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its been over a year since i started working from home and a lot has changed i started a new job in november and was interviewed and onboarded remotely the structure of my team has changed and ive started coding a little bit too if you want to see what my routine used to look like ill add a link in the description box below but in this video i will share an update on my working from home routine ive not used this video effect in a while so im hoping im not too rusty but lets jump back a few hours to this morning to begin [Laughter] remember when i used to wake up at 6 30 a.m well i still do sometimes i listen to my body a lot and i feel that if i need the extra sleep ill snooze till till about half seven thats the beauty of working from home today i got up at 6 30 because i wanted to get some work done on my youtube videos before i started work work by time ive showered had breakfast and caught up on whatsapp im ready to start working on my youtube channel i know that ill be going for a run today so i skip my morning walk so i have some more time to work on videos around 8 50 is still my time to catch up on emails and catch up on slack messages in my previous role i worked a lot on local council projects but in my new role im more focused on education i have a work laptop and a project specific tablet so i try to make sure that my calendars align i can see i have a user research session this afternoon along with prep for a design meeting at 9 45 i have a daily stand-up with the project team this looks a lot different to my previous role our project team is made up of a user researcher content designer ux designer business analyst delivery manager product owner quality tester a front-end developer and a back-end developer we all hop on teams and discuss what was achieved yesterday and what well be working on today stand-up helps keep track of what everyone is working on in this sprint and also provides an opportunity to share any blockers we might have and see if other members of the team can help with this at my new company we work in agile which is an iterative approach to working we work in two week sprints with each sprint building and improving on the lessons from the previous sprint today i shared that ill be setting up the iteration of the prototype for the service were improving and noting any findings from the user research session that could feed into the designs after stand up i go straight into working on the prototype my design tools are different with every project here a big change is that i no longer use sketch figma is the design tool of choice here alongside visual studio code i use visual studio code to create the prototypes im working on using html css and javascript it makes the prototypes more interactive and responsive than figma and im also working with an existing design system which helps speed up the design process coding has been a huge learning curve for me but im really enjoying the process and i think ive got to grips with the basics i must throw out a disclaimer that not all designers need to know how to code it depends on the company you work for and if its required on the project and even if you dont know how to code this might be something you can learn on the job like myself tuesdays are run days during lockdown i did the couch to 5k plan and it got me into running ive tried working out at home but this didnt really work so running has been something thats worked well for me and im able to stick to it it takes me just over half an hour to run and when i get home i shower and have lunch at my desk id usually eat lunch in the kitchen but today is a busy day back to work for the afternoon and im supporting sophia our user researcher by observing and note taking as she runs the sessions with a user at first i missed doing the user research as part of my new role but working in agile you need someone to be working on this iteratively and it really requires someone on this on a full-time basis shes also a specialist which means she has a wealth of experience conducting user research i learn a lot about the user needs for the service as well as learning from her approach to conducting user research once the user research has finished i roll back onto working on making changes to the prototype and can start to see some themes emerging from the session that we could iterate on for the next sprint during this time i get the occasional message and slack about accessibility of a service and set a date to talk with them about this in detail i also answer messages from our developer about the prototype who is setting up the test environment in line with the previous user tested prototype as we head towards the last hour of the day my mind shift towards preparing for tomorrow we have whats called a community of practice all the designers across the company get together to check in see how our weeks going and share company updates there will also be two short talks given by designers about a project theyre working on its not my turn to share this week but because ive been overseeing and building up the accessibility community here at methods i sometimes add a few slides to the presentation if we have updates on accessibility things are really gaining momentum in this space as colleagues reach out for advice on their projects and im excited to see what this will look like in a few months time im hoping well have several accessibility champions within the team who can support others too i usually sign out at half five and grab my headphones and listen to a podcast on my walk these could be anything from design to well-being or productivity im currently listening to side hustle pro by michaela matthews okomae this podcast actually helped me get organized and back into filming my videos as when i started my new role it took a lot of getting used to and balancing social media with work life and home life was a struggle so i simply dropped social media as a priority until everything was back in check i try to be very mindful not to stretch myself too thin in the tech industry you hear about some people getting burned out which is work-related stress or exhaustion and i want to do my best to stay well well-being is something that my company highly supports they give everyone access to the calm app private healthcare and promote well-being hope you all enjoyed watching my updated day in the life video so much has changed and if you have any questions about the new structure of my team or what its like learning to code let me know in the comments below as always have a wonderful week and ill see you in the next video bye you

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