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Hey you! Business owner.

I bet that you have maybe checked out the TikTok app and found it to be overwhelming AF.

There are a lot of editing features going on and it can feel like a brand new language. But in todays video, Im going to walk you through some of the newest editing features that I think youll find really, really helpful for your business. Yes, theres a bit of a learning curve that you need to get past in order to make TikToks for your business, but once you do, like anything, it kind of becomes second nature.

So lets dive into seven features of TikTok when it comes to editing and making TikToks that are going to make your life a whole lot easier.

The very first feature I want to cover is called text to speech.

I have seen a lot of TikTok users ask, "How do I get that robotic female voice added to my audio?" Well, its the text to speech feature that does it. This is a relatively new feature, and it might not be rolled out where you are, but I am seeing it in US and Canada.

I have a feeling its taking a while because they need to get this feature up to speed for all languages. I am seeing it for English-speaking countries. Yeah, Im in Mexico, Spanish-speaking. I dont have it.

But I found a way to show you this feature. Its pretty cool in the TikTok app.

Im going to go ahead and make a TikTok. So in this case, Im tapping upload, choosing a video from my camera roll. This one looks perfect.

Im going to tap next. And then Im actually going to first hit sound, then volume, and turn down my original sound, because its just not really needed for this TikTok. Then Im going to tap text.

Im going to write some clever text or anything that adds to or enhances this clip. So in this case, Im going to write, "Does this look right to you?" And then Im going to get this sign that says double-tap to edit. This is where youre going to find text to speech.

So tap text to speech, and now, look what happens.

"Does this look right to you?" And voila, thats how you use the text to speech feature in TikTok, which Im seeing really grow in popularity. So if its a feature that you have, I highly recommend to try it out.

The next editing feature that you should know is how you can reply to comments that you get on your TikTok videos with video. In fact, let me show you an example of what this looks like.

I created a TikTok video that was a reply to someones comment.

So you can see the sticker is their original question to me.

And it says in the caption that this is a reply to thecourseconsultant.

So here is the original video where they asked me a question.

This video right here.

You could see that this generated quite a few comments.

There we go.

You can see thecourseconsultants question on this video and you can see my reply to it. You get a little preview of the TikTok video as well.

So how do you do this for your account? Lets go to another TikTok where someone has asked me a question.

Heres a TikTok where I shared some of my favorite business books.

Now if I tap into the comments, I can see that Jose P.

asked me a question about the 4-Hour Workweek. He says, "Can you tell me your opinion? How was the book?" So to answer this question with a video, all I have to do is tap on the question.

And then I get this option that says reply with video. So tap that.

And then you can see in my screen, his original comment is brought into the TikTok creation mode.

And as I was trying to move it, TikTok says, you can adjust the comment sticker after recording.

First check to see if you need 15 seconds or 60 seconds.

So lets leave it on 15 seconds. Sometimes I like to tap the record button.

Other times, I like to use the timer and just give myself a three-second countdown.

And here we go. I read the book back in 2012 and it was so good for my mindset to get into the mode of creating my own life and my business.

That matches what I want on my terms. Alright.

So there you go. I have just recorded my answer to the question.

Hit the red check mark. Now we can actually move the sticker around.

Of course you want to be aware of not making the sticker go too far to the right or down.

And the cool thing about stickers is you can also tap it and then you get that set duration option.

So you dont have to show it for the entirety of your video.

You can make it disappear, just like I did in mine.

So really handy feature to engage with your audience and give them information back in return.

The third editing feature I want to show you is how you can add a GIF to your TikTok, just like Instagram stories. And just like Instagram Stories, what TikTok is connected to is Giphy.

So you have a huge database of GIFs to search and use for your TikToks.

Let me show you.

Heres a quick clip that I just filmed now to add GIFs to my TikTok.

Im going to go down to the bottom menu where it says stickers.

You can see here that the top menu says search GIFs.

This is connected to Giphy. In fact, I have some GIFs on Giphy.

So if I search my name even, spell it correctly, Ill find my own GIFs that Ive uploaded to the platform.

So I can choose myself if I want. If theres a point to it, based on what Im showcasing. I can choose this one. Now if I tap it, it doesnt flip like it does in Instagram, but you can see when I tap it, I do get two options.

