April ENERGY Update - The Event That Will Happen in April 2022

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since march we have been witnessing one of the most significant seasons due to the fact that numerous planets are still in pisces a condition known as a stellium in astrology which intensifies the pisceans characteristics even more a stellium that will be characterized by the conjunction of jupiter and neptune in whose primary essence will represent a deep impact in a planetary change for all people on the planet due to the fact that this conjunction occurs in taurus it is surrounded by other energies that encourage us to ground ourselves as well as our aspirations in order to achieve a harmonious balance between the two realms their readiness to completely comprehend their true nature will coincide with the beginning of the process of learning more about their human purpose there are many precious souls who are currently passing through an inner transition in which they desire to know that their human self is not yet ready to receive this new knowledge about who they are and what they are meant to do on this planet only inner work and patience will assist them until they are ready to receive this new knowledge this month will assist us in transitioning into a more harmonious and loving state of being and being there has never been a better opportunity for us to transcend and begin mending the dualism that still rules our plane of consciousness during this time of transition when mankind is still traveling between two opposing options we need to be reminded of the value of togetherness compassion and empathy those decisions that will influence the ultimate transition of our planet which has already entered into a harmonious future fifth dimensional timeline are still to be made theres no doubt about it this is a month for significant change in most of all for connecting with new possibilities and methods in which we may give birth to our dreams and aspirations as well as our inner wants from inside to beyond our planetary systems boundaries all of the energies will come together to assist us in the production of that which is in alignment with the harmonic frequency and timeline that we have consciously selected and which is supported by the six universal frequencies of this year as we near the conclusion of a cycle while we are still swinging between the two worlds we are reminded that it is vital for us to let go of all that used to confine us in order to continue expanding inside the new worlds that we are now bringing into being the solar eclipse in taurus which occurs at the end of april and the beginning of may represents the apex or vacuum as the guides describe it of this region during which we have the greatest possibility for creativity because it will be the only universal month in the year 2022 it will serve as a time for us to reset our lives and start again as a result it is critical that we align ourselves with this frequency and conduct our lives in accordance with our best desires the fact that everyone is unique and that we all have our own micro personal cycles does not diminish the fact that this global cycle will provide a significant opportunity for everyone who is ready to co-create on a new and more illuminating level according to astrology venus will enter the sign of pisces on april 5th 2019 as the planet of love enters intuitive and romantic pisces our soul reunions will be transformed into opportunities for us to master illumined and balanced relationships starting with the one we have with ourselves and progressing to other soul co-creations that we have deliberately selected on april 5th jupiter will be semi-sextile to saturn which is a favorable alignment breaking down old mental structures expanding and transitioning from rigidity to flexibility are all parts of the goal here jupiter is a force of nature that does not like to be contained in a box saturn appreciates structure discipline and order saturn is the planet of saturn if we can figure out how to merge the two essences they are both magnificent on the 8th of april jupiter is still the most powerful force in april as it was in march and february jupiter in conjunction with the true node is concerned with assisting us in reclaiming our original goal since many of us would not have been able to do so because of the veil of amnesia that we place over ourselves when we enter this plane for us this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to broaden our understanding of our souls aspirations hopes and goals by looking forward rather than backward mercury will enter the sign of taurus on april 10th because our existence is not only about dwelling in the ethereal and remembering who we truly are but it is also about being practical and bringing all that we have created in the non-physical into the physical realm this will reveal areas in our tangible lives where we need to bring more harmony and balance this aspect of mercury in taurus is an excellent moment to believe in ourselves our own abilities particularly linguistic abilities and to push ourselves and our personal truths out into the public eye after all everything that exists on our mental plane must be translated into concrete since it is only via the tangible that we communicate our thoughts another very significant alignment that will occur the next day on april 11th is saturn square the true node of the zodiac the focus of this discussion is on our genuine soul purpose as well as our destiny and what lies ahead in this regard accepting responsibility for each moment as well as the intention and creativity that we bring to it is critical since our future moments as well as the experiences that we will have in them will be determined by what we do in this one it is a month dedicated to reflecting on what we are here to achieve and how we can best help others in our community what strategies can we use to further develop and uncover it healing is the only solution since the more we heal the more we will be able to see through the veils of illusion that prevent us from recognizing who we actually are in our hearts and minds jupiter conjunct on april 12th neptune marks the culmination of the piscean stellium season and it is one of the most significant conjunctions of the whole year marking the end of this season as the month of january progresses the planet of expansion jupiter is likewise becoming more active this is an