HOW TO GROW ON INSTAGRAM IN 2021 | My Instagram Strategy If I Had To Start At 0 Followers!

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HOW TO GROW ON INSTAGRAM IN 2021 | My Instagram Strategy If I Had To Start At 0 Followers! - read the full article about marketing industry 2021, Market Research and Quantitative & Qualitative from Modern Millie on Qualified.One
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how can you actually grow on instagram these days through the oversaturation and ever-evolving algorithm post consistently engage with your followers to find your niche slash niche like okay yeah we know that but like how this is everything that i would do today if i had to grow my instagram starting from zero whats up everyone its modern millie welcome or welcome back to my channel where i post videos every wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and trends on social media to help bloggers influencers and content creators grow their brands so give a little love tap on that subscribe button if youre ready to stay up to date on all the latest tips and tricks that i have for you first i want to give a huge thank you to this videos shout outs i wouldnt be able to do this if it wasnt for all of you so if you want a shout out in one of my future videos screenshot yourself watching this video and tag me on instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel as always timestamps will be in the comments down below because i know how valuable your time is and you already know why youre here so lets get into it now while i will share with you guys how you can actually grow on instagram this year i want to preface this by saying instagram should not be your end goal please have something else that you own and you can direct people to if instagram glitched or broke down and you lost all of your followers would you still be able to run the same business without them instagram is not your business but it is if used properly a wonderful tool that you can use to help grow your business now before we dive into instagram i want to take a moment to talk about todays sponsor which is actually something that ive been using for a few years now so it honestly feels a little surreal to be talking about them as a sponsor in a video and that is skillshare skillshare is an online learning community where millions of people come together to take the next step in their creative journey with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people on topics like illustration design photography video freelancing instagram youtube pinterest and more the first of my 1000 subscribers to click the link in the description below will get a free trial of skillshare premium membership so you can explore your creativity so ive had a skillshare account for a little over a year now and im going to show you the inside of it right now as you can see a lot of my personal favorite classes to take are here on my list topics like instagram marketing youtube tips pinterest etc ive actually been thinking about starting a podcast and uh so the class that im currently in the middle of is podcasting secrets how to start your own podcast taught by nikayla matthews it got me all fired up to start a podcast and hopefully thats something i can do and launch sometime this year the best part about skillshare which i know you guys will love is that its curated specifically for learning which means there are no ads thats right you heard me there are no ads um they are always launching new premium classes so you can stay focused and follow wherever your creativity takes you and on top of that it is less than 10 a month with an annual subscription so make sure you are one of the first 1000 of my subscribers to click the link in the description below and support me so that you can get a free trial of premium membership today and take your learning and discovery to a whole other level im gonna start with the harsh and honest truth because someones gotta tell you if you want to grow an instagram or on the instagram platform you have to be committed now more than ever before instagrams latest update made one thing very clear and that is that they are here to stay and they want their platform to truly be the one-stop shop for creators so what does this mean for you it means you either become an instagram ride or die or you may find yourself stuck in a rut trying to grow my first tip for you and what i would do today if i had to grow from zero is defining my niche and yes okay before you click away weve all heard it in every video define your niche define your niche niche niche um im gonna be alternating saying it both ways because i get haters so were just gonna keep flip flopping until you guys get annoyed that im saying it two ways and you just make me decide so we hear it in every video what if we took it a step further hear me out its more than just having a niche its more than just defining your niche it is knowing the value that you provide every single time you post did you catch that its more than just defining your niche its knowing what value you are providing every time you post not just like once in a while but every post providing some value the game plan has shifted people it is great that you know if youre in the travel niche its great to know if youre a lifestyle niche but you need to know how to use that knowledge to grow and create share worthy content every single time you really need to know your industry study it figure out what people are looking for what are people reposting to their stories and use that as inspiration to create your content quality over quantity lets talk about that for a second quality i think the simplest way to make your content appear high quality up front is having a cohesive feed and i know that theres debate out there whether or not thats important now but i know for me i am always inclined to follow somebody a little bit more when their feed looks overall cohesive as opposed to somebody who doesnt have a cohesive feed if you want to learn how to have an overall consistent instagram aesthetic i have two videos on that that help you figure out your own editing style um instead of copying other people so if thats something youve struggled with check out my videos i dont want to waste your time talking about it in this one so im just going to skip to the good stuff around it the secret to having the cohesive feed is having brand colors and sticking to your brand colors if you dont have brand colors literally a simple pinterest search of brand colors or color psychology will help you get the next steps so