From 0 to 1,000 Subscribers FASTER: 9 Tips to Grow a New YouTube Channel

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From 0 to 1,000 Subscribers FASTER: 9 Tips to Grow a New YouTube Channel - read the full article about video creation tips 2021, Video production and In motion from Justin Brown - Primal Video on Qualified.One

- In this video, were gonna be covering nine super powerful tips that most new YouTube creators miss that will help you grow your YouTube channel from zero to 1000 subscribers much faster.

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Lets jump into it.

Now I totally get it.

Starting out on YouTube can be frustrating, overwhelming.

And as a beginner, there is a lot to learn.

It takes longer to create videos.

And without knowing how to really optimize them, they dont get any views or subscribers.

Its incredibly demotivating, and why most creators quit before they see any traction.

Fortunately, some of the simplest tweaks that weve made to our channel, and our video optimization process have yielded the biggest results.

So this video is about skipping the learning curve so you can get some of those results now.

So lets dive right into nine things that you should implement right now so you can set your channel up to maximize results from your very next video.

Okay, so number one, you wanna make sure that youve got your channel completely set up.

So go and log into your YouTube channel, and open up the studio dashboard area.

Down on the left hand side, youll see customization, and then you wanna come up to branding.

Now, first off in here you wanna make sure that you have a profile picture added.

So for us, with our channel, we just use a photo of me, but it could also be a company logo or a channel logo depending on what youre after.

Next, you wanna make sure youve got a banner image added as well.

This is the image that goes at the top of your YouTube channel page.

So this is a great opportunity for you to get creative and to create something that really stands out, but also it lets people know what your channel is about.

Now we have a full step-by-step tutorial that Ill link up in the cards, and in the description taking you through step-by-step creating your own banner image.

And you also wanna add a video watermark.

This is a little clickable image that appears on top of your videos that people can click on to subscribe to your channel.

And again, Ill put a link down in the description to a tutorial that we created, taking you through creating your video watermark image.

Once youve checked youve got those three things sorted, you wanna come across to the basic info tab at the top, and you wanna make sure that youve got a channel description entered.

This is where you can type in a few sentences or paragraphs about what your channel is about, and the types of content that youre gonna be releasing on there.

And this text will show up on your YouTube channel under the about section.

If you keep scrolling down, you can also add in links to your YouTube channel as well.

So you could be linking off to your website, your other social media profiles or even any lead magnets or free PDF downloads or guides and things that youve got, you can link those in here as well.

From there, you can set how many of those links will actually be shown at the top of your YouTube channel page.

So you can see, weve currently got five selected.

And Id also recommend you adding in an email address down in the bottom under contact info, so that people can contact you if they wanna work with you or collaborate.

The other thing you wanna check is that youve verified your YouTube channel so that youve unlocked access to all the features.

So you wanna come down to the bottom left-hand corner to settings, then over to channel, and then feature eligibility.

So if youre seeing the option there to verify your channel, then you will need to do it either over the phone, or via a text message to unlock all of the extra features.

So all of that was number one, making sure your channel is set up correctly.

Number two is to research before you create your content.

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see a lot of people make, and we made this mistake when we first started out, and when our channel wasnt growing.

So doing this topic or keyword research is gonna allow you to be really strategic with the content that youre creating.

Its gonna allow you to know that there is demand, and know that people actually want the content that youre gonna create before you create it, saving you a ton of wasted time on creating stuff that no one can find or that no one actually wants.

But doing this research is also gonna allow you to connect and engage with your viewers on a deeper level, because youll have further insights into what level theyre at.

Are they absolute beginner? Are they further advanced, and what do they actually need and want from your content? So then when you go to film your video, you know exactly who it is youre speaking to, and at what level, making it a really powerful video for your viewers watching.

Now a great place to start with research is just over on YouTube itself.

You wanna go up to the search bar at the top, and you can start typing in a couple of different words related to your topic or niche, and just see what YouTube is auto suggesting.

These auto suggestions arent just random suggestions.

These are things that people have and are actually searching for, showing you that people want this stuff and that there is demand for this content.

Now you can take this one step further by using an underscore or the little line across the bottom, and this is essentially treated as a wild card, or a fill in the blank.

So in this example here weve got how to _healthy.

And the suggestions now that are coming out from YouTube are how to get healthy hair, how to make healthy pancakes.

So you can see its actually giving us suggestions around those words that weve included.

So you can see were getting all this insight, just from YouTube and just by typing in a few words around our topic, around our niche.

Now to help you even further with your keyword research, weve pulled together a free keyword research guide that Ill link at the end of this video.

Number three is to engage as much as possible.

Remember, every viewer on the other end is a real person.

The more you can connect and engage with them, the deeper the relationship youll build with them, the more know, like, and trust youll build with them.

The more theyll wanna come back, and consume more of your content, the faster your channel will grow.

So when you release a new video, your goal should be in that first 24 to 48 hours after, to get as many of the right people on your video as possible, but also to engage and interact with them as much as possible as well.

Now I say the right people.

I dont mean go and tell your friends and family to come over and watch to help you out to bump up your views.

You want the right people that are actually going to be interested in your content and watch it right the way through, and also come back and watch more of your content as well.

So this would mean promoting by any means necessary.