The ability to pin and the ability to set duration.

So pinning is just like on Instagram, where you can pin it to be kind of stuck to a certain part of the video.

I typically dont use this feature a whole lot. Lets actually grab another GIF.

Lets go for this one. Got all the expressions here.

But the setting that you do want to look at is set duration. So again, you can have these GIFs come in at different times.

So lets have this one come in at the start. So you can see a preview here.

One disappears, one appears.

So this could be a handy tool for your storytelling when it comes to adding in visuals to your TikToks.

Make sure to go into the sticker setting and find a GIF that supports your story.

The next feature I want to show you is how to remove the background from a photo all within TikTok, as youre editing your TikTok.

This is a really cool feature that I dont think a lot of people know about.

So again, I have filmed a little clip in the TikTok creation portion of the app.

What Im going to go to next is stickers down at the bottom.

And then theres an icon for you to add photos to your TikTok.

So tap that. Now here we see our photos.

Heres a photo that I just took.

The key feature that you need to look at right here is at the bottom where it says upload to remove background.

What its going to do is cut me out of the image. So make sure you tap that.

Now TikTok is going to go ahead and cut me out.

That was really quick and really accurate. So there we go.

Ive just created like a sticker of myself that I can add to this TikTok. Again, when I tap it, I have a couple options. I can pin it.

I can set the duration. So if I just want it to pop in for a second.

Of course, this needs to make sense in terms of the story.

But you can see that it just popped up for a second or two, according to the duration of the sticker that I just set.

So also a really cool storytelling feature. The next feature I want to show you, isnt really a built-in feature of TikTok, not entirely, but it is a style of video thats really popular. And its this.

Its to create two characters.

This is important as business owners because you can film a video where you are yourself - as the mentor, the advisor.

And then you can also act as your client or your student, who has the questions.

Let me show you what this looks like.

TikTok makes it relatively easy to make this kind of video where youre acting as two different characters. So let me show you how its done. On my profile, Im going to hit the plus button at the bottom and Im actually going to create a TikTok. Im going to leave it on 15 seconds at the bottom.

So the first version, the first character of myself, Im going to look like this. And in this case, Im going to act like a client or student of mine who has a question.

So Im going to say a couple things as if I am my student.

"How do you grow to a thousand followers on Instagram?" Ok.

So thats the first clip. Right at the top, you can see how much time I have left in my clip. Thats the first one. Now, after this clip, I want to, to the second version of me.

Thats me as the mentor.

But Im still wearing the outfit for character number one.

So I dont want to film character number two yet.

What Im going to do is film myself just as a placeholder.

And Im actually going to go back and replace that clip.

So let me switch. Ill do this. And Ill just film something like...

Im looking at the top to make sure I have enough time. Ok.

Then Im going to go back to character one and say something like, "Oh - that makes so much sense.

How do I get started?" Then Im going to go back to character two. And again, this is just a placeholder. And Im going to let it run. Alright.

So... Going back, you can see the four clips right at the top, right? The first clip was character one. Then we did character two, then back to character one, and then character two.

So now Im going to switch characters and I just need to change something about my appearance. Yes, it could be my top.

It could be putting on a hat. We could put like a towel on my head.

Thats also a TikTok thing. In this case, I have sunglasses around.

So Im just going to use sunglasses.

And Im also going to change up the direction.

So if the first character was this way, second character will be this way.

Ok? So thats my prep for character number two. Now, how do I do this? How do I fill in character number two? Im going to hit the red check mark at the bottom.

And now you can see on the right hand menu, there is a button that says adjust clips. Ok? So Im going to leave clip number one and three there because we want those.

But clip number two, I want to replace.

And Im going to hit the button that says start over.

Thats going to actually allow me to replace this entirely. So to get ready, Im going to hit start over.

And now Im ready to be character number two.

"First thing you need to do is give yourself a profile makeover and figure out your content." Did I get it? Ok.

"First thing you need to do is give yourself a profile makeover and figure out your content." Lets try it again.

"First thing you need to do is give yourself a profile makeover and figure out your content." Ok? We got it. So lets hit the check mark.

Now hit the next check mark. Now were going to keep clip three, right? And Im want to replace clip four. So again, start over.

