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hey guys welcome to my channel  i want to talk to you guys today about a few trends for 2021 that is really  going to help you to attract more customers thats going to help you grow via social  media and other digital uh ways such as your website etc now these are going to  be really quick tips its going to be five quick tips before we get started definitely  go ahead and subscribe hit the bell so you can get notifications every time i upload a new  video and dont forget to smash the like button okay so first and foremost 2020 really we saw a  lot of changes in the way that people were able to interact and and communicate and things  like that so some of the trends from 2020 that did help us to get through covet 19 are going  to be implemented in 2021s sort of trends for social media strategy as far as marketing goes  or just getting your your word out there about your products and services so first and foremost  the first thing were going to go with is live streaming live streaming is going to be so big  in 2021 and by 2022 it is said that almost 90 of online of content is online okay um  and so that is also video driven content so live stream really took an uptick in 2020 and  its only going to continue to increase over 2021 because a lot of people still wanted to get their  product services and information out there uh but you know nobody wanted to get the coven so thats  what happened and the next thing that were going to focus on really is video content obviously  live streaming is is video content but now what we want to make sure that were doing is we want  to also make sure that were creating content like this right now im creating a video talking  to you guys i always talk to you guys about video because video is super important when it  comes to growing your business in several ways the next thing is virtual reality is really going  to be on trend in 2021 because obviously you know after the after the whole culvert thing people  just became more comfortable communicating on whats happened on facebook messenger and  and on social media and online in general so virtual reality is really really really on  trend for 2021 and now were going to number three number three is going to be social media commerce  shopping online has already been very big but especially since weve had situations like covid  um kovid really opened up and took a really great i mean online shopping digital shopping in every  aspect has increased a hundred two hundred three hundred probably four thousand percent right um  as you know weve been using ubereats weve been getting food delivered weve been ordering  from target you know target delivery shipped and we we we shop online already but that took a  very great increase over the last year 12 months and it is only going to continue to grow  as people find it to be quite convenient to shop online and of course five number five a  trend that youre going to see in social media marketing or just social media in general is  going to be um purpose purpose-driven campaigns now because of you know in general people  generally gravitate toward passion projects or towards something that has a good purpose to help  people in some way or another and thats not going to change in 2021 you are going to see a lot more  purpose driven campaigns uh that have a specific goal or outcome that will somehow benefit the  greater good or the greater audience so those are five quick tips or five trends that you are  going to see um in social media for 2021 i do hope that was helpful for you guys like i said  i wanted to make this a really quick video dont forget to subscribe rate comment down below and  i look forward to seeing you in my next video bye

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