I got a iOS developer job in 17 days (cc sub)

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so hello i guess you already know what im gonna share today because of the title so the story is that i made a bed with my roommate to see if i can get an ios job over in 30 days and if i made it it will invite me what you stick set and spoil alert i go to what you said on day 17.

[Music] because i think might be interesting to share i did document what i exactly did for each day during this two week each journey so without further ado lets jump into my 17-day journey [Music] so before we jump into the schedule let me briefly introduce my background so you may have a better understanding of me after i got my cs degree in taiwan i went to singapore and started my first full-time job as a ux designer although im currently doing my master program in cs actually i have never had a pure software engineer internship or full-time job in my entire life second i started learning swift in 2019 and i built tons of rendered apps for my personal usage i havent uploaded any apps to app store yet because most of the time builder address because i dont want to pay for the app so i build a clone copyrights last but not least im still having my full-time job as a product designer plus my messed up program during this challenge [Music] my task on the very first day listing out all the job roles i want to apply for searching for the interview experience and rephrasing my resume i found that first not many native ios roles are available in singapore and even the companies are looking for ios developers most of them require three to four years of experience whatever some of big companies like t-talk and grab do have junior or so-called entry-level roles available so heres my list looks a bit impossible but it is what it is and for day two i just finished all the applications and start practicing on the code my roommate also shared this website with me so i just went through all the content and follow the lead code list for the next two days in the meanwhile since i still have my full-time job as a product designer i only have four to five hours per day after work or before work to practice my coding again i know im not a coding expert so please dont judge my legal answer and on day five i got rejected but anyway just try to find new rules and still doing the code and the following weekend since i still have me trained to do so i didnt do anything for the job hunting just focusing on my midterm and then for the following days we got more rejections yeah i think most of the big companies just sent me rejection letter within three four days some of them didnt send anything though but within these two days i got two phone screenings and three coding assessments from different stops yo so i finish all the questions i dont think its really really difficult so i think should be fine by the way regarding the coding assessment four out of five questions are medium levels and only one is hard so i think as long as you practice enough you will be fine and another funny thing is that my chair just torn apart during the coding assessment so everyone please do make sure you do have a good chair while youre doing your coding assessment and then lucky for me i passed all the coding assessments and got several tech interviews in the following days i actually rescheduled those interviews to the next week because i want to cramping all the basic and advanced ios knowledge within this week so for this week i will review all the swift essentials practice some advanced concepts like rx wig and different models and then just cram crank cramming i took three daily from my current company to fully prepare for the interview yeah i got a lot of leap days okay so it comes to the interview days hey guys im just trying to cram in all the concept last minutes last minute substitution try to experiment as much im so nervous five minutes before my interview [Laughter] its like how to answer behavioral interview questions simple answer and a lot of software engineer behaviors interview interview interview oh my goodness i i got it over yeah so theres one company give me the over after the end of the behavioral interview and i got another two offers later the week as well after a few days i received more coding assessments and different tech interview invites as well but i didnt reply because i think this is enough i just dont want to suffer anymore so i stopped and that is my story i got some takeaways here maybe you will be interested in yeah so thats all thats all everything i found everything i learned during this two weeks journey hope that is useful for you guys and see you in the next video [Music] you

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