Google Pixel August 2021 Update is Out! - Whats New? (4K 60)

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Google Pixel August 2021 Update is Out! - Whats New? (4K 60) - read the full article about July Google update, Search engine optimization and from zollotech on Qualified.One
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Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech and today the  android 11 august 2021 update is rolling out to supported pixel devices and other devices as well  so if you have a pixel 3, 3xl ,3a, 3axl, pixel 4, 4xl, 4a, 4a, 5g, or pixel 5 its supported  now it may be rolling out to other devices as well it wasnt showing up yet on the s21 ultra  when i checked it didnt show youll see its currently showing Julys update but hopefully  it rolls out fairly soon and well see it on those devices but thats up to the manufacturer  now the overall size was 7.63 megabytes thats on the pixel 4 xl that im using here the  pixel 5 was about the same and its between 7 to 20 megabytes depending on your  device so its fairly small overall now lets take a look at the build  number and if we pull down here from the notification shade well wait for it to roll  back youll see it says 11 (RQ3A.210805.001.A1) and so this particular build like i said is fairly  small and i want to talk about the new features and then well talk about the improvements and  security as well but before we talk about that google showed off the new pixel six coming  this fall so you can see this is what it looks like therell be a six and six pro with  a new processor from google the google tenser and its their own custom chip so this should be  great for security as well as speed in the future and youll see the pixel 6 pro in different colors  that we have here i think it looks pretty nice youve got this orange and then a green and then  a black for both and then a black gray and more of a silver slash yellow and gold color im not  sure ill have to see it in person but it should be pretty great to check out this phone finally  there was a lot of rumored photos about it and different speculation and theyve officially  announced it they havent given a price but we do know it has a 120 hertz display with their own  processor in it so i cant wait to check that out later now as far as the first new features and  changes if we press and hold on the home screen go to styles and wallpapers then go under curated  culture youll see we have three new wallpaper at the top and well tap on these and youll see  there to celebrate australias natural beauty so the first one here youll see its called  regenerate so thats the first new one the next one is called waterways and it gives a little  explanation of what it is and then theres another one as well thats called elements so these are  all new and again celebrating australias beauty so its pretty nice that they keep adding these  every month we have a few different ones as well so they add them for all of the different things  throughout the month so thats new in this update or to everyone this month now theyve fixed an  issue with the system ui theyve fixed it to prevent accidental triggering of google assistant  now specifically what they mean by that whether thats swiping in from the side or squeezing  the device they havent said but its for all supported pixel devices from the three all the  way to the five so thats the only thing theyve actually fixed in this update theres also  additional security updates in here as well theres quite a few from everything from framework  to media framework system updates google play system updates kernel updates pixel updates for  the nfc capability they patch security there as well as mediatek components widevine drm qualcomm  components and qualcomm closed source components all of those has been have been updated with the  august update and so that brings me to should you install this update well if you havent already  i would say absolutely every month you should install it because theyre important security  updates so most people install them pretty quickly if it shows up but i would highly recommend it  again for those security updates now as far as overall performance i would not expect performance  to be affected in any way since its mostly just a security update and a small bug fix so if youre  having issues with that i wouldnt really expect any issues there and as far as battery life i  have not been using this 100 of the time ive been using the pixel 5 on android 12 most of the time  and if we take a look here youll see the battery its just been turned on today and then it was  updated so i charged it a little bit to install and then updated it i would expect the exact same  battery usage you had before so thats it for the august update its a fairly small update but its  nice to see those new wallpapers and especially that new pixel 6 that they announced today as  well let me know if youve already installed it if you have a pixel device or what device  youre using and maybe if youd like to see me cover some of the samsung one ui updates id  love to hear from you in the comments below if youd like to get your hands on this wallpaper  of course ill link it in the description like i normally do and if you havent subscribed  already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks  for watching this is Aaron ill see you next time you

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