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Whats the best platform for hosting your ux or  ui design portfolio in this video curry foundry mentor Kim Steindel shares his favorite platforms  to build your UX and UI design portfolio on he details pros and cons of each so  you can make the most informed decision now lets dive in and find out which  platform might suit your needs best one of the most asked questions that i get all the  time what platform should i use there is a lot of different platforms out there i i dont know how  many hundreds or thousands um basically everything can be a platform so i chose a few to give you an  idea what they can be used for how they are useful and what you can do with it so the first category  is free and easy which or any specific technical knowledge they are very easy to operate and they  are free so if we are looking for a new job and we dont have to we we dont have like 200 300 bucks  we could spend on this then this is a great choice um my personal favorites are Weebly and Wix  um they are website building tools its the same like Squarespace Squarespace  is probably what most of you know um why Weebly and Wix because they have  great free website building plans that dont require any programming so if you go  with a free website with them you dont have a site limit or you dont have like content  limit you dont have an upload limit for a lot of things you can still implement hd features  the only difference between a paid and an unpaid account for these websites is that you cant use  your own domain name so for example if you have www.firstname.lastname.com thats not possible  it would be www firstnamelastname.weebly instead for recruiters that doesnt really  matter and since its a document where you upload this anyway you can just use a quick  link you can just rename it to my portfolio and when they click it theyre on it but for  recruiters its not important that you paid for it its more of your personal branding  and it might be more important if you are going the freelance route but if youre looking  for a job in this area then this is perfect the next ones are Behance instagram and Dribble i have a differentiation here between different  portfolio things um a lot of students that im talking with have existing design experience but  maybe not UI and UX experience maybe they come from an architecture background maybe they come  from a fashion design background maybe graphic design maybe 3d design maybe modeling maybe  fine arts maybe photography right so there is a lot of skills that are cross-transferable  and a lot of things that could be great but its really difficult to advertise this and the best  ways to advertise these kind of skills and your pre-existing knowledge is for Behance instagram  and dribble you dont need to upload like these huge case studies as you would with your portfolio  you could just have it more as a social account where you feature stuff that youre passionate  about one thing you will find if you research different designers in different companies  you will find that they have a Behance account or a dribble account and a website and usually on  their Behance account they have like small things graphic design work photography is um i  i had someone lately who tailored dresses themselves so they featured that and usually  that is very well received by recruiters even if its not completely job relevant  because depending on the country usually social media websites are blocked but by nature  recruiters are very interested in social media so by giving them the chance of checking this for  a business related reasons it goes a little bit into psychology it really makes us happy to look  at this and if its something we find interesting then we may give you the interview without even  looking at your case study we also human after all and if we were bored for like two or three hours  and now we look at something that we really like even if its not directly related you are still in  in our good books so if you check the other boxes your chance of an interview just increased the  last thing is a is i i found not as much known but you can use google docs for very targeted or  spontaneous applications as well as freelance work one of the problems that a lot of students  raise to me is that once you have a case study online its really difficult to change that its  really difficult to make it targeted or to make it really specific for example maybe you have done  a huge case study that is focused on the research but now your dream job and its everything you see  is just very designed and stylized guided right so theres not much use for your other case study so  changing this all around is not really feasible if you want to apply for a job so for this you  can use google docs its a specific link you can make it look really good and you can just send it  to people directly so its a case study for these people only it will not be on the internet it will  not have an impact on other things but especially when youre looking for freelance work and youre  solving specific problems this works like a charm it is what uh what i am personally using um  yeah almost exclusively to land my freelance work because i can just put in what what i  know about the company and how to help them it goes back to the research right currently im  working a lot with e-commerce companies so i know a lot of them are struggling with visibility with  the checkout process or with the conversion rates so i can just create a case study for these three  pain points and just send it and make it very personal so these are three options of course  there are loads more but these are some that i would recommend next one paid options god there  are tens of thousands of different choices um it would probably take me a year to cover all  of them so i just go into the ones that i like the first one Wordpress and Wordpress templates  or website builders same as Weebly and Wix um but just with paid plans the cost yeah it can be as  cheap as three three bucks a month that was the the cheapest i found for linking your domain name  and it can be a lot more than that but typically most of them are around 20 bucks a month and then  depending on yearly plans