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[Music] hey everyone we are back again to talk about the two of the most popular frameworks and programming languages for creating mobile applications flutter versus scotland lets get started amongst all the swiping and scrolling in the mobile industry cross-platform development is booming tremendously cross-platform development refers to the development of mobile applications that can be used on multiple mobile platforms it saves a lot of time and effort while building applications as a result various tools programming languages and frameworks have emerged to make cross-platform development possible and desirable there are web-based tools like react native xamarin frameworks like flutter and programming languages like kotlin each with its advantages and disadvantages which stand in the way of successful mobile app development today we will explore which one of the either kotlin or flutter would be a good choice for developing your next mobile application before comparing kotlin and flutter we must first understand that kotlin is a programming language whereas flutter is a framework since may 2019 google has officially supported kotlin for mobile app development on android on the other hand flutter is an open source mobile application development framework created by google itself lets first begin with a quick overview of flutter and kotlin so what is flutter flutter is an amazing cross platform framework that allows developers to build easy fast and native mobile apps it is defined as an open source software development kit using which one can create the best quality apps for android and ios with the help of a single code base now what is kotlin kotlin is a free open source static programming language designed to use on android it has multi-platform capabilities that allow developers to share their code business logic and data layers with platforms like android ios and more lets move on to figuring out when to use flutter for building minimum viable product if you want to build your app in the shortest amount of time you should choose flutter quick fixes quick fixes flutters hot reload feature allows developers to make code changes in real time flutter can give you quick fixes if you know that a project needs to be changed frequently easy setup flutter is easy to set up and it enables developers to access native features such as geolocation and camera and additional widget support now when to use scotland first you should add features to the existing apps if you want to add features to an existing app then instead of revamping the entire architecture or changing the platform you can simply use kotlin to solve the purpose second simple syntax for complex code when an intuitive syntax writing and implementing new code in kotlin is easy for applications that require heavy coding kotlin is easy to maintain third inbuilt debugging kotlins first compiler can automatically check for errors and prevent them from happening again this makes kotlin more secure than java detecting and fixing errors immediately heres a brief comparison between flutter and kotlin for mobile app development first comes performance one of flutters most prominent features is the hot reload and hot restart feature which gives developers the power to make changes to their code and see ui changes immediately reducing development time and making apps easier to build kotlin on the other hand offers more access to special features and components like a camera and bluetooth in contrast they are accessed using libraries written in native languages like kotlin java swift or objective c in flutter now coming to language and syntax in terms of language syntax kotlin and flutter are more similar in many ways flutter uses dart as the programming language although kotlin doesnt use semicolons and dart does the two languages do the same thing when writing comments and handling white spaces in addition both dart and kotlin are object-oriented programming languages the coming to community support both kotlin and flutter have a strong community base as scotland is comparatively new flutter has more active membership participation with growing popularity pricing in terms of price flutter is open source and free to use offering the fastest way to build your mvp the time and cost factor of building mobile apps with flutter is significantly reduced because android and ios apps can be created and managed simultaneously from a single code base kotlin is also free and open source although it is widely used to build android apps now in terms of speed flutter performs well but lags behind kotlin which is usually faster because it compiles to the format of the target platform if speed matters to you the most in your app development project kotlin is the better choice now coming to the project setup and configuration kotlin uses the jet prints ide which includes the famous android studio on the other hand flutter can be set upon different kotlin development environments such as visual studio code and android studio itself the time frame for setting up flutter and starting a project is relatively shorter than for kotlin now coming to the advantage and the disadvantages of kotlin for mobile app development advantage is great performance suitable for scalability easy learning curve good community support and maintenance now coming to the disadvantages expensive development cost increased app development time frame fewer third-party libraries now coming to the advantages and disadvantages of flutter for mobile app development first well go with the advantages faster application development time frame hot reload feature elegant user interfaces fantastic community support low cost app development disadvantages larger app size newer framework ecosystem relatively new in the job market last but not the least let me now tell you about the famous abs development in kotlin pin interest evernote coursera uber trello the famous apps built with flutter are ebay google ads alibaba google pay dream 11.

when choosing between flutter and cortland for mobile app development all frameworks and programming languages have their own set of advantages and disadvantages when choosing between them you must carefully consider the unique requirements of the project youre working on example when building performance sensitive applications one should go with kotlin as it has higher performance capabilities and if your application will have access to lots of native components like bluetooth or nfc then kotlin would be a great choice moreover if youre working with a development team and would like to build out your mvp faster with great ui choosing flutter would be less expensive and offers plenty of perks that define its worth thanks for watching this video dont forget to like share and subscribe to our channel [Music]

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