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is a.i in the workplace something we should be fearful of or can it enhance the employee experience lets find out welcome to talking hr trends with natal and tom im natal dank and im tom hack and we explore the latest hot topics and business challenges impacting the people side of organizations stick around to the end for our practical top tip and if you found this discussion valuable please subscribe i would find it really helpful if you could start with a definition of ai and adaptive tech and just help everyone understand what that is thank you professor hack explains [Laughter] in essence it does mean something like a machine that can act as if it is intelligent and then it can be at a very basic level and it can be at a really high level i give you an example for example with chat bots the most simple chatbots well you know they are not super intelligent those chat bots have a list of 10 questions and it says if someone asks about question number one this is the answer and if someone asks question number 11 you say im sorry i cannot help you yeah yeah well that is that intelligence no yeah but uh the next level you could say well maybe it helps if a machine can start distracting out of all the questions that are asked make sense out of that say well these are questions that are asked a lot yes so at least make the list longer itself instead of 10 say i add new ones and i also refine the answers because i can see whether the people are happy with the answers or not or maybe i should adapt it a little bit it becomes more adaptive if they take into account who is asking the questions and they say hey its tom hes an experienced person in this field we can be brief or we can assume he has a certain basic level so taking that into account helps enormously with the experience someone has in the end you can imagine and its already possible today but you dont see it a lot it seems as if you are interacting with a real human being who understands you bringing it from basic level to a higher level understanding the clients but also making sense of all the data that is collecting i think that helps enormously and you could call that artificial intelligence yeah okay so i could say that there is an opportunity if you introduce something like that in the hr team or department and also some parts of the business where you could increase this sort of you know one-time resolution or first-time resolution of all your general queries so this idea that you dont necessarily always need to go and search the website yourself or have to have a phone call with someone so that could be very helpful and could enrich the employee experience so is there any well i suppose what are the other examples that you think that are out there at the moment where ai can actually help us oh it is every domain of hr hr can help us to make the life of hr but also the life of the users more convenient and another example is performance management a lot of technology and automation is more or less automating standardized processes you see that a lot yeah but you can use the same technology to make the workflows a lot more user-friendly ill give you the example of performance management if you know some characteristics of the manager for example is he or she an experienced people manager or is he or she early a career secondly is how obedient is someone well we all know those systems that are standardized that i open my computer in the morning and it says tom time for your review with natal and when i have not done it then the next day it says tom uh well were going to shut off your computer if you dont do you that irritates enormously because i am experienced and obedient so you only have to trigger me once if you know that the machine has to say tom you know its this time of the year again good luck with all your performance review i wont follow you again yeah okay yeah an inexperienced manager say well yeah yeah i dont know exactly what to do hey inexperienced manager heres a short video we present to you with yeah whats expected of you and well guide you through the process well help you and even when its not working well we have nathal in the back who can support you as well so a lot more support in the workflow but maybe also outside the workflow adapted to the needs of that person well that is helpful instead of pushing workflows to people in a standardized way one other quick example is in recruitment speed is important so with ar you can speed up a lot of processes for example the whole sourcing of candidates today you can give the machine my resume or my linkedin profile and say to the machine we are looking for people who are like them in his characteristics and his skill set yes yeah then the machine goes out there and starts scraping databases and presents candidates maybe 10 20 that resemble in a certain way maybe 80 90 so you speed up the sourcing process still the human being can add value then i will look at those cvs oh hey why why this yeah and then i say to the machine this is very strange that you came up with this cv and then the machine oh im sorry but then the machine learns to adapt the search mechanism the machine learns from itself but the machine also learns from the feedback it gets from humans yeah and so am i right in that were seeing it more in the recruitment space at the moment is there or do you think its actually starting to influence all of hr the hr deck is still most visible in in the in the recruitment domain because there its easy to quantify you its easy to say everybody understands the recruitment arena and there often the urgency is high we need people now hey can you help us to find the right quality people faster the the applications can be everywhere yeah in learning and development numerous opportunities to to use technology to offer people the learning solutions they need at that moment in time and that can help them yeah career talent management whatever what do you think is hrs role here when it comes to ai artificial intelligence in the workplace and i and i would and i say this because i also hear all the kind of the fear stories you know you could build bias into the way the machine learns so there and then theres this idea that machine ultimately becomes as smart as the human and then moves beyond so theres you know theres a whole terminator kind of concept going on here with ai so its not giving our life to the machine and say goodbye and good luck we have to understand the technology say whats going on and is it going in the right direction do i see strange things so you have to be very vigilant yeah and try to understand it so we because you should not shy away from the from technology but try to understand it or let people explain it we have a lot of biases in selection process the technology can help us to overcome those biases and lets then watch out that we dont introduce new biases the life of hr professionals the life of people in organizations the life of candidates the life of managers can be a lot more pleasant and effective if we learn how to apply the right technologies and often these days ai elements are part of data machines that can learn with us and that can learn through us exactly i think that should be our practical top tip go and find out more about what is ai how is it coming into the workplace how can it enrich the employee experience yes understand some of the questions that we need to ask and some you know the ethics around it but the key is how can this actually enrich the employee experience and how can we know how to use this in an effective way um we cant just say were not technical in hr we actually need to understand the tech and be willing and ready to work with it so go and find out more great thanks for your time today tom that was a really insightful conversation i learnt a lot so thank you very much if you liked this conversation and found it valuable please subscribe this is talking hr trends with natal and tom have a great day

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