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Well, hello monkeys! Hey, welcome  back to another month of the circus! This month, you can see, its the inside  of my mind again. But thats not the point.

This month, Id like to ask you for a favor.  Not for me. What Id like you to do is follow a link thats down in my description. That link  will take you over to brother Scabs channel at "Choirboyz Cutlery Outdoors!!". Now, brother  Scab just crossed over five thousand subscribers. Im not trying to get more viewers. Thats not  what hes about. Thats not what Im about. I want you to go over there and take a look at  what hes doing for his 5,000 subscriber giveaway.

What he is doing is a raffle, and that raffle  is very similar to what we did for "Knives Live" and that is to benefit this time, instead of Knife  Rights it is to benefit a veterans organization. So, if you would please. Its a short video. Go  over and see what brother Scab has to say. Please consider donating to the veterans organization.  Youre not donating to him. This is no kind of scam. Youre donating directly to the Vlhalla  project... The Til Valhalla Project. Sorry. Go get the details from him in his video, please. Theyll get all mixed up in my  head. But hell tell you how to enter.

Its very similar, if you donated to "Knives  Live". Its going to work the same way, just a different organization to benefit veterans this  time. There, please do that. Thank you very much.

Now, back to our regularly  scheduled programming, which is... Its the same thing, only this month mushrooms  are starting to pop. So, youre going to start seeing some foraging videos. Youre going to  see some outdoor videos definitely this month.

So still working on something with the Soto,  here. Got the camera and the microphone to remind me that every Thursday night, we  have a live stream here at the channel. 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Come on by. Hang  out if youre not already one of the regulars who come by every week. Trying to send you off  into Friday and end your week on a happy note. You guys help me out. I appreciate  that. Hopefully youre getting it back.

Anyway 500 subscriber giveaway here on my channel  is about to come up. Its coming at me quick. Were over 450 and Ive already got some stuff  lined up for the giveaway. You guys dont know what everything is, but we know some of it. We got a monkey hank from brother Forrest. This  ones mine, but I got one just like it for you. We got some "Touch Wood" from Ninja. Again,  these two are mine, but Ive got more for you. Weve got probably at least one knife, Im  gonna guess. Just go out on a limb there. Who knows what else well see? Maybe there... Who  knows? Well just leave it at that. Mystery...

So, this is also a reminder to say a big  "thank you" to all of the people who have loaned, or traded, or donated, or had a  giveaway that this... that I have won, that have provided knives to this channel for me to loan other people, to trade other people, to  give away to smaller channels and to you viewers.

So, be prepared, because we have a  giant influx of knives which means a lot of content. That content is going  to allow me to get ahead of the curve. Getting head of the curve is  going to allow me to get outdoors.

So thank you. Thank you to everyone represented  here on the table. Im not going to go into naming names because I will surely miss  people but thank you. You know who you are. All of you, I hope I mean, we can just go  through and pretty much touch everything on the table and it has been loaned, or  donated, or made by my roommate for you guys. Stuff like that. So, thank you all, and  with that, everybody have a great April.

Lets send it off in style. I look forward to  seeing you outdoors. And until I see you again, and I do hope I see you again: stay well, be  kind, do good. This is grumpy and Im out!

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