How to install Java JDK on Windows 10 [ 2021 Update ] Step by Step JDK Installation

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How to install Java JDK on Windows 10 [ 2021 Update ] Step by Step JDK Installation - read the full article about java development 2021, Software Development and from Geeky Script on Qualified.One
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hello everyone I welcome you all to my channel  first of all a very happy new year to all of you today I will be showing you how to install java  in 2021 in your windows operating system so lets begin first of all well check whether java has  been installed in our operating system so for that well be opening our command prompt and then well  type java space dash version and after typing that as you can see the java is not recognized as  an internal or external command so that means java is not installed in our operating system  so well download it in our operating system so for that well be first opening our chrome  browser and then well search java JDK download and after typing the first result that  well be getting is from now well click on the first link and after  clicking that we can see the latest version is java ac 15 so 15 is our latest version it  might be different if you are downloading in some other time so so you should download the  latest version so click on this JDK download and then you will see right at the bottom  of this page this windows 64 installer there are two options basically one  is a gif file another is a exe file so Ill recommend you to download  this exe file so just click on it and it will start downloading first you need to  accept this license agreement so after accepting it click on the download and  it will start downloading I have already downloaded  it so Ill just cancel this and I will install it from my earlier  downloaded version that is 15.0.1 so I just double click on it and then click  next now this is the location where your java JDK going to be installed that is  this program files java JDK dash 15.0.1 if you if you want to change your location then  you can simply change click on the button change and then you can save in your desire destination  but I would recommend you not to change this destination just simply click click  on next then it will start installing after a minute or so uh it will be completely  installed and then just simply click on close now after installing java, you need to share these  environment variables so that you can compile your program from any other directory so for that, you  need to go to this C directory and then click on program files then java then you  will get this JDK 15.0.1 folder just click on it and then click this bin  directory now here you need to copy this path just copy it and then click the start menu and  then click on settings and here in the settings just simply type environment now after typing  that you will be getting these two search results that are this environment variable for your  account and edit system environment variable so you need to click on this second option that  is this edit the system environment variables now after clicking that will be getting the  system properties now here just click on environment variables and then click on path  in the system variables then click on edit and here just click the edit text  and put a semicolon and paste the path yeah now its done now click okay okay now you need to set this and java home  environment variable so for that just click on new and then just simply type java home environment  all in caps in under this variable name option so just type and then under this  variable value you need to paste the path now you need to paste this path up to JDK 15.1  so for that just come back to one directory and then uh click copy the path and then  go to new system variable and then just paste the path under this variable value  all right and now just simply click ok and just simply click ok and finish you  are done now just again open comment from and type java space dash version and  now well see this is java version 15.0.1 has been installed rightly on  your computer now you can simply run java program to test if its working correctly  or not so for that just open your notepad and write a simple HelloWorld program and then just create a new folder like in java  program and then save uh with the extension of dot java this is necessary otherwise the program  will not compile it will be saved as a txt file which is not desired we need to save this  program as dot java extension now just type cmd and write javac hello world that  is the name of the class dot java so the compile has been done correctly and you  can see this dot class file has been generated and will simply run by typing java, hello world  and you can see this output hello world has been generated so thats all friend thank  you very much for watching this video if you like this video then please give it  a thumbs up and also share with your friends and also dont forget to subscribe to our channel  thank you very much and God bless you all you

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