Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown Moments: WWE Top 10, July 15, 2022

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[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Uh-oh, down on the apron, Natalya tried to do this to Ronda during their championship match, the Sharpshooter on the apron.

Liv went for Oblivion, Natalya was able to counter and now, Liv sent into the post, and the champs in trouble.

[SOUND] >> [NOISE] >> And Dawkins trying to beat Jimmy Uso into the timekeepers area.

>> Thats illegal? [SOUND] >> Okay, you know what? I know that Ive offended a few of you, its obvious.

And the vocal minority of you feel like the truths that I say are just a little bit too hard to handle.

>> What? >> What? >> So Im gonna take a minute and honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize to anybody that Ive offended.

>> What? >> Here we go, this is nice.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> And I think all the anger is such a genuine.

>> So youre not gonna accept my apology? >> [NOISE] >> Then just like I said last week.

>> What? >> Go- >> What? >> To- >> What? >> Hell.

>> [NOISE] >> Go to hell? >> [NOISE] >> Whats it all about? >> That worked out well.

>> [NOISE] >> So Lacey.

>> [NOISE] >> Where are you going? [SOUND] >> [NOISE] >> And Theory using the Money in the Bank briefcase to the face of Madcap, hell be disqualified.

>> Come on. >> He continues the assault.

>> Why is it gonna be like this? >> Becauss he can.

>> Hes got the golden ticket.

>> [NOISE] >> Look at Sheamus, this looks familiar, doesnt it? This looks right? >> [NOISE] >> Little White Noise delivered to Ridge and I think McIntyre might have done it better.

Thats for you, Sheamus.

>> Three, two, one.

>> Welcome to Claymore country Ridge Holland.

>> One, two, three.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Here is your winner, Drew McIntyre [MUSIC] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Theory, Sami, may not be able to do anything with one arm, but the rest of The Bloodline might.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> What a reaction, with a Tag Team Champions who held the title for 361 days.

and Madcap Moss gonna get himself a Theory, into the post goes Mr. Money in the Bank.

>> Its awesome.

>> [INAUDIBLE] >> Get the hell out of here.

>> [NOISE] >> Thats not a ship horn.

>> Its time to join the raid.

[MUSIC] >> Yes.

>> Well.

>> [LAUGH] >> I dont believe that is Erik or Ivar.

>> Are you sure? >> Im pretty sure of that.

>> Please, welcome The New Day.

>> Thats The New Day.

[MUSIC] Thats not the Viking Raiders, thats The New Day, thats The New Day.

>> [NOISE] >> I could have told you, enough, they pushed too many buttons to The New Day.

And here come Erik and Ivar, marching to the ring, shields in hand.

>> Hes got a horn.

>> Its a power horn.

>> I dont know if that means, probably did well in Miami back in the day, but I will say that you call the Viking Raiders ugly, they get pissed off.

>> My goodness, Shaky and Jinder Mahal attacking the Viking Raiders in the entrance way.

And Xavier Woods and Kofi now, climbing to the top rope.

And taking out Erik and Ivar, Pat, this is a trap, a well-planned set up by New Day, and Mahal and Shanky.

[SOUND] >> Watch out, watch out, no.

>> And look out, off the sky high, is it enough to put him away? Shoulders down again, Charles has come through, heres one, theres two, theres three.

Wait a minute.

>> The shoulders up.

>> Wait a minute.

>> The shoulder is up.

>> Sami, I think youre right.

>> The shoulders up, they didnt care.

>> Angelo Dawkins.

>> Ref- >> I actually think youre right, Sami.

[SOUND] >> [NOISE] >> Look at this, ankle lock from Natalya.

>> Yeah, this is what Ronda Rousey had Morgan in.

As Morgan tried to cash in, but Ronda had a bad knee, remember that Morgan took advantage of.

>> Couldve lock the ankle lock all the way and neither could Natalya.

>> Natalya to the second turnbuckle.

>> Liv Morgan has been so damn impressive.

>> Yeah, but can she capitalize here? She does, Morgan nailing Natalya and now, the Oblivion by Morgan, cover, hook of the leg, Morgan knocks offf Natalya.

[SOUND] [MUSIC] >> Here is your winner the SmackDown Womens Champion, Liv Morgan.

[MUSIC] >> Listen, I understand Angelo, Montez, youre upset about how things went down at Money in the Bank.

And tonight the Usos are the ones that are upset.

Believe me, I understand that as an athlete, theres nothing worse than losing due to a questionable call.

Which highlights exactly why we need a special guest referee at SummerSlam.

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you.

>> Yes, we do. >> Gentlemen Im here to let you know that I have officially found the perfect man for the job.

>> Make it official, Adam.

[MUSIC] >> Put that spotlight on me, baby, Double J is ready, aint I great? Double J is the ultimate entertainer.

Everybody is here to see Double J, the worlds greatest, [INAUDIBLE] the worlds greatest entertainer.

Its a WWE Hall of Famer,a six-time Intercontinental Champion.

And tell the world what Ive done.

>> Jarrett with the guitar.

[MUSIC] Now, this is my time and dont you forget, the J-E-F-F J-A-R-R-E-T-T, the double J, Jeff Jarrett.

[LAUGH] >> [NOISE] >> Hall of Famer, Jeff Jarrett? >> Yes.

>> Senior Vice President of live events, Jeff Jarrett.

>> Jeff Jarretts got to deal with this, because look at this, the Street Profits and the Usos, a brawl here in SmackDown.


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