Neighbourhood Agency Update April 2022 – Latest Agency News and Updates

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Neighbourhood Agency Update April 2022 – Latest Agency News and Updates - read the full article about seo updates april 2022, Search engine optimization and from Neighbourhood on Qualified.One
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The man behind the scenes.

You know this guy? Whats good guys.

Its Trav here from neighbourhood where we help brands find, sell and keep their people.

Welcome to our agency up to date, where we fill you in on all thats new with us and the current climate of digital marketing and other worldly events that could impact you on how you do business as well as our software.

Spotlights today well be covering Instagram transitioning into an ecommerce platform and what this means for you as a marketer and a consumer.

Where we flew off for our quarterly day out, how to drive sales when just starting in the business world, and so much more.

Jumping into whats been cooking in the hood, weve been looking for a few more ways to best serve HubSpot customers, as well as those tempted to make a switch to this highly intuitive programme.

This is where our upcoming YouTube series comes into play, presenting our HubSpot how to bite size videos running you through HubSpots tools and features, while providing some of the best Practises weve picked up in all of our years as an agency.

On the platform itself, this series offers something for everyone regardless of your HubSpot experience, from basic features like creating and embedding forms, constructing workflows, as well as new features we cover in our HubSpot updates.

So speaking of HubSpot, this brings us on to our next update, our upcoming HubSpot user group or Hug with our partner, Success manager Emmanuel Ortiz.

If youre a HubSpot user and are searching for greater ROI, wed seriously suggest tuning into this one.

We deep dive into HubSpots new service, Hub thats been designed to offer your customers a more memorable, seamless experience while taking some weight off your back end users, offering more flexibility in customer service management.

Were going live on Thursday, 21 April at 10:00 a.m.

Australian is the standard time and well have hands on deck to answer any questions that you have along the way.

Just a reminder, its completely free to join, so make sure that you dont miss out on this opportunity to transform how you can better serve and market your customers.

The link is in the description below.

Well pause there now, if you arent a follower of our Instagram, you might have missed out what we got up to.

On our last quarterly day out, the team dressed to the nines and set flight in a helicopter to Ocean Viewer State, a stunning winery where we were treated with phenomenal food and even better wine.

A couple of lucky neighbours were even able to wear the hat of Captain C in piloting the chopper back to Brisbane.

Pushing the excitement aside, this is actually a time for us to recoup as an agency and see how weve done across the past three months.

Identifying the teams big wins, understanding our losses and gain direction in the next quarter.

Ahead, were filled with a couple of extra one percenters here at the hood, so its good to recognise our neighbours for making what we do possible.

Next up isnt quite the metrics that matter segment, but rather a focus on whats happening in the world of digital.

Well be covering topics and articles that are happening in the now and how they could impact what you Dom in business or interact in the world of tech.

So lets jump in.

Just about to jump in.

First up is the news of Instagram looking to transition into an ecommerce platform after recently expanding its product tagging feature to everyone in the US.

It plans to roll this out to all users in the US across the next few months, with the social media juggernauts saying the expansion is happening to make it easier for people to discover products from people that they follow, while simultaneously helping businesses grow their audience on the platform.

As a weekly average, one 6 million people tag at least one brand on Instagram, providing the power of positive word of mouth or simply tagging in this instance.

So what does this mean for the likes of you and I will likely start to see a shift of people looking to create independent brands for themselves outside the scope of being a modern day influencer.

With the possibility of this feature being released globally to a room of 2 billion users, the opportunity for greater visibility through organic and non sponsored posts is huge, helping your local boutique businesses flourish while larger organisations continue to expand faster than ever before in the state of paid ads is anything to question, then there is always a time and a place.

If youre a brand looking to grow awareness, then paid ads could still be our voucher.

However, now is the time to lean on creatives more than ever and brands are taking notice by hiring in house creators to manage newsletters, creating brand assets, video creation and so much more.

The Year of the Creator extends past our spotty senses and is backed by Facebook announcing last year that it developed a programme to pay $1 billion to creators by the end of 2022.

The synergy between this announcement and Instagram latest features shouldnt be a surprise, so keep this in mind when approaching your brand strategy.

Wed be keen to hear your thoughts on this, so make sure you drop your comments in the comments section below.

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Can you grab my water bottle? Ill use that as an excuse to stop and have a little break.

Im actually just getting the gains here.

Next up is an article by Ralph Serrano, who discusses the topic on how to drive sales through digital marketing as a startup.

This is a question that deserves our attention because its one that every current young budding entrepreneur, business owner or business owner to be would have thought to get their idea off the ground.

Rail comments on when starting out theres an issue of trust.

Its hard to earn your stripes when youre fresh into the scene, and the idea of having a person behind a brand is the best way to connect to your audience once again, a testament of the power of independent branding soon becoming even more influential from our experience.

The key here is to put the emphasis into your core product and not into the idea of pushing a sale.

What value does it offer to your customer? How is it going to solve their issue? We get it.

Its easy to walk in blind trying to do 101 things at once, but reposition your marketing efforts solely on a clear plan for what your product or service can provide through value based marketing as you start to build your brands reputation.

If you want to read more into this blog, well include a link in the description below.

Otherwise, if you need a hand getting your idea and eyes and hands and fingers and toes.

Otherwise, if you need a hand getting your idea into the eyes and hands of customers, hit us up.

Well be happy to help out.

And now, to wrap up our agency update, we have our Software Spotlight, your monthly scoop on software that weve been loving that not only saves us time, but software that we love using day to day.

This month, were touching on Mero, a project mapping software that you might have heard us discuss before that helps us map, strategize and plan for both Neighbourhood and our clients.

Built with flexibility in mind, Mirror allows for deep integrations within the workflow such as Slack, Dropbox, and Google Suite, while allowing your entire team to be operating from the same window at the same time.

Unlike papered canvases to map out your train of thinking, Mero offers an infinite online canvases, allowing you to brainstorm, plan, design, teach and meet all in one place.

For Neighbourhood, Mirror helped Jordy map out the thorough sales and reporting processes for the work that we did with Switched In, a leading innovative energy company in Australia.

A meticulously planned sales journey that detailed internal communications and actions for each deal to qualify prospects through to mapping out a strategy on lost customers were strategies within Mero and then later implemented within HubSpot, ultimately helping us take home a HubSpot Impact Award for sales.

Massive shout out to Jordy for a stellar outcome.

Well done, mate.

Can we have your head pop up just accepting the award? If you want to find out more about Mero, well include a link in the description below, as well as a link for our case study on Switched, in which we won the award for and thats it for this month.

We hope you were able to take away something from our April update.

But remember, if you need a hand with any anything that weve mentioned in this video cheque out our blog for tonnes of referral content or drop us a line in the comments section below and we can work it out together.

But thats it for me, happy marketing.

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