Googles June 2021 Core Update: What You Need To Know!

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- Its happened again, theres been another core update from Google.

And in this video, were going to talk about the June, 2021 core algorithm update by Google, how it impacts your site, what you can do about it and how to make sure that you can recover if youve taken hit from your rankings, plus what it means for your SEO moving forward.

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So what do we know about the core algorithm update so far? So this was rolled out on June the 2nd, and is continuing to be rolled out.

So its a core update by Google, which means its not targeting anything specific about your site.

Its kind of like a holistic algorithm update which means that all of the metrics for your site are going to be analyzed, right? So its not just about content, its not just about links, its about the quality of your site overall.

Now its very early days, which means that you shouldnt do anything drastic.

If youve taken a hit on your site, maybe your traffic has dropped, maybe your rankings have moved, dont worry about it too much right now because in the first few weeks of any sort of core update or algorithm update from Google, you cant panic, okay? It may feel like an emergency, but the thing is therell be a lot of things changing and Googles algorithm will be tweaking and testing different things, which means that you shouldnt do anything drastic as there may be changes in the future.

In fact, Google are rumored to bring out another core update in July, 2021 too, which means that your rankings may change again.

So its important not to do anything drastic here.

And the thing is with Googles core algorithm update, this is all about the overall quality of the site.

So in this video, Im going to teach you exactly what to look out for, what you can do about it and how you can make sure that your rankings arent significantly impacted in a bad way by Googles core update.

Now, the biggest issue of core updates is its very hard to isolate one issue, right? So unless you test this in isolation, you cant really figure out, "Okay, have my rankings dropped because my technical SEO wasnt on point or maybe my content quality wasnt high enough or the backlinks I were getting were not that great?" The thing is with Googles core update, youve got to kind of compare your site versus the perfect model site in your industry, right? And then consider, "Okay, am I doing better than them or am I doing worse than them?" And you really have to try and bridge the gap between you and your competitor.

Now, if you see any rumors or people making statements, I mean, on a lot of Facebook groups is people making big statements about what the core update involved.

Its kind of too early to say, right? And anyone who gives you that sort of advice may not be the most credible or reliable source.

And what I mean by this is that if youre trying to figure out a Google algorithm update, there may be hundreds of core changes in the algorithm across literally thousands of sites.

And therefore its very hard to identify one single trend.

You need a lot of data.

What I will say is with any sort of core update by Google, they actually released some guidelines in 2019 that still hold true today.

And what we can do is go through each of the questions in these guidelines and sort of figure out whats the better way to approach your site and improve your site so that you dont get hit by core updates in the future, and so that you can protect your website right now from Google algorithm updates.

All right.

So here we are on Googles core update guidelines.

So these are the guidelines you can ask yourself about when youre trying to figure out, "Okay, how can I protect my website from core updates? How can I improve my content quality?" And overall, honestly, if you want to get a better site, if you want to improve the quality of your site, then these guidelines are perfect, right? Its basically a questionnaire on not just how to improve your SEO, but how to improve the user experience of people who visit your site too.

So very useful guidelines.

And the first thing that I would say is that as Google explains in their guidelines, focus on content, right? So if your page has dropped, you can run through these content quality questions and ask yourself, "How can I improve?" Now, what I would say before implementing any of these is that you want to take a step back, okay? So when a Google core update comes out, your rankings are going to be temperamental anyway and you cant just go in there and make some drastic changes.

But you could create some ideas, start brainstorming in terms of how can you improve.

And then after the dust settles and Google score update has been launched for a month or so, then you can start making some changes.

And I would recommend just changing a few things, making a few tweaks at first, nothing too crazy and then testing the water and see how things go.

So, like I said, go through the content and quality questions.

So ask yourself, "Does the content provide original information reporting researcher analysis?" So is your content unique? Is it offering something of value that cant really be found anywhere else? And does the content provide a substantial complete or comprehensive description of the topic? So rather than just covering the bare basics of a topic and creating really thin content that doesnt help the visitor that much, Googles asking for content thats comprehensive, thats concise but also detailed as well.

So in these content quality questions, for example, you could ask yourself, "Does the headline or the page title avoid being exaggerating or shocking in nature?" Because a lot of content these days is clickbaiting, right? Which means that basically its got this crazy attention grabbing and shocking headline, but when you actually click through to the page, the content isnt that interesting or it doesnt really help that much or its not really that relevant.

So be careful of doing that too.

And also when it comes to content nowadays that ranks on Google, Googles looking the most credible, authoritative and relevant content they can find.

Because the more credible authority for your content is, the more you can help your users and the people who visit your site without misleading them, without creating fake content that doesnt really answer the question or isnt statistically relevant or isnt very factual, right? Because theres lot people are out there writing.

And this is super important if youre in an industry like medicine, for example, because if you give out the wrong information and Google ranks your site, then that could literally be the difference between life and death for someone.

So expertise is very highly rated on Googles algorithm.

Okay, so is your content written by an expert or an enthusiastic who demonstratively knows the topic well? So, can the person writing your content genuinely give a factual outlook on the topic theyre writing about or are they just making it up as they go along? And also, is the content free from easily verified factual areas.

So have you included some statistics in your content thats not factually correct or could be disproven, and is it from a credible source too? And then theres other basic things as well.

Like for example, is your content free from spelling or stylistic issues? Was the content produced well or was it produced sloppily and basically hastily produced? Which means, did someone just blast out the article and try and write it as fast as they can, or did they carefully plan out the content before they wrote it to make sure that it answers all the questions and problems of the person based in that page.

So basically if youve been hit by a core update, dont make any like crazy, drastic changes just yet.

But go through all the questions on this page.

You can find it at this URL here.

And basically look at how can you take your content to another level? Are you doing all the things that Google is looking for, or are there some things that you need to improve and work on so that you can improve your content quality long-term.

So one final caveat before I go is that sometimes you cant do everything right with your website, right? So you can get your core vitals on point.

In fact, I know some where masters whove literally invested thousands of dollars into perfecting their site in terms of core vitals and still got here by Googles algorithm.

Now, the reason why that is is because its Google, okay? Its an algorithm and algorithms are very unpredictable, and quite often the exact details of core updates arent revealed.

Youve got to do the best you can.

Youve got to optimize the best way you can.

And if you get hit by a core update, its not the end of the world.

Because if youre doing the right things, if your content quality is high, if youre not doing anything to manipulate your rankings on Google, then youve just of got to flip your cards on the table and wait for things to correct, especially when Google core update is initially released.

Because over the first couple of weeks, over the first three or four weeks, things are unpredictable and your rankings are going to move lot.

Thats the same for every website.

So just do what you can, optimize the best way you can, and accept some risk involved in ranking on Google.

So thanks for watching guys.

I hope this video helped you and I hope your website wasnt hit too harshly by Googles core update.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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