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how can we go from having to outsource or round trip projects to finishing everything inside of premiere on time and on budget that answer in this video of the top five premiere pro plugins that sets filmmakers apart [Music] theres a lot of duties and tasks in making a great film some tasks require special software where you have to leave and go outside of premiere and others require a special skill set or special knowledge but what if there were tools or plug-ins for premiere that could solve a whole host of issues and help us to get results quicker instead of having to go to after effects for motion graphics or vfx or audition for audio or resolve for color grading what if we could finish everything right inside of premiere so here are the top five premiere pro plugins that can be a game changer for your productions starting with number five motion array premiere pro transitions this first one is a package from our friends at motion array and includes some filters and effects like a long shadow effect flicker chromatic aberration but the bulk of the package are transitions now these are actually premiere pro compatible transitions not presets so theres no need to deal with copying and pasting adjustment layers just simply click and drag one over the top of a cut like you would with any other built-in transition and do a little dance and of course these are customizable in the effects control panel we can enable or disable the motion blur modify the amount change the center or anchor point of the transition the scale etc with this package youll find every type of transition imaginable and with it you get over 40 transitions so why do i like these well ive tried other similar products on the market but with a lot of them theyre very taxing on the system likely because of motion blur but these are different and have been optimized in a way for smoothest butter playback without having to render number four red giants primack here in my humble opinion this is the best keyer on the market now dont get me wrong ultra key that comes with premiere and key light with after effects are pretty good but with them you usually have to spend more time refining and tweaking while with primack here it just works even with a single click using the auto define key option one way i like to use it is for keying out the sky to do a sky replacement with something that is more dramatic or add graphics behind a subject now the only caveat is is that you cant get this as a standalone plug-in you have to buy the entire vfx suite but still its a great value because the suite comes with a lot of other compositing and cleanup tools for after effects and you get the amazing null light factory for both premiere and after effects if youve ever heard of the null light factory its one of the best tools for creating realistic lighting effects and lens flare and in fact it deserves to be on this list just by itself all right number three era 5 bundle from accusonus i included this also as part of my top five final cut pro plugins because its simply amazing of course you can fiddle around with the built-in tools in premiere or export to audition but this is a way to avoid that with the era 5 bundle we can fix noise issues level the audio of voice recordings and do all kinds of audio sweetening with just the turn of a knob this is particularly great if youre like me and you dont want to specialize in audio but you know that audio is important and it can easily make or break a film for me i just dont like messing around with equalizers and noise reduction parameters none of that makes sense to me but with era 5 its simple the bundle includes plugins for noise removing voice deepening voice auto eq voice leveler reverb remover de-esser d-clipper and plosive remover i know thats an extensive list but with all of these they got us covered number two mocha pro from boris effects now were pulling out all the big guns because mochas planar tracker is one of the best trackers in the world in fact they won an academy award for it now of course you can find a stripped down version in after effects but when you get the pro version you not only unlock its entire tool set but you also get to start using it inside of premiere pretty sweet right the mask tracker inside premiere is quite limited it tracks movement to a certain degree but it doesnt track shapes that change over time with mocha pro you can track any surface or object and create masks for all sorts of moving shapes practical uses would be doing screen replacements on tvs and smartphones or doing something creative like sticking a logo on a wall or other surface this plug-in alone makes premiere a vfx and rotoscoping workhorse without having to go to after effects so i suggest checking it out and finally at number one is cinemagrade now the funnest part of finishing any film is doing the final color grading its this last step that makes films look big budget and pushes them over the top now there are color tools found in the lumetri color panel of premiere but the interface isnt always intuitive and learning color correction with the color wheels and curves can be a steep learning curve however with cinema grade you can bypass these tools that are based on concepts dating back to the 90s and color grade right in the viewer directly in the scene you can think of it kind of like point and click grading for instance if we want to change the color of the sky we can simply just click on it and drag if an actors face is too dark we can click on it and drag up and if we want to boost the color of something in a scene we can do it by clicking on it and making the change right in the viewer if youre coming from a photography background then the controls will seem familiar to you with a lightroom-like inspector and perhaps the most powerful benefit of using cinemagrade is that it features a guided workflow that walks users through the entire grading process following the same methodologies as top colorists so they dont get lost say you have a huge collection of luts well why choose them from a drop down list when you can get real-time previews as thumbnails a few other things worth mentioning is the look transfer tool for copying the color palette of your favorite looks a false color feature similar to the feature found on field monitors for getting proper exposure and an auto match feature for the x-ray color checker charts all this to make color grading super fast and easy so you can elevate the look of your films without the overwhelm and these are my top five adobe premiere plugins for setting your films apart without having to leave premiere if you use any one of these plugins or found this guide helpful please give the video a like so it will help others to discover these amazing premiere tools if you havent already be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell to be notified of our next video until next time enjoy your day now id be being disingenuous if i didnt offer you a full disclosure this video is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned but we are the creators of cinema grade and its what makes this video possible as a colorist and one who struggled early on in my career with color grading this plugin has proven to be a game changer for those who need to get a professional look but dont have the time to specialize as a colorist we created cinemagrade to make getting a high-end look for your films easier and faster and you dont have to take my word for it because you can try it out free for seven days and on top of that for a limited time only you can get 20 off of cinema grade with coupon code youtube20 at checkout ill have a link for cinemagrade in the description below so you can try it out risk free and get a special discount all right over and out enjoy these premiere pro plugins you

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