after you do your little pinterest search pick some colors dont let this part stall you dont let this part stop you literally just pick three to five colors that you feel look great together and use them your colors will evolve over time you get that your colors they will evolve over time they will probably change so you dont have to worry about picking the perfect colors because they will not be perfect the first time around just pick three to five brand colors that you feel you can use consistently in your feed remember progress is better than perfection talk about quality quantity how often should you post on instagram i want to tell you guys a little general rule of thumb that i heard from an instagram masterclass so if you dont have a pen and paper get one pause this video write it and and write this down okay so this is like the magical formula you should be posting on your instagram stories daily you should be posting in feed posts three to five times a week instagram reels four to seven times a week igtv live and guides all once a week play that back whatever you got to do write it down if you dont know what instagram reels or guides are i do have tutorials on both of those things ill put them in the link in the description so you can watch those videos after this video obviously this schedule is not realistic for everyone this posting schedule is not even realistic for me so the question is for this video what would i do starting at zero before i tell you what i would do comment below what you would do what is your posting schedule look like after hearing that advice what is some changes that you want to start incorporating to your instagram posting schedule let me know in the comments below okay now for me when i look at this posting schedule there are two obvious observations that i make the first observation that i have is that there seems to be a higher demand on stories and reels maybe in feed posts the second observation that i have is that instagram wants you to use everything they have every feature available they want you to use i would alternate posting between valuable graphics content and in feed reels ill show up every day on my stories and then i would schedule a time to incorporate those other elements at least once a month i wouldnt get caught up in the whole well should i post every day should i post every other day i wouldnt get caught up so much in those sorts of questions i would just create a realistic posting schedule that you can keep up with long term be kind to yourself in the beginning or youre going to get burnt out and resent instagram so be kind to yourself and know whats realistic for you now when i say graphic content i mean those fun like share worthy graphics that people share on their stories these can be made on canva so ill link canva down below if you guys dont know what canva is on canva you can easily create like those tweet graphics or reminder graphics or even like quotes and bullet points its literally graphic design for dummies which i absolutely love now when you are creating those graphics on canva remember to stick to your three to five brand colors to create that overall consistency another thing that i would do if i had to start from scratch is i would start educating myself right now on seo and keyword research there are rumors that instagram wants to make their search engine or their search bar a little bit more seo friendly so instead of using the search bar to find users and hashtags specifically you would now be able to look up how to grow on instagram and they would suggest a bunch of posts reels users guides that are all related to how to grow on instagram i would just be aware and be a little bit more intentional with the words that i put in my bio captions guides reels and just my words in general now again dont get caught up in this part dont let this stop you just be aware of what you are writing instead of writing a caption saying i went to big bear this weekend oh my gosh i had so much fun with the girls like provide value within that content and say maybe three must-see places in big bear now another thing to point out here is that theres been an obvious push for video content this last year so the sooner you hop on that trend the better its going to be for you in 2021 and i feel like this aspect is whats going to make or break a lot of influencers my prediction is that a lot of instagram influencers who maybe theyve been on instagram for a few years or people who have been trying to become influencers as instagram starts to continue to update their app and create all these new functionalities its either going to frustrate people or overwhelm certain people and push them away from using their app especially this next year i feel like a lot of influencers might turn away from instagram and focus more on youtube just a prediction now on top of all of these things that we talked about in this video of course we have the basics of like narrowing down on a niche slash niche being consistent showing up providing value consistency with colors engaging like you you have all of those basics so i think those basics still apply but i just wanted to talk about the actual strategy that i would take step by step in this video dont forget that engagement is still important so make sure youre commenting on other peoples posts engaging with your followers replying to comments on your photos like all of those things are relevant but i wanted to go more into like what i would do now and i really would focus on video content but because i feel like thats what instagram is going to be pushing and will continue to push through 2021 and i know that i breezed right through all of these and thats because i didnt want to spend too much time trying to over complicate all of the steps because they shouldnt be complicated like dont overthink them create a schedule pump some videos out stick to it show up provide value its really as simple as that if you overthink it youre going to freeze up and remember progress is better than perfection so at the end of the day instagram wants you to use their app so just use it if youre not already subscribed and you made it this far make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on the bell notifications so youre notified when i post if you want to know how i was able to use instagram reels to gain 10 000 followers in one month then watch this video right here and before you click there make sure to give this video a thumbs up alright guys i will see you in the next one follow your joy bye

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