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staff augmentation definition tips tricks advices by procoders what is staff augmentation and what can it mean to your it development well walk you through everything you need to know to take your web mobile innovation to the next level companies turn to augmenting their it staff when they have more work to do than they have internal staff to complete it instead of facing the tight recruiting market in their home countries and hiring more internal staff they instead turn to it consulting vendors who can provide the staff members for them the consulting company finds and vets incoming candidates based on a clients needs and hires them on or pulls them from their existing staff companies can use consulting firms to hire web designers web mobile application developers software engineers quality assurance engineers front-end and or back-end developers full-stack developers what does staff augmentation mean to the day-to-day functioning of your it department that very much depends on the type of consulting company you choose and how they work at procoders for instance we select clients who wish to work with engineering talents directly staff is hired for your business are dedicated to you you can direct your hire as if theyre your own employee plugging them in completely into your own project management systems the staff augmentation meaning comes from how you define it heres how our system works we match coders to your job based on your needs and your budget we show you a selection of viable options usually within a day you interview the choices and select the team of developers or just one engineer for you you work directly with the coders as if theyre your off-campus staff handling daily direction reporting and project management clients are sent a monthly bill for the time used this amount is negotiated beforehand so theres never any unpleasant surprises heres where things can get a little confusing when it comes to what staff augmentation means its not necessarily an umbrella term for every kind of i t consulting relationship yes most kinds of i t consulting all augment your staff if thats how you take your meaning of the definition but the true staff augmentation definition is when you hire outsourced staff for the long term more than five months for companies that are looking for those long-term consulting relationships there are a few ways to go about it namely hiring consultants nearby many companies prefer to work with it consulting firms that are nearby so the developers they hire can work at their offices alongside their i.t employees near nearshoring if youre hiring your it outsourcing company from within a one-hour time zone difference radius of your home offices you can define your staff augmentation strategy as near short offshoring when you fully open yourself up to the option of offshoring youll find a huge variety of available development resources often at a fraction of what youd expect to pay in major european north american or canadian cities and dont assume your developers wont be able to speak english or work for you within business hours many consulting organizations procoders included require english to be spoken by their staff benefits of staff augmentation strategy available high quality talent fluent english and the certifications you need from your staff thats what you can expect in the outsourcing market scalability staff up staff down flex your outsourced team around big new development projects or redirect them to maintenance jobs customization when you have legacy hires in your it department you have to work around their skills and abilities cost this is one of the key areas where clients can benefit the most round-the-clock teamwork if you choose a far-away development team for your next staff augmentation project you may actually improve productivity its staff augmentation model disadvantages time zone differences as we mentioned before this can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how your outsourced firm handles the situation lost in translation agreeing on languages spoken is key to the definition of your staff augmentation project poor connection to the team a bad team connection can be a management nightmare ensure youve talked air through all the angles before you start in general we define staff augmentation is an arrangement between client and outsourcing company to provide it services over the long term and a build in open-ended monthly retainers the differences in how the work is administered classic outsourcing the perfect choice for a client who wants to be more hands-off outsourcing means youll work directly with the project manager not the developers staff augmentation the more precise definition this long-term arrangement features your outstaffed members reporting directly to you and operating much like your internal staff does we recommend a staff augmentation definition to your employees that is clear and reassuring explain exactly what the role of the additional staff will be and how that will impact day-to-day operations project reporting a chain of command and more emphasize that you dont plan on downsizing the number of people you employ on the companys direct payroll so what does staff augmentation mean to your organization the answer isnt so simple and varies depends on the type and scale of project help needed at your company if you do your homework before you begin your interviews and give your staff augmentation firm a clear definition of the projects and their meaning for your business goals youll get your consulting arrangement up and running fast wed love to help you evaluate what staff augmentation could mean to your future success subscribe our channel and read more about staff augmentation at procoders blog

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