? 50+ EASY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS ? That Will BLOW UP Your Channel in 2021!

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? 50+ EASY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS ? That Will BLOW UP Your Channel in 2021! - read the full article about video creation tips 2021, Video production and In motion from Think Media on Qualified.One
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- Number one is a first impressions video.

Find something new or trending in your space give us your thoughts, give us your first impressions on it.

Make a video answering some of the frequently asked questions in your niche.

Niche, niche, niche I dont know, whatever.

Honestly, Im really annoyed at this one I just need to get this off my chest, but its a rant video you just need a rant to the camera and get angry.

You dont have to be angry, but you could do a rant video talking about something that irritates you in your industry.

You could make a product review video.

These get a lot of views on YouTube because people are searching for products and they wanna know if theyre good or bad and if they should buy them and you can make a whole lot of money if you are an affiliate of the product, by linking it in the description below.

Make a Vlog of your day, what youre doing people are nosy and they wanna know what youre doing in your day.

Make a video called Best Product Under $100.

Lets say its a lawn mower, okay? Best lawn mower under $100 That that doesnt make, that doesnt work.

Best Bluetooth speaker under $100 surprisingly enough, a lot of people are searching for products and then typing in under a dollar amount.

So, they really wanna get specific with their budget and you could be a video that pops up first.

Make a simple basic tutorial.

Whats something you know how to do that someone else might not, and you can teach them through a YouTube video.

Create a How To Series this is expanding on that simple tutorial, but making lots of them on a specific thing.

Heres a really cool hack that you can do.

Look in your comments, if youre not getting comments yet, go look at one of the people who are in your niche and look at the comments on their videos.

Inside these comments you are gonna see people asking specific questions.

Make a video answering that question, and you are onto something special.

Product comparison, this vs that, which one is better and why? A lot of people are trying to decide between two brands, between two cameras, between two pairs of shoes, and they wanna know which one they should buy and why and you should tell them which ones better.

Create a How To Get Started video.

How to get started on YouTube, how to get started working from home, how to get started mowing your lawn, make this video with the beginner in mind and teach them what they need to know without using language that is foreign to them.

Go to their level really talk to that beginner person, and tell them how to get started.

Shopping Haul videos, this goes beyond clothing this could be for tech this could be for lawn mower parts this could be for makeup it could be for anything.

Gift Ideas video, on my channel I talk about filmmaking so I can make a video called gift ideas for filmmakers again, great for affiliate money.

If you wanna learn more about affiliate marketing, and how to make a full-time income on YouTube then go to ThinkMasterclass.com.

Okay, back to the video.

Transformation videos, before after these do incredibly well on YouTube and can go viral for you.

This doesnt have to be weight loss it could be a room transformation if you organize something you can show the before and after, and people really like to see the transformation.

Reaction videos, you should make a video reacting to this video or probably something else that pertains to your niche.

Draw inspiration from videos in your niche go to a popular channel thats like yours, and see what the most popular videos are.

See if any of those videos are outdated or if you have a new take on it.

This is a formula for success cause that video concept has proven that it can get a lot of views.

For example, you can go to Think Medias channel, go to the most popular see if theres any videos that are old, that you can re-do or if theres any that you could do better.

But while youre there you wanna hit the subscribe button, so you can stay tuned for more videos like this and how you can succeed on YouTube.

Unboxing videos, these are actually really popular I mean, take a look at Unbox Therapy.

Timelapse videos.

Record a timelapse of you cleaning or organizing, or of the sunset or anything else that would be awesome in a timelapse.

Story Time videos, now its funny actually cause yesterday I was talking to a friend and I was like, Oh my gosh you should make a Story time video.

And they were like, really? I should? I said, yeah, then they got like a lot of views and stuff.

You see what I did there? I just told the story and you can tell a story and people like to listen to stories. Facts.

Do a Your Routine video.

Now you can just do a morning or nighttime or skincare routine, but you can get a lot deeper with this.

Make one specifically to your niche.

For me I could do a filmmakers morning routine video and thats really interesting for filmmakers because theres not a lot of videos out there like that.

What I Do In a Day video.

Walk people through your entire day and show them exactly what you do.

What I Eat In A Day is a very popular video especially if you have an interesting diet like keto or paleo or if youre vegan then you definitely wanna record one of those videos.

Now Ive seen this one pop up a lot on YouTube and its What I Spend In A Day.

These get a lot of views because people are so curious on how much people spend in a day depending on where they live.