Now Im back to being character two. And lets film. "Easy.

Head to elisedarma.co/secrets." Alright. I think I got it.

"Easy. Head to elisedarma.co/secrets." Hit the check mark. Voila.

Now we have just filmed myself as two characters and you can see in this area, this is actually where you can tap on each clip and trim it.

So I like to make it tight, so that there isnt a lag at the start.

So I do something like that.

I look at my mouth and I just want to start it right when Im talking again.

People have short attention spans.

We dont want to lose them and we want to hook them in right at the start too.

"How do you grow?" Ok, so I just trimmed that.

"First thing you need to do is give yourself a profile makeover and figure out your content." That one, I dont have time to trim anything.

Here Im not really talking for a bit. "Oh, that makes so much sense.

How do I get started?" Ok, trim that. "Easy.

Head to elisedarma.co/secrets." So this is what I mean by editing fast.

You want to talk fast and you want to edit fast. You want to make those cuts, those trims to your clips so that its all very seamless. Alright.

So lets go watch this video in full. "How do you grow to a thousand followers on Instagram? First thing you need to do is give yourself a profile makeover and figure out your content. Oh, that makes so much sense. How do I get started? Easy head to elisedarma.co/secrets." There you go.

Thats the demo of how you can film yourself as two characters in a pretty easy, quick way.

Now I would actually go back and even tighten up some of those clips even more.

You can see that there was transition where I almost talked over myself, but in the TikTok world, thats a-ok.

Its similar to YouTube editing where you have those tight jump cuts. Again, short attention spans.

Dont want to lose people and people can figure out what youre saying.

So now that you know how to be two characters in one video, go ahead and try this editing technique out.

The next editing feature you need to know about is how you can upload a TikTok video to your profile via your desktop.

This is a relatively new feature, but if youre someone who likes to create TikTok videos in other editing platforms, maybe even on your desktop, like Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro, whatever program you like to use.

Even Kapwing, actually. I really like Kapwing - its a desktop tool.

Regardless if youre someone like me who prefers to work on your desktop versus your phone, you can now upload your TikTok videos to your profile on your desktop.

Let me show you. Signing into TikTok on my laptop, I can see that there is this message bubble that says I can schedule videos here as well.

So this is my seventh editing feature that I want to show you.

You can not only upload videos to your profile on your computer, you can even schedule them as well. Ok? So lets go through this process. Go ahead and hit the upload video button.

Youre going to be taken to this screen.

So go ahead and find the file that you want to use to upload to your TikTok. Drag it on over to this area, and then wait for the file to upload. Once its uploaded, youre going to come up with a caption.

You are probably familiar with the caption area of a TikTok video, but you dont have a lot of character space. In fact, TikTok tells you, you have 150 characters including hashtags. So here, Ill write, "When you just get a little work done." Now we want to schedule.

So this is going to take me over into the scheduling window.

Im going to go ahead and choose my date and time of when I want this post to go out onto my TikTok feed. Then Im going to tap schedule.

There we go.

So what this is telling me is that Im going to be able to manage my schedule, not here on my desktop, but if I go over to my phone...

Lets open up TikTok. I can go ahead and see. There we go.

Its right there on my profile.

It gives me the date and time of when its going to be posted to my profile.

And if I dont want this to go out, Im going to tap at the bottom and hit delete.

And then it wont get posted to my TikTok profile. Now, after all those tips and demos, its pretty clear to see that TikTok is evolving quickly as a platform for business owners. Yes, businesses are doing well on TikTok and yes, theyre getting sales and clients and customers from TikTok. In fact, just take a look at some of the results and testimonials my students of Videos Vault have gotten by moving their business into the TikTok space.

Its not a platform just for teens.

We are seeing other demographics grow quickly on TikTok.

So if youre watching this, know that its not too late to get your business over there today.

For even more trainings, like todays video, and 300 done-for-you video ideas so that you can grow your business on TikTok or Reels (if you prefer) head to VideosVault.co.

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Ill see you in the next video.

Thanks for watching todays video on TikTok editing tips for business. Yes, your business. If you liked it, go ahead and subscribe to my channel and dont forget to hit the bell so that you dont miss any future trainings, just like this one.

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