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The Future Of Mobile App Development - Latest App Development Trends 2022 | Code Brew Labs - read the full article about app development 2022, Mobile App Development and Native and cross-platform solutions from Code Brew Labs - Best App Development Company on Qualified.One

mobile apps have changed the way we communicate  and do business with over 6 billion smartphone users and more than 5 million mobile apps  available on different app stores apps have become an integral part of our lives hi guys im  ananya and in this video im gonna talk about the future of mobile app development and seven trends  to watch before 2021a according to a report people are now spending an average of 4.2 hours per day  using apps on their smartphones and this has been increasing nearly 30 percent from just two years  prior last year there were more than 204 billion app downloads globally as per statista mobile apps  are projected to generate more than 935 billion us dollars by the year 2023 through paid downloads  and in-app advertising in addition to these you can find countless stats and figures on  internet that clearly show the increasing trend of mobile app and their usage hence there is no doubt  in saying that mobile app development industry is highly sustainable and here to stay long so let  me talk about the future of mobile app development and top mobile app development trends that you  must know before 2021 ends iot internet of things the consent of iot emerged nearly 20 years back  and since then it has grown on a back neck speed basically iot refers to an ecosystem comprising  of physical object accessed through the internet with iot one can gain control over both  human and equipment such as home applications software electronics and other gadgets that  facilitate the exchange of information in simple words iot is when you can control different  objects like turning off your ac your microphone or your fan just with a tap on your mobile app as  for the reports there will be more than 75 billion iot connected devices installed by the year 2025  sounds amazing isnt it artificial intelligence lets talk about some facts the net global revenue  from ai in the market forecasted is to reach 125 billion dollars by 2023 introducing ai in a tech  world has completely transformed the way business operates ai powered apps can cater in every  purpose like gaming entertainment shopping etc for which people use smartphones on integrating  with advanced features like navigation speed recognition etc ai apps have delivered everything  we want in the future of mobile app development ai can help achieve the goal of translation of  conversation in real time helping the developers build smarter interactive and easy to use apps and  taking the industry completely to next wearable wearable technology is highly trending  nowadays and the trend is expected to continue in future too with the help of the custom  software development enterprises can develop app that can connect with a wearable gadget  the variable technology market was valued at us dollar 27.91 billion in the year 2020 and is  expected to reach us dollar 74.03 billion by the year 2026 connecting variables with smartphone  and mobile app is something that is surely impact the mobile app development industry in the  coming year augmented reality and virtual reality even if someone is not from a tech background  they must have heard of two words ar and vr at some point of their life according to  statista the arnbr market is projected to touch 209 billion dollars by the end of the year  2022. ar and vr industries had advanced in last few years but the trend is going to stay  for longer these can be used to develop mobile apps that cater to the audience especially from  the entertainment and gaming industry in future we see ar and vr coming up with robust futures  like live motion tracking people occlusion etc and they will emerge countless ar and vr based  app ideas for different industries like education e-commerce health tourism  etc blockchain technology blockchain technology has started  dominating the app development world and different industries including finance real  estate education health etc by decentralized transparent and eligible blockchain technology is  expected to reach the market side of 20 billion dollars by the year 2024. blockchain offers  transparency high reliability easy accessibility and is easy to use and implement by developers  undoubtedly blockchain is going to be one of the most important app development trend  in the future cross-platform development this trend is surely going to take over the  traditional app development method quite soon cross platform development is a process of  developing mobile apps that can work smoothly on multiple operation systems like ios android  windows etc in this the original application is built on a particular platform however  can be sent to different native platforms to put it simple developers can create the app  that can run on multiple devices at the same time it will decrease the app development cost but  increase the app development speed chatbots chatbots are creating a new buzz in app  development industry in the recent survey it showed that over 70 percent of millionaires who  willing to purchase goods available on mobile apps reports indicate that nearly 30 percent  of digital employees will be using bots and visual assistant to communicate chatbot  provides better user experience personalized user journey and healthy user onboarding as a  result they can be a bridge between businesses and users and a trend that is definitely going to  change the future of mobile development industry so these were the seven mobile app development  trend that we believe you should definitely know if you already or are going to start  your online business and if you think we missed out on any point do mention them in the  comment section below so if you are planning to launch your business online by launching  your own website or mobile application we would be more than happy to assist you lets  collaborate and turn your idea into reality you

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