Whats new in AR, Flutter, Android, and more Google I/O 2022 announcements

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Whats new in AR, Flutter, Android, and more Google I/O 2022 announcements - read the full article about Flutter, Mobile App Development and Native and cross-platform solutions from Google Developers on Qualified.One
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[CHIMING SOUND AND MUSIC] EMMA TWERSKY: Im Emma for "The Developer Show." This is your weekly update on the coolest developer news from Google.

Google IO took place on May 11 and 12.

And in case you missed it, heres what you need to know from this years online event.

First up is AR.

And the future of augmented reality is looking bright.

Now, the new ARCore Geospatial API is here to use.

Developers can easily create immersive experiences on Android and iOS at no cost and make them available in 87 countries.

You can also place AR content in real world locations without being there or having to scan the physical space.

With ARCore, developers have access to tools they need to build experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds.

Were also releasing Balloon Pop, an open source demo to give you an easy way to get started.

Have fun extending Balloon Pop for your own applications.

Over in Android, Wear OS is here.

In collaboration with our joint platform with Samsung, the Google Pixel watch is coming this fall, bringing together the best of Fitbit and Wear OS.

Were also announcing the beta of Jetpack Compose for Wear OS.

Now, with Compose Wear OS, you can bring your skills to build across form factors, from larger screens all the way down to the screen on your wrist.

Weve also added components such as navigation, [INAUDIBLE] lists, input, and gesture support and more.

Health and fitness are also popular apps on wearables.

And Health Connect, a new platform simplifying connectivity between apps can help make it easier to reach more users with less work.

Use a single set of APIs to securely access and share health data on all Android devices.

Samsung Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit will all be adopting Health Connect.

You can download the Health Connect SDK available as a Jetpack library.

We cant forget about the large screens either.

In 2022, well see more than 75 new Chromebook models.

And coming next year will be the Pixel Tablet.

And of course, for updates on developer productivity and Android, like multi-screen API, screen mirroring, and live edit, make sure to watch the full IO recap linked in the description.

Up next is web.dev, where you can find updates to Chromes performance improvements which translate to faster experiences for you and your users.

In the latest Chrome release, you can also find a new performance insights panel to DevTools.

It provides contextual guidance right in your code on improving your vitals, making it a great companion to web.dev.

And finally, were working on the privacy sandbox to rethink online privacy and enable personalized experiences that dont rely on tracking users across apps or sites.

Trial versions of the privacy sandbox APIs are currently being tested in Chrome.

Moving on to Flutter, were announcing Flutter 3, where you can build high quality experiences for all six platforms, all from a single code base, giving unparalleled productivity.

Theres also new performance tooling, Material 3, foldable device support, and new Dart language features that we think youll enjoy.

Flutter also unveiled the Flutter Casual Game Toolkit.

Its a starter kit of resources including a simple game, learning materials, community spaces, and more, all so you can go quickly from a great idea to a published game.

And lastly, Flutter support in Crashlytics is here.

Track fatal and informational errors with the same set of features that are also available for iOS and Android.

This will help resolve critical issues quickly before they impact a large number of users.

Take advantage of these updates by adding the latest version of the Crashlytics for Flutter plug-in to your app.

Check out the post to find all the updates to Flutter.

Lets get into Firebase where were launching the new app quality insights window in Android Studio.

This will help you discover, investigate, and reproduce issues reported by Crashlytics, so you no longer have to switch between tools.

Firebase Extensions events are also available, allowing you to customize an extension with your own custom code.

This way, the extension becomes the baseline for your integration while still allowing you to make it your own.

To get started, visit the extensions page on the Firebase website.

And lastly, Firebase App Check is now generally available where you can help safeguard your data, protect your users, and control who has access to your resources.

You can use these App Check protections with Firebase, Cloud, and even API endpoints on your own custom servers.

Speaking of Cloud, there are some new updates here as well.

With the newly announced Cloud Run Jobs, you can execute code to completion on the same highly scalable Cloud Run platform, only paying when your jobs are executing and without managing infrastructure.

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL was also spotlighted.

Its a new powerful, relational database from Google Cloud that is fully PostgreSQL compatible.

AlloyDB is also highly available and is more than four times faster than standard PostgreSQL for transactional workloads.

With ML-Powered automated systems, you dont have to provision storage, manage memory, or worry about performance tuning.

To learn more about all the Google IO announcements and updates, check out the full developer recap video, which will be linked in the description box below.

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Im Emma for "The Developer Show." Thanks for watching, and well see you next week.

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