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if you guys have a smoke detector in your house its of course gonna be useful but  outside of the house its gonna be useless um it seems broken Ill be seeing you guys later may some will ask what is the alternative and i will answer  them with IoT others will ask what does IoT stands for and i will answer them IoT stands for internet  of things second of all what will we do with IoT we will be collecting data from sensors that so  conveniently come from IoT then we will be sending that data to the internet afterward what would any  normal man or woman would do with that data is act on it and lets get right into it come on chop-chop guys this is what we created this is a program that basically detects the temperature outside and to where it consists of micro:bit IoT bits and of course we cant forget the temperature sensor and also whenever this turns on lets turn it on let me explain to you  why all the wi-fi connect so to where this will be sensing the temperature if its 30 degrees or above it will be sending us an email right here yep and now lets see if its  connected now lets try and see if it will work so if we put my hand here then if i close my hand  around it as you can see a new email just occurred this new one thats at the top to where its explaining to us that outside is 30 degrees and above lets try that again as you can see right  here and now lets wait for it a couple of seconds oh and i just forgot something to mention to are  these emails not to where a new email just came well many more just came as well and let me give  you a quick review about why they came to where if you can see the temperature sensor right  here whenever the temperature sensor detects that the temperature is 30 degrees or above it  will be sending us a email and as you can see we received a couple of emails of them saying  that the temperature is 30 degrees or above guys here are the three platforms that we use to  make the project first one is Makecode second one is thinkspeak third one is IFTTT you heard me right IFTTT i cant really do anything about the name it is pretty weird but hey we gotta go with it first of all in make codes this is the code that we created on make code yup and of course this is the code from the start in the beginning its going to be connecting to the wi-fi so SSID means wi-fi so make sure your wi-fi is connected and not the one that i already have on here on screen of course second thing is to where we have the API key API key is one of the most important parts of this and if we go to Thinkspeak will be giving us the API key and what this code will be doing is be collecting the temperature from the temperature sensor and well be sending it to  think speak now if we just quickly check what we have been receiving from Thingspeak if we go  to channels then my channel then if we click on micro:bit data then if we scroll right down here  well be finding that all of the temperature that we recorded all the temperature that we measured  will still be collected here so we can check all of this out which is really cool and all if we  did not have IFTTT all this would be doing is collecting the temperature and be like and  being like yeah dude im totally fine lets just collect the temperature and lets go on our  day except we do not allow that here sure we use IFTTT and to where it will be collecting all of  our collected temperature and well be sending it to our email being like dude its 30 degrees  in a bowl you should not go out just wait for it until it drops a couple of degrees i guess thats really all this code does but you think that is it guys thats not it Im not done explaining to you all the process yes guys we have to do three different things and Thinkspeak were not done yet yet of course so first of all right yeah its where this is  our channel where we have to create our channel second thing we have to go to the apps  then we have to create two more things which is the react and the Thinkhttp for  what the react does lets quickly just open it the react is going to be keeping a close eye  on the temperature is going to be measuring the temperature like this temperature temperature  temperature 10 then its going to be seeing if it got over 30 and then whenever its doing  this temperature temperature temperature and then it gets over 30. temperature then its going to be sending it to the http to where its going to be calling it be like hey  hey hey http we got some problems over here that we needed to fix to where what this will be doing  is going to be sending a message to IFTTT and then IFTTT will be sending a email to us its a very  complex system and all but hey it all goes up working up to exactly how we want it to where what  IFTTT stands for is IF THIS THEN THAT for example if the temperature is 30 degrees or above then we send it to that email and of course in the email if we just quickly click on this and of course we have two things here first of all the Webhook what the Webhook does its gonna be waiting for the call from Thinkspeak like this hey Webhook weve got a problem here you better send it over to the email and thats exactly what the Webhook is gonna do send it to the email and  ho ho ho ho ho email is not the only thing we can possibly do here if we click on create a second then if we click on if this we click on add we can do so much more of course we just cracked the surface i dont even think we scratched the surface with just doing the email we can do this  whole entire list yeah yeah yeah this whole entire list this whole entire list for example we can do  it with YouTube coal many more and many more to go true we just only scratched the surface of what we  can possibly do with IFTTT and of course again Makecode Thinkspeak and IFTTT which is all we need to make our own project really simple really easy just takes a couple of steps and of course iot can be used by these three platforms and of course this is the first time we  ever created a IoT project using the IoT kit and micro:bits and of course this is so cool and  awesome because IoT is basically a one-way ticket to controlling the world well the electronic  world and of course Im gonna be creating a blog for you guys to basically make this project on  your own except the blog will be much simpler than what we just did and of course a link will  be down in the description below for you guys to get the IoT kit and lets see what else we can  do maybe even next time well use coal other than email could be pretty cool could be pretty awesome  thats it for the coding part of todays video just please dont leave yet we have some more  left of course drop a like if you guys enjoyed the video subscribe while youre at it and if  you guys dont want to miss any new videos click that notification bell and yeah i guess thats  it for today bye bye Ill see you in another video

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