can see from the monthly charts, GALA has gone parabolic in just 10 days.

Mid-November, it was sitting at 9 cents, but by the 25th it was almost at 80 cents, a 700% increase.

Here, we will explain what Gala is, how it works, why it has grown so quickly, and what we must do to reach 2 dollars per coin.

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The all-time chart shows that it had a similar run-up in September 2021, hitting 11 cents, and then climbing back to 70 cents after 2 months.

Obviously, many of you know what Gala token is, so I wont spend too much time on it.

but, it is basically a bunch of "blockchain games youll actually enjoy".

Gala tests whether a new kind of cryptocurrency can be developed, The creator said that the “The project wants to reintroduce creative thinking into games, by giving players control of the games, and in-game assets with the help of blockchain technology.” In Gala, players can own non-fungible tokens, which allow them to vote on new games and influence the way they are run.

With the GALA token, you can buy these NFTs, as well as in-game items.

Due to this, Gala is serving as a medium of exchange between players.

In this way, the coin is transferable between players, and they can use it as they see fit.

Gala offers a variety of games, one of which is playable right now, Town Star.

In a similar way to Sim City, this game allows users to create virtual towns.

More of these games are in development.

Over the last 30 days, theres been a lot of volatility in crypto markets.

Several large-cap cryptocurrencies lost a lot of value in a short period of time, following a flash crash on December 3rd.

A shocking 34% decline in Bitcoin was followed by a 23% drop in Etherium and 50% in Cardano.

In spite of this, there were a few positives.

In this chaotic time, Gala is one of the winners, which is why its gaining popularity.

## **So whats the reason for its rapid growth?** In the crypto market, play-to-earn is one of the hottest trends, but Gala token experienced large increases after Binance announced plans to list the token.

**The second reason is that GALA announced nodes to Town Star game.** the project team is building its own blockchain network with the founders nodes, but will soon launch a node network as well.

If you dont know what Gala Nodes are, it means players own their in-game items and can have a say in how the Gala Games roadmap develops.

Participants will be selected through a distributed voting mechanism, Choosing which games to add to the platform or how Gala Games should be funded.

This is a result of Gala decentralization, both the users and the developers are in control.

Today, The ecosystem is powered by over 16000 player-run nodes.

Town Star will be the first game Node license in the Gala ecosystem, and more projects will be added in the future.

Another big deal for the token is Gala Games multi-level partnership with browser maker Opera.

The two organizations will develop an NFT which can be auctioned for charitable purposes.

Gala Games and Opera are also collaborating on a new initiative in the blockchain role-playing game Mirandus, which will give users better control over the "in-game economy.” so, Its no surprise that Gala has become an extremely popular token among those searching for a long-term, stable holding.

Gala has had a strong year so far, the market cap was just over 100 million dollars when I first saw it In 2021.

Blockchain gaming is a key element here, increasing Galas market capitalization significantly from about 146 million dollars on September 10th to about 5 billion dollars on November 28th.

## In order to reach 2 plus dollars, a few things need to happen here we can see it is currently sitting at 44 cents, up a 8.02% in the last day, and with a daily volume of 467 million dollars.

Check out the all-time charts, Gala has gone parabolic in just 6 days.

The price peaked at around 80 cents on the 15th of November when it was at 14 cents.

Gala still needs to go through a renewed phase of growth, despite the positivity Gala has brought to the gaming industry.

The current price needs to increase by at least 15%.

Why? Because we have to constantly be at the 50 cents mark, see here!.

Then, you get a 1 dollar break-out.

In just one day, we have seen an increase of about 20%, so that’s to be expected.

Our profit would be 55 cents.

Even if we lose money, 60 can arrive very soon.

The ideal scenario would be to break this 70-cent mark and use it as a support line.

There shouldnt just be a constant upward trend, but at least a stabilization near 70 cents is needed, It will be easier to push toward 1 dollar and then 2 dollars when the next surge comes.

Gala is likely to reach 60 cents soon, and testing and correction support will be between 70 and 80 cents.

If the blockchain gaming ecosystem keeps growing at this pace, it will make for an exciting few months ahead for the project.

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best of luck, and as always, none of this is financial advice, and you always have to do your own research.

take care!.

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