If you have a following on Facebook, Twitter, or any of these other platforms of the right people that are interested in that topic of the video, then yes, by all means, share it out and try to get them over to watch your video.

Having the wrong people come over and watch your video to help you out can actually slow down your channel growth because youre confusing YouTube at that point.

You also wanna focus on engaging and interacting with your audience the best you can.

In your video content, if youre able to ask them to leave a comment down below, or encourage them to get involved in the comments, or to give the video a thumbs up.

All of this can help as well.

And then its your goal again to try and respond to and interact with as many of the good comments as you can.

Another great way that you can build that know, like, and trust, and that engagement with your viewers is by running a live stream occasionally as well.

Dont worry, its not required but it definitely can help.

Number four is thumbnail strategy.

This one is super important.

You could have the worlds best video.

If no one clicks it, no ones gonna see it.

So you need to get their click, which means you need to have an attractive, an engaging, an attention grabbing thumbnail so that it gets clicked.

So for us, we use bright colors and graphic elements.

Well use big bold text.

And we usually have my face on there pointing, smiling or doing something silly.

Again, just to grab peoples attention.

But the best case scenario with your thumbnail images is having people easily being able to know what your video is about just from looking at the thumbnail image without even needing to read the title of the video.

Number five is to keep people engaged and watching your videos.

Its no good to you or to the viewer if someone clicks on your video and then they leave right away.

Thats a bad signal, and YouTube is gonna stop promoting and pushing your content.

So you wanna be hooking your viewers into your video immediately letting them know that theyre in the right place.

Letting them know that youre actually going to cover off on the topic, or to entertain them, or to do what you said you were going to do in the title and in the thumbnail of your video.

So dont drag out your video intro.

Make it short, sharp, punchy, and let people know theyre in the right place.

Now to help you with your video structure, weve got another video which Ill link in the description, taking you through a framework that you can use for each one of your videos, and that we use for ours to help keep people engaged to the end.

Number six is to utilize playlists.

Playlists are an amazing tool on YouTube that will really help you guide the viewer journey, and have people watching more of your content.

So essentially what a playlist is, is a group of YouTube videos that you get to specify which videos are in there, and what order theyre going to play.

You can create as many playlists as you like.

And each playlist has the potential to rank and show up on YouTube as if it was its own dedicated piece of content.

So just like a regular video, a playlist can have a title or a name, and it can also have a description, where youre able to put in some keywords and key phrases to help people find and consume that content.

You can also use playlists on your YouTube channel page to help group and separate different types of content that you might have on your channel.

Number seven is to think of the viewer journey.

We wanna be mindful that we are creating a good experience with our content for the viewer and for YouTube.

So one of the things that YouTube is looking at is how long a viewer stays on the platform, how long their YouTube session goes for.

And if we can help the viewer stay on the platform longer by them watching one of our videos and then flowing through and watching other videos afterwards, that is a good indicator to YouTube that we have kept a session going, and that were not a session killer.

No one wants to be a session killer.

If people are leaving your videos, and leaving YouTube altogether, that is a bad indicator to YouTube, and YouTubes probably gonna stop promoting that video and pushing that video out if every time people watch it, they leave YouTube and dont come back.

So what we wanna do here is take a step back.

And we wanna consider what is the next best video for our viewers after they have watched one of our videos? So youre gonna look at the individual topic.

If I was watching this specific video on this topic, what is the next best video for me? And if you dont have that next best video on your channel, then link them off to another channel that does.

This is going to create ties between your content and that other channels content.

You could do it to a much bigger channel especially if the audience overlap is there.

This is going to associate your channel viewers with their channel viewers, and youre much more likely to show up in suggested and recommended off the back of them.

But, youre able to also keep that viewer happy, keep that view of having a good experience.

So if you dont have the next best video for your viewer, then link off to a channel that does.

You can always come back later and swap it out for yours when youve got yours made.

Number eight is to build an email list.

This is something thats not only gonna help you grow your YouTube channel, its also gonna help you build that know, like, and trust, and deepen that relationship, and deepen that conversation with your most loyal fans and followers.

But its also something that can help you build your online business, and bring in new revenue streams as well.

Building an email list is so powerful, because its your direct line of communication to your most loyal people.

The people that are choosing and wanting to hear more from you.

And at any given moment you can directly communicate with them without any algorithm or any notification system stopping that communication.

Now, if you wanna find out more about growing your email list and you wanna know how to do it with YouTube, and how to use it to grow your YouTube channel, then check out the video linked in the description below.

Number nine is to implement, learn, tweak, and evolve, and repeat.

By adopting a growth mindset, youre going to have success on YouTube much faster.

YouTube is not an overnight thing.

YouTube is the long game.

So by taking the approach of what can I improve on every single time? Thats gonna stack up.

That 1% improvement on each little task over time is going to add up and add up, and you will see results, you will see growth much, much faster.

So always push to be implementing, learning, tweaking, evolving.

And then, going through it again.

And trust me, it does get easier.

So now, if youre ready to level up your keyword research and come up with topics of videos that you know people want, and help you get your content to the top of Google and YouTube, then make sure youre grabbing your free copy of our YouTube ranking guide which is linked on the screen now, and Ill see you in the next one.

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