How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App in 2022? SaaS/Custom/White Label Apps - What to Choose?

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App in 2022? SaaS/Custom/White Label Apps - What to Choose? - read the full article about app development 2022, Mobile App Development and Native and cross-platform solutions from Code Brew Labs - Best App Development Company on Qualified.One

how much does it cost to build a mobile app this  is the first question that might have come to your mind when you might have considered building an  app based startup or digitally transforming your current business be it a restaurant chain be it  a newspaper company a laundry service or anything i believe in todays times every business can find  value in building a mobile app hi guys im parget im the chief technical officer at code rule labs  which is a leading mobile app development company where we have built softwares for over 8 8000  companies in 35 plus unique industries so in this video ill help you understand how much  does it cost to build an app so as of 2022 a lot of trends have changed for various industries  which directly affect how much does it cost to make your app so there are three different ways in  which you can get a mobile app done for your idea the first and the easiest would be to get a sas  solution closest to your idea sas which stands for software as a service is a to use product that  will take you live in no time and at a relatively low cost here the company would have a software  built to your needs which you essentially rent and use this software can cost you from 100 to  1000 or even more per month but this comes with certain limitations when buying a sas solution you  do not own the ip and you do not have any control on the future software development and features  in my experience almost all i wouldnt even say 99 all softwares need improvements and continuous  development to get you that product market fit and these features are sometimes very local  to your audience this could be because of user habits legal guidelines or other parameters  that are simply just specific to your audience and geography so if you think that your  software might need additional development and you would like to own some ip like the actual  source code of your software then sas would not be the right choice so the other end of the spectrum  would be a software custom built to your needs from scratch and as you might have guessed this  is a very time taking process it might take even six months to one year to get your software to  the market at the very very least a mvp which is a minimum viability product might still need  at least four months to get you to market developing a custom software is not a  one-man job you will need a professional team which will have a project manager a qa a  designer two to four developers depending on your platforms be it ios android a website admin  panel etc the cost for custom software development depends on the number of hours that are invested  from your team multiplied by the hourly cost of that team the hourly cost can vary based on your  geography it can cost from ten dollars to forty dollars in india and cost over hundred dollars  in usa this is just because the i.t services industry is huge in india the estimated cost  of your first version of your custom built app can cost anywhere between ten thousand dollars  to a hundred thousand dollars or beyond that and do remember you have to update and maintain  that software as well now talking about the third approach which i personally feel is the  ideal approach in the current times it would be a hybrid approach of using a pre-built solution  with the ability to purchase its source code for further development and customizations so to give  you an example of how we at codebrew make this happen ill list about 10 examples of different  softwares which we offer as a sas and as well as we give the ability for the customer to purchase  the source code and continue further development examples being a multi-vendor restaurant  management solution a fleet management solution now these two solutions can be used in conjunction  to run a service like ubereats where you have your restaurants your customers your cloud kitchens  delivery agents all managed as different users then we have our online consultation  software for medical and education industries we also have pickup delivery solutions  on demand home service solutions for lets say cleaning and repair we also have  grocery e-commerce and pharmacy solutions as well and we also do super apps like gojek where you  have multiple of these solutions combined into one app the cost of this solution can range from  five thousand dollars to twenty five thousand dollars depending upon the customizations you want  to buy and the intellectual property you want to own we at code brew have invested years and multi  millions in building these solutions with an elite team of developers so at the end you are getting  great value when going with the hybrid white label solution compared to a custom solution or a sas  based solution so thanks for sticking till the end if you are interested in more information and  getting an actual quotation for how much it would cost to make an app you should get in touch with  our team with the link in the description going forward ill be adding detailed demos of our  pre-built white label solutions and do subscribe if you dont want to miss that thanks for watching  have a great day and keep bringing new ideas

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