If theyre in LA, New York, Minnesota, or somewhere else people are curious how much it costs and what you are spending in a day.

Do a Tour video of your Airbnb, of your workspace or your desk setup.

First Time Experience.

This is a bit different than first impressions because you are showing people your first experience with something, whether its skydiving or going to a gym, you are bringing people along and showing them what its like as you go through your first experience, going to church or going to therapy.

Probably cant film in therapy, but hey, maybe thats a good video.

Challenge videos, you could eat a spicy chip.

Im gonna pass on that but you know, you could do a challenge video.

You can turn Written Word into video form.

On Reddit, theres a lot of threads that talk about certain tips and specific niches and you can take those tips and create a video out of it.

The same goes if you find a blog with incredible advice or maybe a case study you can take that blog and talk about it to the camera making your own video out of that content.

You can do an Interview video, maybe youre talking about someones unique experience and you can upload that to your channel.

Interview Clips take that long interview, but first start by releasing these clips that are short maybe five to eight minute videos.

Then after all your highlights out you can post that full interview onto your channel.

You can do a Life Hacks video now, who doesnt want the hacks of life? Okay, I need you to follow me here.

How Someone Did Something video.

Now use someone who has some influence, someone whos popular, someone whos famous.

How Mr. Beast started a burger company.

The key here is using someone with influence so that someone will click on the video already interested in the person that you are talking about.

Make a Dos and Donts for your niche video.

Dont put water in the gas tank on your lawn mower.

Do mow your lawn in the morning when its cool before the suns out and its hot and it burns you.

Create a News video on Trending Topics in your niche.

Now, I did this with my channel and I got 10,000 views in the first week and I only have 4,000 subscribers.

Leveraging a trending topic in your video is a great way to bring in new eyeballs, get lots of views even if you havent built up a name for yourself yet.

Create a Whats In My Bag video or create a Whats In My Backpack video.

How about you live stream? Maybe you do a Q&A on the live stream maybe you talk about something that you wanna talk about, but live streaming is a great way to just start producing content and you dont got to edit anything.

Live Stream Highlights, cut down your live stream, find the best part and take that out and upload it separately to your channel.

Giveaways, you can make this an entire video, and make it fun and interactive for your audience.

I did blank for a month and this is what happened.

Or I did blank for a year and this is what happened.

Ive been doing Keto for about two months now, and so itd be really cool for me to talk about my experience with that and titling it, I did Keto for two months and this is what happened.

Tips and Tricks video.

This does really well for us on the media channel because we talk about cameras all the time and people need tips and tricks to use their cameras to use their lights and microphones better.

Do a For Beginners video where you talk about maybe how to shoot a YouTube video for beginners, how to do Keto for beginners, how to mow your lawn for beginners.

I dont, Im stuck on the lawn mowing thing arent I? Have you created a Channel Trailer yet? Well, you probably should and I havent on my personal channel I actually probably shouldnt do that.

Do a Testimonial Video, maybe you help someone out and you can get them on camera to talk about what you did for them.

Top Mistakes you made When Starting blank.

People wanna learn from your mistakes and so you should make a video talking about it.

Top Apps for your phone, but be specific to your niche.

If youre in fitness share your favorite fitness apps that you have on your phone.

How I Dealt with blank, this is a great way to talk about some of the problems or difficulties inside your niche and how people can deal with them.

This ones big and this one always gets fused its How to Make Money in your niche.

How to make money as a filmmaker, how to make money as a YouTuber.

Top Ten videos, these do really well on YouTube cause people are curious, whats the best? Whats the top ten? down on it, down on it.

Cheap Product vs Expensive Product.

Ive seen people get a lot of views when they compare an iPhone or a smartphone to an expensive camera.

This concept works in any niche If you cant buy that expensive thing maybe you can rent it or borrow it and then compare it to the cheap version.

Top Books in your niche.

Its 2021 and yet people still love books.

Video Podcast, if you already have a podcast you definitely wanna be filming this cause you can put highlights, you can put the full podcast up on YouTube.

If a video does well for you you want to double down on that and create another video that is a part two or follow up teaching more about it.

An Ideas List, snack ideas you can do photo ideas right now, Im doing YouTube title ideas.

DIY Tutorial, what is something that you can create at home and save a lot of money and teach people how to do the same.

You could make a promo video for one of the products that you sell.

You can make a Free Resource video where you talk about some of the free resources that you use in your space.

And people love this cause its free and its helpful and they can use them right away.

Click on the screen to find out how you can write a script for your YouTube videos so that you can start shooting these right away.

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