auspicious season for spiritual growth awakenings and initiations into higher states of awareness spiritual development may be achieved via learning communicating with our soul traveling or participating in courses or soul family encounters that will provide us with the insight and aid we need to continue our evolution the next significant event occurs a few days later on april 14th when mars enters the sign of pisces joining venus jupiter and neptune in the same zodiac sign because this stellium is a once in a lifetime occurrence we are certain that we will be able to experience the magic love and wonder that this stellam bestows on us this is the first time this event has happened since 1856 and we are looking forward to it when the second moon of this month occurs it will be a full moon in libra which will bring balance and harmony to our lives as well as the opportunity to take a step back and assess where we are in our journey what we are creating and whether or not we need to transform anything in order to achieve the desired results currently we must stabilize ourselves bodies and creations by identifying the steps that have already been taken and implementing the required alterations in order to achieve harmonious ends the sun enters the sign of taurus on april 19th by connecting with nature recognizing our physical reality and appreciating who we are and what we have created the second sign of the zodiac which is governed by venus allows us the opportunity to create our own heaven on earth beginning in taurus we will be able to begin anchoring ourselves as well as our goals in the physical realm as the planet begins to open the energy gates for us during the month of taurus we receive our second initiation into a more in-depth understanding of how to manifest our desires from an energetic plane into our dense world taurus also teaches us our next lesson on our journey through life which is to master ourselves in the never-ending art of bringing things from our inner world into our human one it is the season of creation the season of bringing out new desires since nature does now is an excellent moment to be reborn as everything is giving birth to a new way of living and we are no exception we should be open to receiving all that we have been producing from inside throughout these months and we should be patient as everything has been perfectly choreographed for us to just have confidence and trust that at the appropriate time everything that is supposed to come into our lives will due to the fact that mercury will be entering gemini on april 29th we will have an excellent opportunity to improve our connection throughout this month as well gemini is ruled by mercury the planet of communication while in our homes we are encouraged to gain good communication skills as well as the compassion and empathy necessary for us to have healthy and loving relationships with one another in this period we should devote more time to studying delving deeper into whatever we desire to learn or comprehend more thoroughly as well as channeling and understanding via channeling in order to develop a direct conscious sovereign relationship with our god self in the guides team finally towards the conclusion of the month on april 30th we will see a new moon solar eclipse at 10 degrees taurus which will be the third moon of the month since the beginning of the month and culminating at the end of march a solar eclipse has been building with solar codes that will assist us in anchoring into the physical world our soul desires and above all to work with our bodies our sacred earthly vehicles and those who require nurturing a major connection to our central sun and the transformation required for us to ascend while we are still in a human body it is critical to be grounded not only from a physical standpoint but also in terms of bringing into the tangible all that we create in the ethereal from our dreams to our desires and goals because if we are not we will fall into extreme polarity patterns such as issues with not having enough abundance or not being able to fully ground our projects because we have not completed the necessary inner work if we are not grounded we will fall into extreme polarity patterns such as issues with not having enough april represents our inner illumined seedlings and the significance of nurturing them so that they might come to blossom at the appropriate time in the universe continue to believe and have confidence in the divine mission we have been assigned and to sow compassion healing and love into the world is our option grounding is critical both physically and in terms of translating into the tangible all that we create in the ethereal from our dreams to our desires and goals if we are not grounded we will find ourselves in extreme polarity patterns such as issues with not having enough abundance or not being able to fully ground our projects because we have not completed the necessary inner work this season is a time for us to begin the process of redirecting our lives toward the authentic path that we so desire to experience and because of our fears doubts and many other things that we use as an excuse not to move forward we are sometimes prevented from fully experiencing our true potential in real destiny because even though there is no final destination there is always a lot that our souls wish to create in this human plan and we deep within our hearts know what it is this is an opportunity for us to mature into the magnificent divine seeds that we are and that will bloom when the moment is appropriate for them seeds that carry with them a variety of gifts and many methods of anchoring love the subject of this article is seeds that must be respected nourished and appreciated as well as given the time they need to mature and reveal their full beauty were going to work through this together if you continue to watch or listen to our youtube channel and complete our assignments in addition to spreading the word about this knowledge you will begin to experience unlimited abundance and prosperity in your life thanks to the divine guidance from within that you have received in the fifth dimension you are welcome to share your opinions on this video in the comments box at the bottom of this page and we would really appreciate hearing what you have to say about it we shall be grateful and appreciative of all of your aid and support you

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