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studies show that organizations which invest the most in employee experience are then more likely to be rated the best places to work lead on innovation and achieve great customer satisfaction but what is this employee experience is it just a new fancy way of describing employee engagement or are we talking about something much deeper welcome to talking hr trends with natal and tom im natal denk im tom hack and we explore the latest hot topics and business issues impacting the people side of organizations stick around to the end for our practical top tip and if you find this discussion valuable please subscribe so tom delivering great customer experience almost seems synonymous with modern business now and so maybe its not surprising that this focus on the customer and everything that comes with it such as data analysis design thinking and marketing are starting to influence what were doing in the workplace and in particular this new focus on the employee journey and the experience that people have at work so id really like to explore this further with you but i think probably the best place to start is how do we define employee experience i dont want to pose myself as a super specialist in this area so i learned a lot from for example from jacob morgan for for me i always go back to the jacob morgan book on the employee experience as a starting point so thats tip number one i cant read that book yeah for me the definition is around you have people connected to an organization those can be employees but also candidates and other people so employee maybe is already a little bit too narrow but there are people connected to the organization and those people have expectations those people have wishes those people have needs on the other side you have an organization that wants to get things done they organize the work in a certain way hopefully they do that in a way that they take the wishes needs also the capabilities of people into accounts and in the end the result of that is the employee experience how do the people experience that get the job done yeah yeah get the job done in a way so it it there is an element of two parties you could say yeah true yeah people employees and organization yeah and there is an element of design i saw a really nice uh actual definition that linked a lot to that design element and that if we can make the workplace less complex and we can help people get the job done and that they enjoy it and that they have a good experience and getting the job done then thats sort of the secret um you know spot isnt it and in many ways it equals productivity youre going to get great productivity if you have this experience yeah and what i learned from morgan as well is that we talk about different elements theres the physical environment we can design the the you could the workplace we have talked about that before yeah there is the the technical environment what are the tools they need to get the work done and theres the cultural environment yeah which is probably the biggest chunk yes how do people interact with each other hows the atmosphere et cetera et cetera so physical technical culture and and i think thats also helpful to distinguish those definitely definitely and what i uh find quite interesting and and like to go to next is this idea that you have sort of a journey and so we talked about the employee life cycle for a long time in hr but now because were feeding off i suppose the lessons learnt in the customer space were thinking more about these touch points these key touch points and in many ways we call them moments that matter so these moments where if we get them right we can truly engage people and really connect them with our brand and our purpose can you talk us through these moments that matter and in particular how can hr teams and leaders use them strategically to engage their people so one element i mentioned it already is you have people with expectations need wishes capabilities yeah they are not the same so we yeah but thats so its not about one journey or so the starting points okay lets lets try to find out what are those needs wishes expectations of people thats the first point yeah but but you see many organizations okay well design a journey but then the the most used metaphor of those journeys is a highway or a mountain minded mountains so its but so its not one journey its different journeys definitely yeah then if you look at the journey there are as you say moments that matter also there there are moments that matter that are relevant for everybody all the groups in the organization but there are also moments that matter that are important for some people and totally not important for other people but so the probably the best way to start with moments that matter that are relevant for everybody and we we uh yeah and we know some of them dont we and we know some of them have for example and some of them are really a moment but some of them are more or less continuous the interaction between you and your boss for example which isnt important element in the journey well yeah of course at this a lot of moments yeah starting a new job i think is an interesting one either at starting the the with the company at the start or then moving into a new role while youre with the company in my mind i i have a kind of cube you have the different wishes needs uh expectations of people you have the moments that matter yeah yes lets lets for the moment focus on the moments that matter that are relevant for everybody and then you can say some of those moments are easy to change and some of them are difficult thats useful to have that in mind because yeah you can say well this is an important moment that matter for example our office building yes but thats not so easy to change well youve got to prioritize dont we weve talked about this a lot so youve got to prioritize and youve got to understand if theres any problems to solve for people because maybe theyre not giving their best work because they cant so yeah we actually need to fix the problems as well as going after these key moments that matter and that requires analytics if you measure how do people experience day one on the job and everybody is super happy well okay you can go thats okay go somewhere else exactly yeah generally its not that case the first day we mentioned but thats relatively easy to change and generally its not a highlight in in the career in the journey of people yeah because its its always a little bit sloppy its never really well designed especially in these days of remote working it becomes worse its an important moment for almost all the people and something that is relatively easy to improve exactly and its a good example of this concept of the experience where youre thinking feeling and doing all at the same time and you know its your first day its youre just immersed in what that is all about so if we get that right we can really engage people can i give one more example yeah sure i talked to people in the in the call center and there was a high turnover okay and i i interviewed some people who left and i said why did you leave and we decided a little bit to look for those moments that matter this woman said well business was going down we were in a kind of crisis situation so we were wondering what would happen to our job and what she saw was the management team was in their meeting room the whole day talking to each other but not talking to the employees yeah and she said when we were there concerned about our job they didnt even take one minute to inform us what was going on and well and then i was so fed up i quit yeah she said this is an important moment and im sure the management team did not even realize it they said we are solving the crisis but i think youre not going to discover that unless you do empathy work so you went and interviewed them you went and explored the experience that they were going through i think youve got to go deep here to truly understand because youre not going to just get that from processes are you and ways of working you actually need to understand the experience that people are going through to find that moment that matters its like okay lets you want an experience well design the experience no no its its an element its integral so in a sense the experience is everything you could also say its not its not yeah its its not doing one thing its looking at the whole journey exactly its very delicious design yeah exactly its not a quick fix excellent thank you for your time today tom its always great to talk to you and we cant talk about employee experience without sharing our favorite tool its called experience mapping and its so easy to use and it helps you discover moments that matter get some post-it notes or your favorite collaboration online tool and map out the process or the journey and just have a post-it note or a sticky note per step in that process or journey then get a persona or a user and take them through that and look at what are they doing thinking and feeling and it is so insightful you can go and find these moments that really make or break peoples careers engage them with your brand and your purpose or lose them forever so go and do it youll have a lot of fun and its really insightful this is talking hr trends with natal and tom please subscribe if you found this valuable thank you

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