or monthly plans thats what you should probably expect with these  typically these websites have more options to yeah to really help you with your vision and  what youre interested in um yeah if you like lets say you like Squarespace Squarespace  is pretty expensive Squarespace is i think 20 bucks for the startup plan for your website  so compared to other options thats not cheap but it has a lot of really beautiful templates and  if you see something that you really like and you feel you could bring your vision really to life  with it thats probably what youre looking at some of these especially with Wordpress  require a little bit of programming language um so be be aware of that we also have specialized  portfolio tools so rather than website tools these are tools that are more often used for yeah  portfolios and the two ones that i found most useful on this is uxfolio and webflow um they are  fairly cheap for what they offer i think it was 15 plus and i think ux4 even has a free plan for god  one or two projects i think so you can get started for free and then expand on it but for both of  these a little bit of programming language is useful they are great tools they are they the  websites that ive seen with this are awesome but they require a little bit more  work now we have alternative options i think the most difficult part of landing a job  in the space or in the tech industry in general is standing out from the crowd yes UX and UI  design is growing like crazy and there is tons of jobs available but that also means there is tons  of competition especially since these jobs are not as established in some countries it means  that there is not a lot of official clarification of what a good applicant should be  like so you will have a lot of cases um where you get applications that  are not really good so its like a sea of really bad applications with the  occasional good one or excellent one in it so you have a way of standing out through that  by not going the traditional portfolio case um do this with caution because youre always on the  safe side with a portfolio and the great portfolio will always perform well but if youre if you  feel you want to do something else or if you just want to try something then these are some of the  things you could do the first thing is a youtube portfolio so instead of having a web presence as a  website you could do a video of your high fidelity prototype and you could present it you could click  through all the things it makes it way more real video as a medium is way more accepted than than  written parts in terms of holding your attention its way more likely that someone sits through a  video than someone who reads your whole case study so you can absolutely use youtube to make like  one or two case studies youre passionate about and then you can send it to people and since  you can unlist them no one else will find these videos and only those people with the link will  do um the next thing that is interesting that i saw work well for some students is that the  design tools like sketch figment adobe they have creative solutions to to do a portfolio  so you could create a resume app or you could create a hiring journey map or basically  anything else that that you would want to do with it um ive seen people do like a full  portfolio case study with the resume and cover letter attached in it in more of a click-through  playful kind of way right so if you have a great idea about this and you feel you want to try this  go ahead you will at least have some eyes on it um not well this is also an alternative  option is third party networking what i mean by that is you often have  the option to work for a company for free that is maybe in your area for example  a good um a good success rate is for NGOs um there is a ton of NGOs a lot of them struggle  and dont really have money and a lot of them have really outdated websites because the NGO  was started as a passion project from like one or two people and maybe they dont have the  resources all the time to create something that is better than the bare minimum but what  these companies have or even startups of excuse me or other um companies is they are usually  connected to different companies as well so if you struggle finding an  interview and youre struggling the conventional way try to land like one or two  free projects that you find really good and then communicate to the owner that you would love it  if they could introduce you to someone else or that you could that you they could recommend  you to other clients if they hear that um if they hear something is open i had a student  recently who landed a full-time position this way because they helped an animal shelter NSO  by basically overhauling their website and then these guys went to um like a job fair but it  was more like a donated donation fair um kind of thing and of course the different NGOs are talking  to each other so one of them was mentioning hey your website looks really good who did that right  and thats how she got a full-time job out of it um the last thing is build it yourself one  of the entry requirements for a lot of jobs is that they want commercial experience you can  see this very often in gaming related companies they always ask for a list of games that you  worked on or websites that you programmed or tools that you created so if you dont want to  have something that is just theoretical then a good way is just to build it yourself right  build a small app um try to translate your um knowledge in there build your own website for  it right there are three options for this it just is about does it look good or not so yeah this is  especially useful for gaming companies the easiest way to start in a gaming company is to program a  small game or to design gaming interfaces thank you so much for watching i hope the webinar  snippet was very valuable for you let us know in the comments what your favorite portfolio  platform is and why if you want to see more design events like this check out our events page  on carrierfoundry.com subscribe to our youtube channel for more weekly videos like this thank  you so much for watching and see you next time you

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