Which programming language to choose for a beginner in 2023

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For a beginner who wants to learn programming, it is important to immediately choose the right language that will allow you to gradually develop and will not slow down your progress or be useless.
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We will assume that you asked yourself the question of choosing a language for rational reasons, for example, you are counting on good compensation according to the data here, the salary of a software engineer is above $60k/year - 200k/year.

According to experts, there are about 9,000 programming languages, but today about 700 are used, and the most popular are to 20. But even among them it is not easy to choose which language to learn.

Simple and complex programming languages

The simplest programming languages suitable for beginners to learn are Python and JavaScript. They have an easy syntax, with their help it is easy to create a simple program.

  • Pretty simple languages that are more suitable for those who already have programming skills - PHP, Swift and Kotlin.
  • Medium in complexity - Java and C #. The most difficult one is C++, it is suitable for those who are already well versed in programming languages.
  • Go is an uncomplicated language compared to others, but not popular because it has a complex scope.
  • It is recommended to start learning programming with the simplest languages, and then start learning others. But the ones you need.

PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language

According PYPL popularity in GitHub top10 Programming Laguage in March 2023 is:

Rank   Language Share Trend
1   Python 27.91 % -0.6 %
2   Java 16.58 % -1.6 %
3   JavaScript 9.67 % +0.6 %
4   C/C++ 6.93 % -0.5 %
5   C# 6.88 % -0.5 %
6   PHP 5.19 % -0.6 %
7   R 4.23 % -0.2 %
8   TypeScript 2.81 % +0.6 %
9   Swift 2.28 % +0.2 %
10   Objective-C 2.26 % +0.0 %


According TIOBE most popularity programming language is Python:

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Which programming language to choose

Choose area your future work:

  • For Mobile development choose languages Java, C++, Kotlin or Javascript
  • For iOS development use Swift
  • front-end developers using JavaScript and React
  • Creating web servers - choose Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java or Ruby
  • Game creation must have C++, C#
  • Machine Learning, artificial intelligence (AI) using Java or Python
  • Creation of programs for PC is Java, Python, C++
  • System Programming is C or Go

Possible links and learning paths in web development. This is the most popular industry. It consists of two directions: Frontend development - the creation of the visual part of the site, and Backend - the creation of the server side of the site.

A frontend specialist needs to know JavaScript, as well as HTML, CSS, and one of the frameworks (React, Angular, Vue).

For a backend developers, there are several options for combining a language (Python, JS, PHP and other) and frameworks (Django, NodeJS, Laravel or Yii and other).